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Kanatipillar's New Shoes

Kanatipillar's New Shoes

by Renee Barnes


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Artist and now author, Renee Barnes has created loving and lively characters who share in one adventure after another. In book one, Kanatipillar's New Shoes, Winslow the owl and his close friend Montebello the giant mushroom are taking a morning stroll when they happen to come upon Kanatipillar, a rather disgruntled centipede.
As Kanatipillar joins in their walk to Katrinka's house, Winslow and Montebello observe that Kanatipillar suffers some pain with his feet.
Winslow decides that what Kanatipillar needs is shoes. Kanatipillar is joyful at the prospect of protecting his sensitive feet and agrees it would be wonderful. They are quickly joined by Kopan, a spirited wood fairy, then Hodges and Hunny hedgehogs, Sally Sunflower and her son Haboo, Kokola the raccoon, Spike the turtle, and of course Katrinka Sweetblossom. However, they soon discover that this project is more challenging then expected when they observe that Kanatipillar has fourteen feet. They begin to wonder where they can find fourteen shoes and can they possibly all fit and will they be alike. Never one to let obstacles get in the way, Katrinka and her pals set out to obtain fourteen shoes for Kanatipillar. As a result, Kanatipillar learns what good friends he has and how special everyone in the Evergreen Wood really is....

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ISBN-13: 9781460288146
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Series: Tales from the Evergreen Wood
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.12(d)

About the Author

Renee Barnes was a very small child when the globe was experiencing World War II. She and her younger brother were great pals and often found that they were their only playmates. She envied her brothers' seemingly effortless physical abilities. While he was capable of climbing trees and walking fences, Renee usually fell so decided the ground was a safer place. She would sit and draw fairies and other imaginary friends who filled her mind. Though always an artist, it was not until 1994 when her youngest daughter became interested in ecology and the global environment, that Renee created Katrinka Sweetblossom.
This adorable little frog and her pals, Winslow the owl, Montebello the giant mushroom and Kopan the wood fairy will keep you absorbed in their many experiences. All the forest creatures share in a variety of situations and challenges that keep you anticipating their next adventure.
Renee's interior design business during the 1990's was exclusively the Family Entertainment Industry. This work included large murals and creating spaces where children could find learning with play in safe and enchanting environments.
Since her retirement from that industry, Renee has actively pursued her artistic talent. First, by bringing these captivating little characters for small children through wall art and now with her charming stories. Her core belief, that children should have their imagination encouraged through creative and safe environments is her life long passion....

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