by Royaline Edwards


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Kandi’s story began in 1943, when, at age 7, her family made a life-changing move from their small southern town, Granville, Georgia, to a large industrial city, Columbus, Ohio. Excitement, bordered that of mixed emotions by her parents, James and Fannie Kane, her fourteen-year old sister, Elsie, nine-year old brother, Rickey, and three-year old brother, Ray-Jay.

The long train ride was worth it, Kandi’s parents had reasoned. It was time to leave that insufferable system of segregation for a new life, with new opportunities for them and their children.

Kandi was gifted in the arts, and did well in school, despite a speech impediment that affected her personally and socially. You will marvel at how her run-in with a school-yard bully proved to be a building block that helped to reshape her personality.

Flashback stories of her mother’s growing-up days revealed an inner strength Kandi leaned on after learning of the mysterious disappearance of her mother’s brother years before, and the heart-wrenching experience of one of her close friends that left a deep wound that would set her back—temporarily.

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ISBN-13: 9781950381135
Publisher: River Run Select
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Pages: 118
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