Kaplan AP Physics B & C 2007 Edition

Kaplan AP Physics B & C 2007 Edition


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Kaplan AP Physics B & C 2007 Edition by Kaplan, Joscelyn Nittler, Paul Heckert

Kaplan AP Physics B & C 2007 includes:
*2 full-length practice tests (one for each exam) with detailed answer explanations
*Diagnostic tests to target areas for score improvement
*Detailed answer explanations, including sample answers for free-response questions
*Proven, test-specific score-raising strategies
*Key terminology defined in context
*Concise review of all relevant material -- not a rehash of a physics textbook, but an efficient focus on the material that frequently appears on the AP Physics B & C Exams
*Glossary of key terms
*Online component offering extra practice questions and review material

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781419550836
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication date: 12/26/2006
Series: Kaplan AP Series
Pages: 592
Product dimensions: 8.38(w) x 10.88(h) x 1.56(d)

About the Author

Anaxos Inc. was founded in 1999 by Drew and Cynthia Johnson, Anaxos is a leading provider of educational content for print and electronic media.

Bruce Brazell
is the Director of the Cook Planetarium at Navarro College where he also teaches Astronomy and Physics.

Paul Heckert
is a professor of physics and astronomy at Western Carolina University with over 25 years of college level teaching experience. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of New Mexico.

Joscelyn Nittler
has taught physics at Queensborough Community College and the University of Oklahoma; she currently teaches high school sciences in Kansas.

Matthew Vannette
taught high school and undergraduate science courses including AP Physics after earning his master's degree in physics from Boston College in 2001. He is now working toward his Ph.D. in physics at the University of South Carolina.

Michael Willis
holds a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He spent 10 years as a nuclear engineer and has been teaching AP Physics for the past 4 years at Glen Burnie High School, Maryland.

Table of Contents

About the Authors     ix
Kaplan Panel of AP Experts     xi
The Basics
Inside the AP Physics Exams     3
Overview of the Exam Structure     4
How the Exams Are Scored     6
Registration and Fees     7
Additional Resources     8
Strategies for Success: It's Not Always How Much You Know     9
Strategies for the AP Physics Exams     10
Multiple-Choice Questions     12
Free-Response Questions     17
Stress Management     19
Countdown to the Tests     21
Diagnostic Tests
AP Physics B Diagnostic Test     27
How to Compute Your Score     28
Answers and Explanations     37
AP Physics C Diagnostic Test     45
How to Compute Your Score     46
Answers and Explanations     62
AP Physics Review
Kinematics and Newton's Laws of Motion     77
Getting Started in the Right Direction: Vectors     77
Coordinate Systems     83
Motion in One Dimension     86
Motion in Two Dimensions     90
Newton's Laws     95
Review Questions     100
Answers and Explanations     107
Work, Energy, Power, and Systems of Particles     117
Work and the Work Energy Theorem     118
Conservative Forces and Potential Energy     121
Conservation of Energy     123
Power     124
Center of Mass     125
Impulse and Momentum     127
Conservation of Linear Momentum and Collisions     128
Review Questions     134
Answers and Explanations     141
Circular Motion, Oscillation, Gravitation     151
Uniform Circular Motion     152
Angular Momentum and Its Conservation (C Exam)     154
Torque and Rotational Statics     156
Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics (C Exam)     157
Simple Harmonic Motion (Dynamics and Energy Relationships)     159
Mass on a Spring     160
Pendulum and Other Oscillations     161
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation     162
Orbits of Planets and Satellites     163
Review Questions     166
Answers and Explanations     175
Fluid Mechanics     189
Hydrostatics     190
Hydrodynamics     196
Review Questions     201
Answers and Explanations      209
Thermal Physics     215
Temperature, Heat, and Thermal Expansion     216
Macroscopic Description of Gases (Ideal Gas Law)     220
Microscopic Description of Gases (Kinetic Theory of Gases)     222
First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics     224
Review Questions     236
Answers and Explanations     243
Electricity     249
Electrostatics     250
Charge, Field, and Potential     250
Coulomb's Law; Field and Potential of Point Charges     253
Fields and Potentials of Other Charge Distributions     262
Gauss's Law (C Exam)     268
Capacitors     272
Dielectrics (C Exam)     276
Electric Currents     277
Current, Resistance, and Power     277
Steady-State Direct Currents with Batteries and Resistors     281
Capacitors in Circuits: Steady State     286
Capacitors in Circuits: Transients in RC Circuits (C Exam)     288
Review Questions     291
Answers and Explanations     300
Magnetism     307
Forces on Moving Charges in Magnetic Fields     308
Forces on Current-Carrying Wires in Magnetic Fields      313
Fields of Long Current-Carrying Wires     315
The Biot-Savart Law and Ampere's Law (C Exam)     320
Faraday's Law     322
Lenz's Law     325
Inductance: Magnetic Fields in Circuits (C Exam)     329
Maxwell's Equations (C Exam)     334
Review Questions     337
Answers and Explanations     346
Wave Motion     351
General Properties of Waves     351
Traveling Waves     355
The Doppler Effect     363
Superposition     365
Standing Waves     365
Review Questions     372
Answers and Explanations     379
Optics     383
Geometric Optics     385
Physical Optics     398
Review Questions     405
Answers and Explanations     412
Atomic and Nuclear Physics     415
A Few Preliminaries     416
Photons and the Photoelectric Effect     417
Wave-Particle Duality     422
The Compton Effect     423
Atomic Energy Levels     425
Nuclear Reactions     429
Mass-Energy Equivalence     430
Review Questions      432
Answers and Explanations     438
Practice Tests
How to Take the Practice Tests     442
How to Compute Your Score     443
AP Physics B Practice Test     445
Answers and Explanations     465
AP Physics C Practice Test     495
Answers and Explanations     522
AP Physics Glossary     561

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