Kaplan Success with Words for the TOEFL: An English Vocabulary Guide for Students

Kaplan Success with Words for the TOEFL: An English Vocabulary Guide for Students

by Kaplan, Lin Lougheed


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First Chapter

Chapter 15Film

Match each word or phrase to its meaning:

1. to enroll
2. amusing
3. work
4. to analyze
5. mediocre
6. industry
7. existence
8. fledgling
9. profound
10. medium
11. to evolve
12. technology
13. appreciation
14. to reveal
15. narrative

state of being
admiration of values
to subject to detailed thought
very deep
a distinct group of enterprises
to develop
to register for a class or program
to make known
mode of artistic expression
of moderate quality or ability
advanced system of practical knowledge
representation of a story
new, recently born
the product of energy

Can you figure out the meanings of the italicized words in the following passages?

Conversation One:

Wanda: I'm taking a film appreciation class. We meet at a movie theater.
Ronald: That sounds like fun. How do I enroll?.
Wanda: You can sign up for next semester soon.

Conversation Two:

Wanda: Studying film is more than just an amusing way to pass an evening. It's amazingly complex.
Ronald: I can't imagine that the typical action film would be all that complex.
Wanda: You'd be surprised. Though I must admit that we do concentrate on the works of the major directors. We analyze them to see how the shots were made.
Ronald: At least you'll be able to tell a good film from a mediocre film.

Short Talk:

Film is both an art form and an industry. While film has been in existence for only about a century, making it a fledgling art form in comparison to books or paintings, the medium has already profoundly affected our culture. The medium of film continually evolves, as the technology used to make it expands. By taking a film class, you can gain a deeper appreciation of what a film reveals. By studying different approaches to film, students will acquire an understanding of the narrative and visual styles that films employ.

Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences: 16. Before you can attend class, you first _____ by signing up.
17. While films may be _____, they also reveal serious aspects of our culture.
18. Films can be _____ of art, just like paintings or books.
19. By carefully _____ the shots, students can learn how the mind of the director worked.
20. Very few films can be classified as great art; most are _____.
21. The film _____ employs thousands of people in different jobs.
22. It's hard to believe that films have been in _____ for only about a hundred years.
23. At the beginning of the century, film was a _____ art and industry.
24. Film has had a _____ impact on how we spend our leisure time.
25. Film is an art _____ many people find especially accessible.
26. Film has continued _____ and reflect changes in society. 27. The _____ used to make film has been greatly changed with computers.
28. A class can teach you to look critically at a film and have a deeper _____ of it.
29. Films often _____ how cultures see themselves.
30. The _____ strategy in film is revealed in visual terms and not just through language.

Answer Key

1. to register for a class or program
2. entertaining
3. the product of energy
4. to subject to detailed thought
5. of moderate quality or ability
6. a distinct group of enterprises
7. state of being
8. new, recently born
9. very deep
10. mode of artistic expression
11. to develop
12. advanced system of practical knowledge
13. admiration of values
14. to make known
15. representation of a story
16. enroll
17. amusing
18. works
19. analyzing
20. mediocre
21. industry
22. existence
23. fledgling
24. profound
25. medium
26. to evolve
27. technology
28. appreciation
29. reveal
30. narrative

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