Karakuridoji Ultimo, Volume 2

Karakuridoji Ultimo, Volume 2


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Karakuridoji Ultimo, Volume 2 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Cougar_H More than 1 year ago
I would recommend reading ¿Ultimo¿ because it is fun. Of course, since it¿s a Japanese manga, you read it backwards in retrospect to ¿normal¿ books in America, which can be a bit confusing for people new to manga. The reason that I think its fun is that the mood changes a lot. It will go from calm to frantic, to interesting, to surprising/weird, back to calm, and then to crazy/exciting (that¿s from the end of Act One, ¿Nanban-Okina Pass¿). Agari Yamato is the main hero, 13 years old, and is the dôji master of Ultimo, the embodiment of pure good; Kodaira Rune is Yamato¿s best friend, and becomes a dôji master to Jealousy, the embodiment of Envy. Rune is the same age as Yamato. Dôji to K and the opposite of Ultimo, Vice represents pure evil. He does whatever he wants, when he wants, and doesn¿t care who gets hurt in the process. K is the Vice master, is unemployed, and is described as, ¿A man in glasses who dreams of being evil. A short-tempered person of low caliber, when he gets flustered he doesn¿t know what¿s happening and starts trembling. His favorite things are motorcycles and heavy metal. He is 31 years old.¿ Dustan, the man who created the dôji, is a scholar. He created the dôji to see which is stronger: good or evil. Of unknown age, he travels across time and space, for a reason I do not know (it might be in volume 4). Other characters include the Six Perfections: Regula, who represents Discipline, Pardonner represents Patience, Gauge represents Contemplation, Slow represents Diligence, Service is Generosity, and Sophia is the embodiment of Wisdom. The Seven Deadly Sins: Eater-Gluttony, Rage-Wrath, Désir-Lust, Paresse-Sloth, Avaro-Greed, Orgullo-Pride, and I already mentioned Jealousy. There are many more characters, but to name them all would take too long. Basically, the book takes place in the 12th and 21st centuries with a little bit of future stuff here and there. As I said, it gets weird occasionally¿