Karate, Do My Way of Life

Karate, Do My Way of Life

by Gichin Funakoshi
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Karate, Do My Way of Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
shotokan1 More than 1 year ago
Review by R.Ornes Autobiography of Gichin Funakoshi M3A1 page-2 Karate –Do My way of life is an autobiography of a great karate Instructor name Gichin Funakoshi, who was born in the first year of meiji (1868), in the district of Yamakana-Cho in Shuri the capital of Okinawa. Funakoshi is known as the founder of karate-Do as it is practice by karate students today. This autobiography is the first volume to be translated into the English language. The book was written in an effect to help English speaking students to better understand the way that Sensei Funakoshi live and his thoughts about karate-Do. In addition, it will help the student’s understand why Funakoshi was so devoted to the way of Karate-Do. Furthermore, a practitioner of the arts will further understand and learn that Funakoshi always taught his students to avoid an altercation when ever possible. As he was taught by his two Instructors Yasutune Azato and Yasutune Itosu. (page 1 and 54 way of life) One of reason that Sensei Funakoshi was so dedicated to karate-Do was that as a child he was always sick and weak. In fact his two parents and grand parents agree that Funakoshi would have a short life, so they always took extraordinary care of him. ( page 3 way of life) However, once Funakoshi began his training in karate-do with Azato and Itosu, he started to become physically stronger and was not in poor health. Funakoshi also recalls as a young man he would walk with his lantern during the night to Azato’s home to train in karate. As Funakoshi became an adult he started to work as a school teacher at a school in Naha Okinawa during the day. So he can continue training with His Instructor Azato and Itosu during the night. In addition, to karate Funakoshi stated that he learn a great deal of the art of spiritual and physical characteristics, by just Paying attention to his two instructors as they discussed the issues between them. (page 5 way of life) M3A1 page-3 Funakoshi further acknowledged that his two Instructors help him to understand karate-do, and to recognize nonsense that was declared about karate. Also the misconceptions that people had about the practitioner of karate. In addition, Funakoshi stated that he heard from a person who declare to be a karate expert. That a kata (karate movement Techniques) name Nukite will train a practitioner of karate to develop their five fingers to be able to go through their challenger rib cage, allowing the Practitioner to tear the rib bones out the body. The karate expert continue by giving details how a person can train to preform such task. The Karate expert continue by stating that the kata Nukite and the techniques are hard to master And is Time-consuming taking a lot of practice. Funakoshi also stated that the karate expert Stated that after a person learn these techniques the person would be able to make a hole on another belly. Funakoshi explains that such task is not possible. However, because a lot of people are not educated in the art of karate they believe these myths to be true. Funakoshi further knowledge there is no person alive that can do such task as declare by the karate expert. Funakoshi further stated that so call Karate expert claim is all nonsense and not true. (page 9 and 10 Way of life) In my opinion this book about master Gichin Funakoshi is well written and would help those Karate students and Instructors to understand the truths spirit and physical essence of the person who created the art of Shotokan karate-do. Autobiography Of Gichin Funakoshi Publish by kodansha international ltd 17-14 Otowa bunkyo-ku tokyo112 first edition year of 1975. Printed in Japan