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Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace

Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace

4.6 3
by Karl Jenkins

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Warner Classics

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Karl Jenkins   Primary Artist,Conductor
Carl Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Hardy   Alto (Vocal)
Dave Hassell   Percussion
Andrew King   Tenor (Vocal)
Adrian Levine   Leader
London Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Tom Lowe   Bass (Vocal)
Alisa Murray   Soprano (Vocal)
Robbie O'Connell   Bass (Vocal)
Julianne Regan   Soprano (Vocal)
Mark Richardson   Tenor (Vocal)
Paul Watkins   Cello
Annie Holland   Alto (Vocal)
Jody Barratt Jenkins   Percussion
Wynne Evans   Tenor (Vocal)
Jon Bryan   Bass (Vocal)
Nathan Y. Jarvis   Bass (Vocal)
Tom Armstrong   Bass (Vocal)
Matthew Hill   Bass (Vocal)
Elizabeth Watts   Soprano (Vocal)
James Simpson   Bass (Vocal)
Jessica Wright   Alto (Vocal)
Neil Percy   Percussion
Jamy Holliday   Bass (Vocal)
Ben Weaver   Bass (Vocal)
Kevin Kyle   Tenor (Vocal)
Mike "V.G." Reynolds   Bass (Vocal)
Lashanta Burgess   Alto (Vocal)
Timlin Murray   Bass (Vocal)
Steve Acton   Bass (Vocal)
Mark Anyan   Tenor (Vocal)
Natalie Ashton   Soprano (Vocal)
Davina Bailey   Soprano (Vocal)
Emily Beahan   Soprano (Vocal)
Susannah Bell   Soprano (Vocal)
Maxim Bendall   Tenor (Vocal)
Paul Beniston   Trumpet
Lucy Bland   Soprano (Vocal)
Leonora Dawson Bowling   Alto (Vocal)
Jonathan Bowman   Bass (Vocal)
Bernice Brenninkmeyer   Alto (Vocal)
Claire Buckley   Soprano (Vocal)
Rebecca Clark   Soprano (Vocal)
Anne Marie Cullum   Soprano (Vocal)
Louise Cunningham   Soprano (Vocal)
Seán Curran   Tenor (Vocal)
James Davey   Bass (Vocal)
John Davies   Bass (Vocal)
Penny Dell   Soprano (Vocal)
Sarah Denbee   Soprano (Vocal)
Maddy DuMont   Soprano (Vocal)
Alan Easton   Bass (Vocal)
Julian Forbes   Tenor (Vocal)
Rachel Foulds   Alto (Vocal)
Sarah Fuggle   Soprano (Vocal)
Ross Furmedge   Bass (Vocal)
Mohammed Gad   Soloist
Mark Galtrey   Bass (Vocal)
Silvia Garnsey   Soprano (Vocal)
Luke Gasper   Bass (Vocal)
Jessica Gilbert Harris   Alto (Vocal)
Samantha Goodall   Soprano (Vocal)
Edward Grint   Bass (Vocal)
Tristan Hambleton   Treble,Soloist
Eleanor Hamilton   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Hartley   Bass (Vocal)
Alice Hellard   Alto (Vocal)
Michelle Hepworth   Alto (Vocal)
Rachel Howells   Soprano (Vocal)
Tom Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Rea Lawrenson   Soprano (Vocal)
Guy Johnston   Cello,Soloist
Henry Kerswell   Bass (Vocal)
Helen Lloyd   Soprano (Vocal)
James Mansell   Bass (Vocal)
Laura Mardel   Soprano (Vocal)
Jessica McClymont   Soprano (Vocal)
Nicholas Merryweather   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal),Soloist
Rachel Mitchem   Alto (Vocal)
Gareth Moss   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrew Davies   Bass (Vocal)
Tasanee Smith   Soprano (Vocal)
National Youth Choir of Great Britain   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Ruth Nixon   Alto (Vocal)
Elizabeth Nunns   Soprano (Vocal)
Susie Parkes   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Alexandra Parr   Soprano (Vocal)
Ellie Pater   Alto (Vocal)
Dominic Peckham   Tenor (Vocal)
Sarah Pett   Soprano (Vocal)
Alexander Pidgen   Tenor (Vocal)
Eleanor Pomfret   Soprano (Vocal)
Benjamin Reid   Bass (Vocal)
Lucilla Russell   Alto (Vocal)
Philip Shakesby   Bass (Vocal),Soloist
Lisa Spurgeon   Soprano (Vocal)
Victoria Stanyon   Soprano (Vocal)
Jodie Surendran   Alto (Vocal)
Chiin Rui Tan   Alto (Vocal)
Ben Thapa   Tenor (Vocal)
Helena Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Helen Tweedy   Soprano (Vocal)
Susannah Vango   Soprano (Vocal)
Rebecca Vince   Alto (Vocal)
Damian Ward   Tenor (Vocal)
Kitty Whately   Soprano (Vocal)
Elizabeth Witts   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Lara Wolinski   Soprano (Vocal)
Alice Wratten   Soprano (Vocal)
Jody K. Jenkins   Percussion
Guy Johnson   Cello,Soloist
Mark Anderson   Bass (Vocal)
Rachel Lloyd   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal),Alto (Vocal),Soloist
Mike Brewer   Conductor
Simon Fowler   Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Jonathan Swift   Text
Karl Jenkins   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Dick Lewzey   Engineer
Rudyard Kipling   Composer,Text
Alfred Lord Tennyson   Composer,Text
Traditional   Composer
Helen Connolly   Executive Producer
Paul Beniston   Principal
Limo Hearn   Master Chorister
Richard H. Minnear   translation
Duncan Riddell   Orchestra Leader
Jonathan Swift   Composer
Guy Wilson   Liner Notes,Text
Togi Sankichi   Text
Thomas Maloy   Text
John Dryden   Text
Richard H. Minneat   Text Translation
Mike Brewer   Musical Director

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Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace; For the Fallen: In memoriam Alfryn Jenki 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Who would have thought Karl Jenkins could produce something like this. This is not to be missed or taken lightly, especialy the charge.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This composition is absolutely amazing. The American premier of this work (selected portions) was performed at Carnegie Hall on June 13, 2005 by a mass choir representing regional choirs from Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Canada--even a fabulous children's chorus from Houston. You must hear this composition--it will stir your soul!