Karma Part 2: (Triple Crown Publications Presents)

Karma Part 2: (Triple Crown Publications Presents)

by Sabrina Eubanks


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ISBN-13: 9780982588826
Publisher: Triple Crown Productions
Publication date: 03/15/2010
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

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Karma Part 2 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
zhane212 More than 1 year ago
Book Karma 2 by Sabrina A. Eubanks The book Karma 2 by Sabrina A. Eubanks is a real page turner. This book gives you a view of a narcotics detective's life. However, the other books talk about the life of the people that rule the drug empires. Karma 2 has a twist when Noah and Lucas come into the story and adds a taste of love and drama to it. Nicole and Keith also have their own drama but when Nicole has enough she leaves which makes Keith seek revenge when he finds out that she's with Lucas. I really wish Noah and Leah would have had a chance to have a serious relationship but Noah never really drops his old ways and ends up finding out what his Karma was at the end of the story. The Trinidad brothers are very different to the other drug lords that I have read about. They have a sort of Texas chainsaw twist to them that's unusual. Troy's ending is way more interesting than any other I read about, he wasn't going out without a bang. The author paints a vivid picture of what is going on and makes you feel like you're in the story yourself. Keith and Noah's friendship is really realistic. They are two totally different people. They look, act, and think different but that's what make them the best of friends. They both have there own drama but they accept each other with there flaws. I would say Noah is more reckless and he doesn't think before he does something and he still is living in his childish ways. However, Lucas matures when he looses Justine and he becomes more of a man. Karma 2 is a really good book. It shows you that Karma comes when you least expect it and you should change your dangerous and reckless ways before you loose someone you love or they loose you. But it kind of left you hanging and thinking what happened to Keith, is Noah going to make it, and how is Leah going to take it if Noah doesn't make it out alive. I really enjoyed this book I hope the author makes a third one soon. Review by Lisa Washington www.Blacknovels.net
dbkelley_ChaptersBC More than 1 year ago
Karma 2 was a fast paced book that kepy my attention. I liked the fact that the main characters Nicole, Leah, Lucas, and Noah were undercover detectives mixing work and pleasure together. Nicole & Leah meets the dynamic duo Lucas and Noah. These four come together to bring down the notorious Draco empire. While Lucas is trying to deal with the fact that he just lost his fiance he falls for Nicole. Even though Noah is boggled down with his ex wife and baby momma drama Leah stills wants a piece of him. The attractions and the sex scenes between the two couples were explosive. There's also Keith Childs. Nicole's ex boyfriend who is also a detective. He's abusive and unstable. He has it in for the dynamic duo and Nicole. I did not read the first book but I hope that there will be a Karma 3 because there are some things that I need closure to. Will Noah survive? I'd like to hear more about Noah's ex wife and new baby's momma? Will the two relationships thrive? Will Lucas seek a relationship with the mother and brother he never knew? Will Leah continue to have feelings for Noah even though he has so much baggage? Will Nicole be able to handle Lucas' undenying feelings for his dead fiance? Is Keith Child's a dirty cop? Will he continue to seek revenge? I'd also like to know what happened to Tamiko, one of the Draco brother's girlfriend. All and all this was a good read. I look forward to hearing more from this author.
Book_Addict_CC More than 1 year ago
This book is on fire with the same fierce emotions and excellent storytelling present in the first installment of the saga. The story shows that love happens to all people, in all places and at all times. It is not convenient or easy. It is complicated and messy in every way possible. Lucas must decide if he will live in the tragedy of his past forever or look to the future for happiness. Noah's womanizing ways threaten to bury him. Nicole and Leah, two beautiful and talented detectives, must work with Lucas and Noah to bring down two crazy brothers running a successful drug operation. From beginning to end, the four characters create a tidal wave of emotion that threatens to drown them. The suspense kept me on edge the entire way through this book.
FAE35 More than 1 year ago
Omg!Omg! Omg! Author sabrina Eubanks is an excellent writer,and "Karma2 " was a GREAT read.I mean you have to read "karma2" because it's that hot.Ok! I was a bit diapponted on out come of Justine Greer.I wanted a happy ending for lucas,and Justine.Karma2 gives you a play by play of the action in this book. I mean these two book should be on the National Best Sellers list,and Essence if you ask me.Just because this book,and Karma will definitely envoke some type of reaction out of ya,it did with me.When I say it's like watching a movie,but your only reading in a book.THAT'S WHAT IT IS. Author Sabrina Eubanks doesn't disappoint with this book this is how good she is.I mean My head was going from sentence to sentence I even got up holding the book in awe, that's how good the plot is.Dang!Again I was sleep on this author in her Superb writing skills.I so admire her for that!But,of course she leaves you wanting more with this book.Karma2 is got a CLIFFFHANGER AGAIN.....I mean her book at least Karma,Karm2 have you wanting to know more. I Don't know why these books hasn't been turn into a movie.Don't ypou know how you watch an action movie and different seens provoke some type of reaction from you.That's how Author Sabrina Eubanks book does,at least to me.I love me some action movies.I just didn't know that it can be found in a book(s). Author Sabrina Eubanks I became a instant fan of your work,I mean your books are memorable after you read them.I can read them over,and over again,and still be shock at the play by play action in these books. I hope you books reach a masses because thats how good your books are.NOW! I have to get"Karma3" becausse I have to know what happen to Noah.This book is a ? ? ? ? ? must read!!!!!
ITCOMS More than 1 year ago
Easily Sabrina Eubanks writings could be the best in Hip Hop fiction. The writing appeals not only to the hip hop generation but to older readers as well. The writing is good and engaging. It gets the points across without it being totally "ebonic". The plot is believable. The blending of today's issues (drugs, infidelity, vindictive ex's and the police) into a "don't want to put it down" novel was exciting. The characters have depth and they all have issues like the rest of the world. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to the twenties crowd and the over forties crowd also. Jo D In the Company of Sistahs BRC, California
EbonyReader4Life More than 1 year ago
Karma II has a lot going on, but I enjoyed the book. When I say complex, I mean Noah had three women in love with him at one time with two babies on the way. Nicole went from Keith to Lucas pretty fast. Lots of action takes place when Lucas, Nicole, Leah, and Noah work together to bring down the Trinidad brothers. I liked the pace of the story and with the open ending; we can look forward to Karma III. -------EbonyReader4Life
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago