Katie and Peter: Too Much in Love: The Inside Story of Their Break-Up

Katie and Peter: Too Much in Love: The Inside Story of Their Break-Up

by Emily Herbert

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For over five years glamour model Katie Price and pop singer Peter Andre have been the hottest celebrity couple in the country. The recent news that the couple are to split after four years of marriage has saddened the nation - but perhaps not come as a complete surprise following recent reports of the fragility of their relationship.When Katie and Peter met in the jungle, sparks instantly flew. Their whirlwind romance soon developed into something more permanent and led to a lavish, million-pound wedding at Highclere Castle in Buckinghamshire. The couple also chose to share the ups - and more recently the downs - of their relationship by making a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries. The programmes have given celebrity-hungry viewers access to their lives and careers and have helped to fuel even more interest in the couple. In this revealing and in-depth book established author and journalist Emily Herbert examines the couple's often tempestuous relationship, looks at the reasons behind the split and discusses the ramifications of the seperation, including the impact it will have on their careers and their children. Iit is an unputdownable insight into the relationship that started out as a fairytale and ended in tears.

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ISBN-13: 9781843582212
Publisher: John Blake Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 03/02/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
File size: 295 KB

About the Author

EMILY HERBERT is a very experienced author and journalist. She has written biographies of numerous celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Katie Price, Gok Wan, Lady Gaga, Robin Williams and Stephen Gately and contributed to a range of national newspapers. Emily is based in London and her hobbies are ballet and art.
Emily Herbert is a highly successful journalist and author. Having written for a host of newspapers and magazines, she has a unique insight into the lives of the stars and the inner circle of celebrities. Emily lives in West London.

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Katie and Peter

Too Much in Love

By Emily Herbert

John Blake Publishing Ltd

Copyright © 2009 Emily Herbert
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-84454-868-2



The news, when it broke, was a shock. One minute one of the most famous duos in the country, Katie Price and Peter Andre, seemed to be the happiest of couples, helping one another through the London Marathon, and giggling about going to bed afterwards, and how much they fancied one another, and the next, the relationship was over. Just like that. A quite spectacular row had taken place, in which words were said that shouldn't have been said and insults flung that couldn't be forgotten, but, whereas most couples go through such moments and try to forget about it afterwards, in this particular case, it was all caught on television cameras. Even if Katie and Peter had managed to put their massive argument behind them, the rest of the world would still be around to witness all the mess.

But then, as events began to unfold, it soon became clear that this row, and the subsequent separation, had been a long time in the making. Various elements were about to emerge – from the lyrics of songs Peter had written months earlier to totally unfounded rumours that Katie might have been having an affair – that made it clear that the couple's relationship had been in turmoil for a long time. The split, it seemed, had become inevitable. The relationship that the whole nation had seen develop years earlier on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!, where the two first met, was over, and in the most acrimonious of circumstances, too.

It was a long way from the couple's lavish wedding day, at Highclere Castle, less than four years earlier, and the announcement that the pair of them issued on 11 May 2009 in the wake of the revelation that they were to part could not have been more blunt: 'Peter Andre and Katie Price are separating after four-and-a-half years of marriage [sic],' they said. 'They have both requested the media respect their families' privacy at this difficult time.'

So, what had gone wrong? In the immediate aftermath of the split, it was not clear what had happened, other than that Peter was the one who had packed his bags and left, rather than Katie, but no one could work out why. In a highly emotional statement, Katie said, 'Pete is the love of my life. We have children together and I am devastated and disappointed by his decision to separate and divorce me, as I married him for life. This is not what I want and the decision has been taken out of my hands. I will not comment further or do any interviews regarding the separation, but I will always love my Pete.'

The timing was extraordinary. Days earlier, Katie had announced they were hoping for another child. 'Hopefully, I will get pregnant next year as we are going to start trying,' she said. 'I want to have another three kids biologically and then adopt, but, if something happened and there was a child who needed a home before that, then I'd do it.'

This was hardly the talk of a woman on the verge of getting divorced. Then there was the fact that she'd just made an impromptu visit to Los Angeles, where Pete was recording an album, and during which he'd seemed overjoyed to see her – although, as was shortly to become apparent, the couple had had a terrible row when she was there. Indeed, rumours had started to circulate that the marriage was in trouble. But, when questioned about it at BAA Heathrow, on her way home, Katie was adamant nothing was wrong. 'As usual, it's a load of nonsense,' she said.

During the trip, the couple had been spotted kissing passionately, after which waiting photographers asked them about their plans for the evening.

'Do you know what? I'm going to have fun with her,' said Pete.

But this was not enough to silence the talk. One source close to the couple remarked, 'It's going from bad to worse for them,' while another said that they were treating Pete's working trip to LA as a trial separation, as both tried to determine what they really wanted next.

However, the separation soon turned from a trial into the real thing and it wasn't long before the whole story began to emerge. In fact, the full extent of the couple's problems became clear when the huge row between them was broadcast on their ITV2 reality show, Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter – Stateside. It started innocuously enough, as such rows so often do, until the pair were quite suddenly in the middle of something so blisteringly ferocious neither seemed able to climb down. Was it the end? Yes. There really seemed to be no going back from there.

It came about as follows. Katie and Pete were in a shop having a seemingly casual conversation about nothing very much, when it suddenly blew up into a row about which one of them the shop assistant recognised. 'When someone knows who you are and you come into a shop and you're blatantly lying, you look a twat,' snapped Katie.

'Really? Shhh, Kate, zip it,' said Pete, before turning to the shop assistant. 'So, have you heard of Kate?'

'I'm not sure,' replied the rather bemused assistant.

'How do you feel now?' demanded Pete, turning back to Katie. 'How do you feel?'

Although neither said as much, the whole slanging match reeked of being an argument the duo had had many times before. Who was the more famous – did it really matter? But to Katie, at least, it clearly did. When the two of them first met, much was made of the fact that Pete was well past his glory days, while Katie, then widely known as the glamour model Jordan, was by far the more famous one. As a couple, their joint profile totally dwarfed any fame either had had before then, but which of the two was now individually more famous was impossible to say. But, if that had previously been a bone of contention, it was now spinning totally out of control.

The row continued, becoming increasingly bad-tempered as it did so.

'You're a fucking knob. I can't stand you!' said Katie.

'Ahh, did I hurt your feelings?' asked Pete. 'Did he not know who you were?'

'Oh, as if I'm bothered,' said Katie. 'No one knows who you are. You're an old fucking singer no one knows about!'

That was vicious, but matters swiftly got worse.

'You've got a real attitude problem,' said Pete, who was looking increasingly riled.

'Get over it, Pete. I want to go home!' said Katie.

'I'm so glad you guys are here to film this,' said Pete, turning to the film crew.

'I'm so glad too, so you know what a knob you are,' was Katie's response.

'You can see what kind of a stupid, miserable, arrogant cow she is,' said Pete, who was by now giving every appearance of a man who had heard it all before and had well and truly had enough.

'Arrogant? What, 'cos I'm talking to someone genuinely and you're sitting there, fucking lying? I can't stand liars,' Katie continued.

'Really? You've got fucking issues,' said Pete. 'I can't wait for you to watch this back and see how miserable you are.'

Could things get any more unpleasant than that? Oh, yes – and they did.

Pete accused Katie of trying to have it all her own way, to which Katie retorted, 'I'm the one making money, Pete, so of course I can have it how I want.'

It clearly wounded him to the core. 'What? Don't I make money?' he demanded.

'I don't know. Do you? Hurts, doesn't it?' Katie replied.

'How fucking dare you talk to me like that! Think you're gonna get away with it?' demanded Pete.

At this point, clearly realising this was going too far, one of the couple's management team, Nicola Partridge, stepped in. But it was too late, not least because everything had been captured on camera and the footage was due to be screened the following week. Katie and Pete were livid with one another and no longer prepared to hide it any more. And so, a bitter breakdown between the two of them had really begun.

It wasn't exactly Love's Young Dream, but then rumours had been circulating for some time that all was not well. The previous night, Katie had been spotted without Pete at Syndicate nightclub in Bristol, where she was photographed whispering to a mystery man, leading to much speculation as to who he was and the exact nature of their relationship. As if that was not enough, she sang a not entirely successful version of Pete's hit 'Mysterious Girl'.

But, until practically the day before the split, Katie had been keen to emphasise that the two were very happy. It made the suddenness of the break all the more incomprehensible, because until extremely recently the couple had appeared to be so very much in love.

This was illustrated by an interview she gave in March 2009, in which she revealed to Piers Morgan that, shortly after Pete was booted off I'm A Celebrity ..., she asked him to marry her. 'I said to him, "The letter 'm' – it's Leap Year. Will you, will you?" He said, "What, marry?" Now I couldn't be happier with Peter. He's stuck around for five years, so I can't be that bad.'

That was only two months before the split was announced: matters had gone very wrong, very fast – in public, at least. However, Katie's comment 'I can't be that bad' hinted that something more was going on behind the scenes. Many believe that the problems Katie has with relationships stem from the fact that she doesn't really love herself: the throwaway remark certainly supported that theory.

So, the two would actually split? Certainly, the news came as a surprise to Katie's stepfather, Paul Price, who lives in Ditchling, East Sussex, where he runs a fencing firm. He appeared to be taken aback when he found out what was happening. 'I've been at work. I haven't heard anything or spoken to anyone about it,' he told one reporter. 'I'm surprised. I'll give her a call and find out what's happening. I can't say any more because I don't know anything. But whatever they do is their business, isn't it?'

And it might well have been, but the whole country was fascinated, too. Ever since that first meeting in the Australian jungle in 2004, and especially since their wedding, in which Katie appeared as every little girl's dream vision of a fairytale bride, Katie and Pete had become a couple of such interest to the public that they even rivalled the Beckhams. Perhaps the break-up was their business, but that didn't mean that everyone else didn't want to know what was going on, too.

One problem did seem to be jealousy. Katie always attracted a huge amount of male attention, which Pete hated, and those pictures of her out in Bristol appeared to be the last straw. 'She's rubbing my face in it – she knows her behaviour is out of order,' he told a friend.

Sources close to the couple revealed that he had always found it hard to deal with all the attention his wife got, even when he was actually there. 'Peter knew that going out with Jordan would attract jealous glances,' said one. 'He hated her going out and getting drunk. He was also jealous of the male attention that follows her and told her so. She, on the other hand, was driven mad by his jealousy but at the end of the day they always kissed and made up. However, it got too much for him. It's very sad.'

Of course, Pete, although he was brought up in Australia, is of Cypriot stock and Mediterranean men are often known to have a hot-blooded streak in them. In the circles he originally moved in, it did not do to have people ogling your wife, and he clearly found it very difficult to deal with this. But then, even before the two of them got together, Katie had been a glamour model, and Pete knew that. It was, perhaps, simply more difficult to deal with all that that brought with it than he'd first realised.

Certainly, Katie often found it hard to handle her husband's possessiveness, although she admitted to being guilty of fits of jealous rage, too. 'He thought I was always flirting and interested in other men,' she conceded. 'And, if I'm honest, I thought he was doing the same, too. It's just too draining.'

That the relationship was a volatile one had been obvious for some time now, but both were beginning to feel they could no longer handle it. The rows were getting too far out of control.

And so Pete finally walked out, after which matters reached an impasse. Amid reports that Katie was asking him to reconsider his decision to leave, Pete went to stay with his brother, Mike, while Katie took the couple's three children, Junior (three), Princess Tiáamii (21 months) and Harvey, Katie's severely disabled six -year-old son from her relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke, to a private home away from the eyes of the cameras.

It was increasingly obvious that this latest argument had been one in a long series of rows from which the couple had always previously recovered, but which this time had been allowed to get completely out of hand.

But there were numerous reasons why matters finally came to a head. One of the problems seemed to be the occasions when Katie would have a few drinks, which made her uninhibited and often had her lashing out verbally. Both had spoken about it in the past, with Pete publicly admitting it made him worry about what Katie might do after a drink. At the very least, it could bring out that harsh tongue. 'I'm not jealous of anybody until Katie's drunk. There's nobody I feel threatened by when she's sober. If she's been drinking, I know she's capable of anything,' he said. 'The Devil gets inside her and she's a nightmare.'

Increasingly, however, attention was focused on that night out in the Bristol club, when she did appear to have been drinking. Ironically, it emerged that the mystery man Katie had been seen chatting to was, in fact, gay. Spencer Wilton, a 35-year-old international dressage rider, put matters straight in Horse & Hound magazine: 'A big group of us had all been at Badminton Horse Trials for the day, and went out for dinner afterwards and on to a club,' he said. 'They [the media] know exactly who I am and have chosen to ignore that and the fact that I'm already in a happy relationship with a male partner. My phone hasn't stopped with papers and magazines calling, but it's obviously a lot worse for Katie – I just really hope she and Peter are able to resolve their differences.'

To make the point, his former lover Carl Hester also spoke out. 'They are absolutely not having an affair of any sort,' said Hester, a 40-year-old three-time Olympian dressage rider. 'He has a new partner that he lives with – a man named Jay. I saw them all together in the day; it was just a big group of people having fun. It's out of the realms of possibility – Spencer's gay. Katie knows his partner as well and Spencer's good friends with Katie's trainer, so they were all there together.'

This was clearly someone Pete had no need to be jealous of, but it was too late: the damage was already done.

As the story dominated the front pages, many snippets from the past began to appear, too, shedding a new light on the relationship and the stresses and strains that had finally brought it to a halt. The extent of Pete's jealousy became apparent when Rebecca Loos, of all people, entered the debate. The one-time alleged paramour of David Beckham told the Daily Star of an occasion some years previously when Pete suspected Rebecca of having designs on his wife.

'I was at Andrew Wong's Chinese New Year party in 2006 and I got chatting to Katie and Peter,' Rebecca said. 'They were really lovely. I remember Kate and I went to the toilet and did our make -up together. She was pissed and I was pissed ... We put our make -up and lipstick on. Then we came out and started dancing together. It was all completely innocent, we were just having a laugh. The next thing I know is that Pete is convinced I made a pass at Kate in the bathroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm not nearly as bad as people think I am.'

It might have seemed a ludicrous accusation, yet Pete had been certain something was going on. 'Kate was so smashed she didn't have a clue what was going on,' he said at the time. 'Rebecca kept asking her to go to the toilet because girls always go together. I had this horrible feeling she was taking advantage of Kate. It can't take that long to powder your nose.'

In the event, of course, nothing occurred, but it was a sign of quite how upset Pete could allow himself to become.

Reports continued to circulate that Katie wanted a reconciliation but Pete was adamant there was no going back. Friends revealed that he'd told her, 'It's over between us. All I care about now are the kids.'

A source close to the estranged couple said it was very tense: 'They are still civil and talking but it's all about their children now. He refuses to talk about the status of their relationship, which is really upsetting Katie. It's not World War Three, but you wouldn't want to see them in the same house together. Peter has been telling his brother that he's looking forward to being a single man again; there are lots of very different emotions running through his head. But he's glad it's finally out there in the open and he can look to the future. He still cares for Katie but his priority is seeing his children.'

Worn down by the rowing, it seemed Pete was starting to see matters in a new light.

As time went on, it became increasingly apparent that the split was no sudden whim. Matters had been slowly going wrong. For some time, Pete had been working on material for a new album, Control, and lyrics came to light that he'd written as far back as November 2008. They painted a very revealing picture of his state of mind, particularly the song 'Call Me A Doctor', in which he referred to walking away from his relationship and expressing regret at having had anything to do with the woman in question.


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