Kayden: The Past (Love at Last Series #2)

Kayden: The Past (Love at Last Series #2)

by Chelle Bliss


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*Warning - This book contains adults material and is intended for an adult audience.**

Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache. A past that he's avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection. Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amends for the path he's walked.

Kayden must recount every carnal act and the betrayal from those he's loved to identify the triggers that spur his addictions and overcome it all to be worthy of Sophia's love - his sole reason to exist.

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ISBN-13: 9781494328627
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Series: Love at Last Series , #2
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Chelle is an avid reader; consuming contemporary romance, dark reads, young adult, and all things erotica. Chelle wanted to create a book filled with characters that readers could relate to with real world problems and matching wallets.

Chelle loves to travel and her favorite cities are New Orleans and Paris. She currently lives in Florida. He's showed her the love and passion that she has poured onto the page.

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Kayden: The Past 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
4.5 star Review Kayden: The Past (Love at Last #0.5) by Chelle Bliss We first learned more about Kayden in Untangle Me and although this is a stand alone novel, in my opinion you really need to read Untangle Me before you read this one. Kayden, what a troubled life he has led; he has certainly been through life's ringer. This book is like a roller-coaster ride, full of ups and downs,highs and lows. There is romance, passion and a great deal of angst in this story, but one that kept me entertained and most certainly tugged at my emotions. Kayden's past is full of addictions (sex, drugs and alcohol) and it is these and the reasons behind his addictions that he needs to confront and focus on the triggers in order to secure his future with Sophia. Kayden's past relationships have done him no favours, drawn to women who were either addicted themselves or extremely trouble; I think that is why his feelings for Sophia caused such anguish at times. This truly was an emotional read and having it told in Kayden's point of view it gave us a unique perspective. Raw and gritty, Kayden: The Past was extremely well written and one that had me interested from the first page. Kayden's determination to beat his addictions and his past made for an emotional read and having it told in his point of view it gave us a unique perspective. Raw and gritty, Kayden: The Past was well written and one that had me interested from the first page. Ms.Bliss wrote about extremely difficult issues with honesty and integrity.
aimz1972 More than 1 year ago
Kayden: The Past is exactly what the title states… we first met Kayden in Untangle Me where he found his true love. However, it took a lot for him to get to a place to find and fall completely for Sophia. The Past brings to light what caused him to do the things he did. He was an addict and into women, lots of women. So getting to see what shaped Kayden into the man he became was an amazing. Loved this story!
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
Wow! I dare you not to fall in love with this beautiful, sweet, tortured, sensitive, and extremely complicated man. It's just impossible not to! He went through so much crap, heartache and loss in his life prior to meeting Sophia, that it simply amazes me how She was able to pull him from that life and make him see his own self worth enough to be the man he has always been inside and the man she needs him to be. In Untangle Me we get the story of how Kayden and Sophia fall in love and it is not without some major bumps in the road. But in Kayden:The past, we get the story of how every event in Kayden's life shaped the man he was before Sophia's love touches and heals him. I just loved it! 5 stars!
Tilly212 More than 1 year ago
You must read Untangle me before you read this book. Although it's kayden's history it wouldn't really make sense without reading his and Sophie's story first. This is basically just a rundown of Kayden's past lovers, its just an insight into how his past has shaped his life and the impact it's had on his various issues. He's had a tough run of it and ended up with the wrong types of women so I'm not surprised it's left him with some problems to overcome. We get a little follow up on his and Sophie's lives now which is always good to have. We all love a happy ending but it's nice to get a little insight into their future lives. There's lots of hot sex as we've come to expect of Chelle Bliss and she doesn't disappoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
soulsinglelady More than 1 year ago
"Kayden: The Past", while being part of the "Love At Last Series", is like "Untangle Me", a standalone novel. But I must say that reading "Untangle Me" first, really further connects you to Kayden, the man, and gives you complete understanding of his struggles and addiction. WOW! Kayden is a smart, strong, sexy man with two very big weaknesses: LIQUOR and LADIES. He has a salacious appetite for bad girls with dirty mouths and he loves his liquor. They both seem to be his downfall. Kayden really just seems to be a man looking for love in all the wrong places, and with the wrong sort. He turns to the alcohol when his relationships crumble. Then the addiction to the liquor and ladies consumes his life entirely. "Kayden: The Past" is filled with HOT scenes. One thing for sure is Kayden is a "big" boy who can handle his own in the bedroom, strip club, bathroom, or any room for that matter. And he aims to please and also ruin. One of my favorite scenes is the last experience Kayden has with his wife. He brings pleasure and pain to her, all at the same time. Chelle Bliss has written a captivating prequel to "Untangle Me". Her words bring these characters to life. They are realistic, especially Kayden. Once again, you feel for the him and as trying as life he leads, you can't help but to LOVE everything about him.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kayden's journey is such an emotional one. He grew up in a broken home and had to make sacrifices in order to survive. I laughed. I cried and my heart broke for him, but in the end, I cheered for him! Don't miss out on this wonderful story!
lea84LJ More than 1 year ago
We already met Kayden in Untangle me, but in this book, we see what happened in his past. This one is told from Kayden`s POV. We get a detailed description of his life. He had an abusive father. After he had to give up wrestling, he started to get in trouble, every day some more. I love how he never gave up and was trying to became a better person. I enjoyed it a lot and can`t wait to read some more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! I never have read a book from a males side through out the whole book. Kayden's  life is something to read about. I was hooked from the beginning and could not put the book down.  I am still in shock of what these words brung to my mind as images. This male is going on my book boyfriend list and my dream list of wishing to meet him. Wow! I am not sure if I want to save him or just use him. I bet he would not mind either one.  The story line was straight across the line but it is the life of Kayden, so this is what it should be. The book kept me, the reader, attached to it for a life line as Kayden showed me his life line. Wow! 4 Stars *I got an ARC for a real honest review.*
ivygirl08 More than 1 year ago
Kayden Kayden Kayden……A man who was truly flawed and suffered much in his life. He turned to sex, drugs, and alcohols to function in life and get over his pain.  Kayden: The Past reveals the life of Kayden and how he became the man he is today and is the second book in the Love At Last series. If you’ve read Untangle Me, then you know that Kayden had a few issues that he needed to work through in order to be a better man for Sophia and his son. This book starts with Kayden heading off to counseling to help him deal with his past. At the suggestion of his counselor, he writes down all of the times in his life where he spiraled out of control, and boy oh boy, did he follow his counselor’s instructions. He wrote about it ALL, and you learn so much about Kayden especially his poor choices in women like that crazy Lisa. P.S. Lisa also popped up in Untangle Me, and now we have their background. Lisa was/is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! Anywho, this book was like reading a lover’s journal. Would I want to read it? No, because I don’t want their past to taint my idea of him. Do I feel like it needs to be done? Yes, if it will help you sort out your demons for the sake of our happy ending. After reading this, I don’t feel like I like Kayden any more or less, but I do feel like I understand him more. I appreciate that his journal entries were more like snapshots instead of being very detailed. I don’t need the particulars just the general idea of what happened. I could care less about the random conversations he may have had with these women or what they wearing. I just want to know how you met this person and what about this person affected you.  Simple right?  What came first the chicken or the egg? That’s how I felt when trying to decide if I liked Untangle Me or Kayden better or which one do I think should have come first. Here is what I think: I think that Kayden: The Past should have come second. I feel that without reading about his relationship with Sophia in Untangle Me, I wouldn’t have cared about his past. I liked Untangle Me better because I am more of sappy, romantic girl. I like to see a couple grow in a book, and because Kayden was more about his diddle daddles, I gave this book 3.75 stars. It was a quick read full of dirty deeds that will grab your attention and help you understand the broken hero of Untangle Me. Although this book could be read without reading Untangle Me, I don’t suggest it.  
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
My Review: 4.7 Star Review - Kayden: The Past I recommend this book. This book includes drama, passion, and heartache. Kayden needs to write a journal of his past for counseling. He talks about his path through life. He goes into detail about the below and so much more. •His past girlfriends/relationships •His marriage and why it ended •His struggles with addictions. •His relationship with Lisa the crazy chick. It goes up until he meets Sophia. He also explains how things he went through shaped him into the man he is today. The book is in Kayden's POV. You also get an update about him and Sophia. About how there life is going since the last book. Loved Kayden's story. At times it's hard to hear his thoughts and what he thinks of the people around him and himself. You also get to understand how Sophia feels about what he reveals. Can't wait for the next book!!
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
Although some of his history was written in Untangle Me, book one in the series, I was still curious about Kayden's past and this book was more than I ever expected. Packed full of emotions, screw-ups, sex and drugs Kayden's past was colorful to say the least. No wonder the man was so messed up! This book centers on Kayden's past, his relationships and his addictions. From his high school days all through to the one relationship that did the most damage, Kayden's story was one filled with excess. From women, to drugs and alcohol, Kayden didn't know which way was up. He fell in love, had his heart broken. Hooked up, got high, got drunk. Rinse. Repeat. Until he met the woman who never gave up on him and gave him the strength to leave his past and his addictions behind. A little far-fetched? Maybe so. But I loved it nonetheless. This is one story that has to be read from start to finish for you to be able to understand the extent of what Kayden had been through and how far along he had gotten in his life. I have to hand it to Chelle Bliss, she managed to endear Kayden to me even more after reading all the hell he went through to find his happily ever after. It was heartbreaking, entertaining, sexy, sweet and riveting. Even though the events in this story took place before Untangle Me, you can read it as a stand alone too. For those who already read Untangle Me this will be an enlightening read. And for those that are new to the series, I recommend you read them both. In any order.
OurFictionalBoyfriends1 More than 1 year ago
MUST READ!!! 5 Stars... Even though this is a standalone novel I still recommend reading Untangle me first.  Chelli Bliss you are awesome!!! You not only exceeded my expectations for Kayden’s story but you gave us more to his happily ever after. To top everything off this is not your usual repeat of the story on his POV, it is a whole story in itself, with minor glimpses of Untangle Me. Kayden’s counselor asks him to write down the major events in his life that might have triggered his addictions so he could understand the cycle. Even though he didn’t understand how it would help him he followed thru. His story begins right before his freshman year in High School. This is where he developed his love for women and alcohol. When his parents get divorced all his future plans come tumbling down. From here on he doesn’t seem to catch a break. He goes thru one too many heart breaks and loss. Let’s not forget the parade of woman that he goes thru and the steamy sex scenes. No matter how many times he hits rock bottom he manages to come back up. The only constant in his life is alcohol. While under the influence he doesn’t make the smartest choices leading him to have problems with the law.  In hope for a new start he moves to New Orleans. At this point he is no longer interested in a serious relationship. He is just looking for a good time, someone to scratch the itch. So he signs up for as many dating sites as he can, which eventually lead him to meeting Sofia.   I am completely blown away. Both books complement each other. In order to understand Kayden in the present you need to learn his past. I loved Kayden in the first book now I love him even more. His story not only shows his flaws but his strength. He went thru so much and was able to overcome so much with the love and support of the right woman, his soul mate.
Teelovesgio More than 1 year ago
Kayden is a force to be reckon with and no one could tame him no matter what they tried because Kayden was a man on a mission. His mission was to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it and with whom. He took man whore to another definition. I mean he slept and drank his way through numerous women that he did not even remember their names. Lord have mercy he was a hoot to read about because you get a sense there is something there underneath him but you really don't get to see it until he shares his story and holy hell what a story it is. Kayden grew up in a dysfunctional house and this is where everything started to fall apart. Kayden has great friends and loves his mother but his father is something else. The man is a force to be reckon with and no matter what Kayden does it is never good enough for his father. There are things in his childhood that change Kayden and it is not for the better let me tell you. How a parent could be so cruel is beyond me but hey life happens and you deal with things as you go. Kayden leanred early on that he would have to take care of himself. No one was going to be there for him and that is what he did. He lived his life fast and furious until he met Sophia and Suzy. Suzy is the sister he never had and well Sophia is the love of his life. He will do anything to keep her safe and sound and happy. He loves to put a smile on her face and he loves when she laughs it takes his breath away. Chelle Bliss knows how to write a story about love, pain, disappointment, and redemption. This is a must read series for anyone who loves a bad boy alpha!
ReviewerCourtney More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow! I read this as a standalone and I am so glad I did. I cannot wait to read, Untangle Me, the first book in this series. Even though I already know what will happen, I think reading Kayden:The Past first will help me better understand where he is mentally and emotionally in the first book and appreciate his character more. Kayden: The Past is Kayden’s story from his childhood until his meeting Sophia. It is everything that broke him, built him back up only to have him broken again throughout his life. The book details the women that were in his life and his almost constant path of self-destruction. In the beginning I had mixed feelings about Kayden. He is so crude, cocky and basically a guy that sleeps with anyone ready and willing. As the story progresses it became apparent that he is so much more than just a guy looking for a good time. He just wants love and happiness. He is a man that gives 100% to whoever he is with, but he continues to get burned by some of the craziest women in existence. My heart broke for Kayden, cause in the wake of devastation from his losses he would go through periods where his demons were dark and his urge to fill the emptiness was consuming. He is broken and lost and you can’t help but want to see what happens with Kayden and hope that he finds his happily ever after! I really loved this book and I loved how deep it took the reader into a man’s thoughts and the darkness that consumed him for a period in his life.