Keep it Holy

Keep it Holy

by Dr Gabriel J. Anan


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The main purpose of this book is for the dedication of blessing to brothers and sisters world–wide, to enable them to discern the revealed saving TRUTH (Luke 24:45) of Christ and turn to the Creator GOD for Salvation. The pressing question is this, why do some Christians worship on Sunday and keep it holy, and why aside from the SDA, and some Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Churches especially the keepers of the Ark of the Covenant, we have over 5000 denominations all over the world who do worship on the Seventh-Day, Sabbath, and keep it Holy? Some are: 7th Day Bible Church, 7th Day Church of God, A Church of God Ministry, A Congregation in St. Louis, Aaronic Order (House of Aharon), Abunda Life Church, Active Bible Church of God, Advent Fellowship of All Nations, and others.

South Sudan Seventh-Day Evangelist church in Ethiopia, Uganda, etc. London Ghana SDA in Newham, East London, and many others.

Who really invented the names of the days of the week that we Know them today; for instance: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (saturn)? Where do these days derive from, are they found in the Holy Bible? However, what about the names and days given by the Creator God, are they found in the Holy Bible? see Gen. 1 & 2. Do the Sunday worshippers truly worship the Creator God or the creation the sun-god as in Romans 1:25 KJV? Did the Apostles write the Bible (The New Testament) for the Sunday worshippers who weren’t in the existence by then, hence their desire to change and remove some verses, such as Mat. 17.21 KJV) from the KJV, thus not found in the New bibles? Or did the Apostles write the New Testament ONLY for the First Christians, and those who will follow their footsteps by worshipping on the Seventh-Day, the Sabbath?

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