Keep Me Wanting

Keep Me Wanting

by Angela Addams


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All I've ever tried to do is keep the people in my life safe. That's gotten me into hot water more times than I can count. Hell, the last time got me four years behind bars.

So when my favorite barista tells her mom that I'm her boyfriend to stop the woman's endless criticism, I can't stop myself from helping her out. But she's too innocent and I'm too damaged for this to ever be the real deal.

I can't allow myself to touch her, not when making her mine will drag her into my world and drown her in my messed up life. What I really need to do is stay away.

Except every touch and every accidental kiss breaks my control. I want her.

Then I find out her dad is the detective who put me away...and he's trying to take down my family.

I don't blame him. The secrets I'm keeping are big enough to destroy everything.

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ISBN-13: 9798601918527
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/20/2020
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Keep Me Wanting 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Lori-Gonzo 4 days ago
Oh how I loved the sizzle between Maggie and Liam! Both with a secret crush, you know the kind. When you think to yourself if they could only see me, they would love me. I loved how they were feeling that way. I hated the self doubt Liam had and how he didn't feel he deserved a happy ending. But he and Maggie made quite the pair. Their chemistry was off the charts; they were fun together, supportive, adventurous, and down right sexy. Throw in a little sibling hostility and threats from one side to sibling ribbing on the other and you have an interesting dynamic. I did enjoy the karma for Maggie's sister - perfect timing and manner. The ending was pure perfection and very sweet. I would love to read more for Liam's brothers. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
AliciaSplendeur 12 days ago
Maggie-coffee shop girl who asks the guy she drools after to be her fake boyfriend just for five minutes, to help deal with her mother. Liam- He can't stop himself from helping her out. He finds Maggie attractive and the more time he spends with her keeps him wanting more. He should stay away, but he can't. Hearing her mother criticize her changes his mind and he signs up to help her survive the family reunion. So the main parts of this book take place at the resort where the reunion is being held. There are so many funny scenes with all the relatives you meet. And of course sexy times. This was my first time reading Angela Addams and I really enjoyed her writing. She also writes paranormal and I'm gonna go check all those books out after. ARC provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley
Kindle_Loving_Mom 13 days ago
Maggie Chandler is doing her best, but lately it just isn't quite good enough. Maggie just graduated college with a degree in marketing and she's determined to get a job in her field. But, in the mean time, she's working at the mall info desk, and at a coffee shop, and she's interviewing constantly. Her mother and her sisters, both lawyers, are on her constantly to just take her LSATs and go to law school. And also continuously bugging her about her dating life. But, she has no interest in the law, nor is she interested in taking on even more student loan debt. When she conjures up a fake boyfriend to get her mom off her back, she has no idea what she'll do when she has to produce him for a huge family reunion. Liam Doyle is a bit of a mess. He was just released from prison 4 months earlier, after doing 4 years time that should have been done by his older brother, Shawn. But Liam never gave Shawn up, and now he's regretting it, since while he's been away, Shawn has dragged their 2 younger brothers, Cormac and Ronan, into his life of crime as well. Liam gets coffee every morning at the same place, since he's got a crush on the girl who works there, but he knows his life, and his family, are a hot mess, and that Maggie deserves better. But, when she asks him for a favor, and he agrees to help her out, he can't believe his bad luck, when he discovers her dad is the cop who put him away, and who is gunning for the rest of his family. Maggie and Liam had mega chemistry, but they were both trying to play it cool for a while. It was just supposed to be a weekend trip, no strings, no fuss. Liam knows all about Maggie and her family, but she doesn't have any idea who he really is and this is a constant balancing act for Liam. Of course Maggie's dad recognizes Liam right away and decides against telling her either, as he doesn't want to do anything to upset her and ruin the weekend her mother and grandmother have spent so long planning. So, there's a bit of lying going on, which is not my favorite, but I understand why everyone did what they did. Maggie's mom and sisters were mostly giant sticks in the mud, and I wasn't a fan of either of them. Her dad and grandma both tried hard to be in her corner, but were often stuck between a rock and a hard place. I loved how Liam always stood up for her, and made it clear he had her back. She had never really had anyone be on her side unconditionally, and she couldn't believe how special and cared for it made her feel. Liam really tried hard to take care of people: His dad, his younger brothers, and Maggie especially. He just wanted the best for everyone, but he wasn't always sure how to get it. I really liked how much he loved his family, and everything he tried to do to keep them together. He had his own code of ethics, and he followed it as best he could. I wish there had been a little more about Liam's job in this story. I was intrigued by his brokering of deals, and I would've liked to see some of that in more detail. I loved how Maggie was determined to work in her field, and how much effort she put in to make that happen. This was a good story, and I enjoyed Liam and Maggie very much. Overall, I enjoyed this story, and I would definitely read more from this author in the future.
Deb_from_Oz 14 days ago
This book was a lot more fun that I expected it to be Yes it was a angst driven romance but the scenes with the various relatives at the family reunion was enough to have you laughing out loud. Maggie's mother is continually on her case and in an effort to shut her up Maggie asks the hot guy in the coffee shop she works in to pretend to be her boyfriend Liam has been lusting after Maggie ever since he saw her but he knows she is too innocent for this ex jailbird but he will help her out. The only thing is it gets more complicated when her father is the detective that arrested him and who is after Liam's family enters the picture Can these two fight against all the prejudices and have a future together and what secrets is Liam keeping.