Keep The Sparks Alive By Using Plain Common Sense: Home Games Included

Keep The Sparks Alive By Using Plain Common Sense: Home Games Included

by Lovia Joann Pitts


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This book is designed to help couples to value and appreciate what he or she has. For years women were taught to downplay their sexuality and femininity. This false image of being a good girl or to being a devoted Christian caused numerous women to downplay their intimate desires towards their spouse. However, some teachings provided were not accurate information. My goal is to empower women to know it is okay to embrace their sexuality and creative skills to obtain knowledge. God's Woman could be the PTA president, a sexy and classy woman and a committed dedicated wife that knows who she is. A male could show their emotions and still be masculine.

We believe a marriage could be compared to a diligent farmer and gardener who care for a beautiful harvest that reaps a bountiful harvest in contrast to a gardener and farmer who is neglectful that does very little work yet expects a bountiful harvest, watch it deteriorate. Just as a rose garden in its beauty has to be watered, nurtured, cultivated and pruned in order to reap the results of a beautiful garden so it is with one's marriage.

This book also contains a list of questions that should be asked during the dating stage when the couple believes their relationship is growing to a higher level of commitment. The practical common sense tips in this book are nothing new. They are plain common sense steps, which needs to be implemented by each mate. Your marriage will be no more or no less than what each individual is willing to make it. Viewing one another as being on, the same winning team is paramount. We recognize our differences, but instead of seeing them as negatives, we hold dear to them as being positive factors that contributes creativity to our marriage. We build upon one another strong points. We do not claim to have a perfect marriage whereby we can say that we never had an argument or said words that we had to ask forgiveness for, however, we continue to grow and learn from challenges and turned them into triumphs.

Peace, Unity and Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781477252260
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Pages: 412
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