Keeper of the Dream

Keeper of the Dream

by Penelope Williamson


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A spellbinding tale of magic, passion, and destiny • “One of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever read.”—Julie Garwood

Blessed with the Welsh gift of “sight,” Lady Arianna saw the vision in a golden bowl: a knight with eyes gray as the English sea that had captured her, his sword about to pierce her heart. And she trembled, not with fear, but with a desire that engulfed her very soul.
On the treacherous border of Wales, Raine, the Black Dragon, rode his charger toward Castle Rhuddlan and the lady within. Illegitimate son of a Norman nobleman, his past was scarred by denial and mistrust, and now his future lay in the conquest of a fiefdom . . . and a woman’s love.
As the battle trumpet sounded, Arianna, her Celtic pride unyielding, saw her dream take flesh: Raine, the enemy who inflamed her blood with desire; Raine, the lover she must gentle and tame, and then, as ancient hatreds threatened their lives, either cherish . . . or betray.
“A wonderful read . . . I was hooked from the first page and the magic continues throughout.”—Johanna Lindsey

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ISBN-13: 9780440614159
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/01/1995
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Penelope Williamson is an internationally renowned author of historical romance and suspense. Penny was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and spent the first eleven years of her life as a U.S. Air Force brat. She has a BA in history, an MA in broadcast journalism, and was in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, where she reached the rank of Captain. She has more than 1.8 million books in print, including The Outsider, Heart of the West, A Wild Yearning, Once in a Blue Moon, and Keeper of the Dream. Penny is a past winner of the Romantic Times's Best Historical Romance of the Year award and the Romance Writers of America's RITA awards. She lives with her husband in Mill Valley, California.

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Johanna Lindsey

A wonderful read. I was hooked from the first page and the magic continued throughout.

Julie Garwood

One of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read.

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Keeper Of The Dream 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anyone who is a fan of long, epic, historical romance novels will love 'Keeper of the Dream.' This book is well written, and the plot is so engaging that you won't be able to put it down. Also, unlike many shorter romance novels, here the characters are multi-dimensional and fully fleshed out. In summary, 'Keeper of the Dream' is outstanding and I highly recommend it. You won't be able to put it down and will read it many times.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Stopped halfway story was H&h having sex not enough story was looking for similar to, 'the conquerer' by Brenda Joyce, maiden bride by Roxanne becnal or wolf & dove by woodwiss all these were exciting plot & romantic tension
theshadowknows on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Williamson brings medieval Wales to life in this captivating romance about Raine, the illegitimate son of a Norman earl and Arianna, a Welsh noblewoman. They are forced to marry for political reasons, and of course at the start hate each other. Fortunately, Williamson is careful and sympathetic in her depictions of the clashes, political, familial, and personal between these two characters, so that the reader is spared any stereotypes. Their relationship doesn't seem to be dictated by conflict for the sake of conflict - as is so often the case when an author tries to bring together two characters from different nationalities.There is a magical element that takes a little getting used to if you're not expecting it, and while it doesn't seem to blend so well with the rest of the story at times, at others it heighens the eipc feel of the story and made me feel like I was caught in the midst of an Arthurian legend. Arianna has the sight - she is visited by visions every now and then of the past and the future. There is also Raine's bard/squire, Taliesin, a wizard in disguise. Taliesin does a poor job at matchmaking throughout the book, trying to make the two fall in love for mysterious reasons of his own (he often seems under the instruction of a higher power of some sort - I might have missed it but I don't think this is ever explained fully.)This is a beautifully written romance that offers everything one could hope for in terms of knights in shining armor, distant lands, magic, and true love. Williamson writes so well - her style is enthralling. It is rich in historical detail, draws believable characters, and weaves a powerful romance that stayed with me long after I finished reading. Some of the events in the plot (magical elements aside) are bit far fetched, mostly near the end, and felt suspiciously like contrivances. Some editing would have helped a great deal. But again, Williamson writes so well, I didn't mind. Two complaints: Taliesin was kind of annoying and we don't get enough inside Raine's head. Most of the story is told from Arianna's perspective. Besides that, it was a great read, moving and even heartbreaking.
rainrunner on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Raine and Arianna were quite the pair. He the tortured hero, she the spitfire heroine. There were a few parts in the tale where I thought "ew, Raine, did you have to do that?" because his behavior irked me. But, hey, that happens sometimes with me when the hero is acting like a jerk. And I wanted him to stop it so they could get on with loving each other.I seriously enjoyed this one. Recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is good read. I was a little disappointed bc of all the reviews i expected too much. This book is not some great novel. it is just a good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just have to figure out how to delete.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read it twice just to be sure I didn't miss anything and because I didn't wantit to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read , please write more stories like this
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found a list that noted this book as one of the top 10 historical romance books ever and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NathalieMNS More than 1 year ago
I first read this book about a year ago and I fell in love with it! I even bought a copy for my collection and I told myself that I will read it once a year because this book is soooo very good! It has a little magic (Merlin's style but not too much), a little humor, lots of love and a little of sadness (sniff! sniff!). I cannot describe how good this book is! You have to read it! I assure you, you will not be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I came across it in the library and checked it out. I'm glad I did! It was such a great story. I'll have to check it out again. And my second favorite romance author loved it, Johanna Lindsey, so it's good to know we have similar taste.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite romance novels...I've read it a half dozen times. The characters are believable and you can sympthasize with everyone instead of just a typical good vs. evil plot. And, the people don't fall in love at first sight...or within a week which always makes me annoyed. I'll always have a crush on the hero even at his baddest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Had me laughing and crying. Loved the hero and heroine and I hope there willbe a sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is the best romance book ever written, this story grabs you and doen not let go untill the last page, I have read this a dozen times and still can not get enough of it, this book is a must. And please Mrs. Williamson if you see this we need a sequel, the grandaughter at the end of the book would be great.