Keepers of the Koru, More Tales of TerraTopia: Soar a Burning Sky, Part I

Keepers of the Koru, More Tales of TerraTopia: Soar a Burning Sky, Part I

by Steven & Vicki Beck

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Keepers of the Koru, More Tales of TerraTopia: Soar a Burning Sky, Part I by Steven & Vicki Beck

Keepers of the Koru is an epic fantasy series that opens with an appeal for help from Sequoia & the Emerald Guard, protectors of the Koru—the balance between Earth and Earth’s spirit world, TerraTopia.

Dear Human Friends,
Since the first Ticking when the turning of the Great Clock of Stars began, the destinies of Earth and TerraTopia have been entwined. For centuries, the twin realms have existed in harmony, the delicate balance crucial to their survival.

But like a meteor scarring the heavens, prophecy foretold a great crisis. The health of Earth would deteriorate, yet unlike a true reflection, our home, TerraTopia, would suffer first.

Regrettably, that time has come.

Even as I write, war envelops TerraTopia, dividing its people, many challenging their allegiance to your world. With nightmarish Skaarsgard hunting any who rebel, a growing number of TerraTopians feel if they are to survive, contact between our dominions must be severed.

You know as I do that the ‘body’ cannot live with the ‘soul.’ Please help us. Time is short…

The Emerald Guard had long trained their hand-picked apprentices from Earth, TerraKoru, in the ways of stewardship, teaching them Nature’s secrets. These apprentices also learned from TerraTopians, who as the result of a mystical process called The Granting, selected Tokas—animals whose traits, personality and abilities mirrored their human selves. In time, the TerraTopians developed such profound connections with their Tokas that they merged, becoming symbiotic hybrids of human and animal.

Drawing on this knowledge and their own deepening compassion, the TerraKoru acquired the power to transform into animals and discover nature through her own eyes.

Inspired by a newfound understanding, the TerraKoru returned home, committed to preserving Earth’s beauty and life. Among their fabled ranks are rumored Pliny the Elder, Galileo, and Jules Verne, to name but a few.

But despite the efforts of the Emerald Guard and TerraKoru, TerraTopia teeters toward The Falling. Earth’s deterioration has bred disease in TerraTopia, destroying the land and upending its weather.

What is done to one world, impacts the other.

Earth, it seems, has run out of champions. The TerraKoru-in-training who have already crossed the boundary are either missing, or worse, being persecuted for TerraTopia’s woes.

StormWing, a former TerraKoru consumed by greed and emboldened with self-importance, has seized upon The Falling to usurp control. Blaming the Emerald Guard and their precious students as carriers of the disease, his campaign of distrust divides TerraTopia’s clans, driving them toward war as he secretly plans to empty their world of its resources.

In his quest for power, StormWing has violated the promises made as a TerraKoru, unwittingly mutating himself and his acolytes. No longer can they retain the natural grace their TerraKoru powers enabled. Instead, they’ve splintered apart, transforming into horrifying Skaarsgard.

By taking on multiple Tokas at once, the animal spirits that would otherwise act as guides in the ways of the Koru, war for control. StormWing, himself, hobbles on eagle legs while his trembling scorpion talons claw with rage. Seeking escape from his self-inflicted demise, StormWing has captured all remaining TerraKoru hoping to use them as lab rats in his desperate search for a cure. Nevertheless, he’s running out of options—TerraTopia’s guardians are all but gone.

Save one.

Reluctantly, NightFire, the last of her kind, emerges from hiding. She fears she is the Netherchild—the being without birth or death, the prophetic progenitor of The Falling. If she fails to act, she not only jeopardizes TerraTopia’s future, she condemns the Earth to die. She must summon help despite the danger to any who heed the call—new apprentices from Earth, her only real hope. Little can she imagine the four who her emissaries, the Dragonflies, will choose…

So unfolds Book One, Part I of Soar a Burning Sky, Keepers of the Koru.

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ISBN-13: 9780983772200
Publisher: Zero G Entertainment, Inc.
Publication date: 07/21/2011
Series: Keepers of the Koru, More Tales of TerraTopia Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 85
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Keepers of the Koru, More Tales of TerraTopia: Soar a Burning Sky, Part I 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You have mediocre writing ability. I found it to be the equivalent to the work of a 5th grader. I rate it a 2.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Next result!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
((Wolf, l liked it a lot. I rate it a 12. Now, fer meh shtoreh.)) I was running -more like crashing- through the woods. What exactly was l running from? Don't ask, because l don't know. I came out here in the first place to clear my mind. To rid myself of thinking about how sickly my life is back home. I was passing through the darkest part of the forest where an old church was said to have once stood. All that remains of it, though, is its steeple, which was in a pile on the ground, and the graveyard. The graveyard is spooky. Haunting, even to someone who's fourteen and long outgrown ghost stories. you're probably thinking, "Okay.. aren't they all spooky and haunting?" But, l tell you, this one is different. Everyone buried here never saw their sixteenth birthday. And that, my friends, is when l saw her. Who did l see? No idea. Where did she come from? Even l can't answer that. She must've, correction: had to have been a ghost. There is just no other option. She had dark features, but was extremely pale. Her long, wavy black hair went down to her mid-back. She wore a tattered white dress that was stained with mud. Her eyes, creepy, were a haunting milky-gray. She opened her mouth to speak, and thats where my story starts. I was running -more like crashing- through the woods. I hve to got back tomorrow, though. It's human nature to be curious, but remember, curiousity killed the cat. But l just have to go back. I need to see what she meant by her words: "The finch on the rock. It can help, but do costly damage. Don't listen to it's lies." As l ran, her airy voice echoed in my head, "Free us... free us..."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter One~~~~~Lucinda Zero laced her muddy combat boots up, her eyes cold and blank. It was another day of begging, or so her mother thought. She would really be competing in a strange competition. If her mother knew, she would be outraged. A silly competition? Lucinda could just imagine her screeching. We need money, not happiness and fame! Being just one of eight children, Lucinda was used to being yelled at and beat. It was how things were in their family. She knew she could not change a thing about that. Standing up off the edge of the bed she shared with two sisters, she looked around the miserable shack called home. The walls were simple wooden planks that were rotting away; the floor was dirt, with one shabby rug in the middle; three creaky beds around the room, full of sleeping forms, the very people she wished she could get away from. They only wanted money. She wanted everything decent the world had to offer. The king and his family and friends got that; so why couldn't she? Lucinda made her way out of the front door. A cold crisp wind met her, an old friend. The sky was a smog-filled grey. She blamed it on the idiots whom had lived a thousand years before her. People glared at her as she walked by, smirking in that arrogant way of hers. They whisperered amongst one another; just as all annoying towns' people do. Lucinda Zero was generally despised. A rebel, they hissed, she should be tortured for her heinous choices! "Zero," a voice called from behind her. She twisted around, ready to yell something sarcastic if need be. But it was just Marceline Jade Smalt, her only friend in town. "Hey, Marceline," she replied lightly. With tumbling auburn hair, icy blue eyes, and a perfectly pale face, Marceline was easily the prettiest girl around. Wheras the boys thought of Lucinda as a terror, they wanted to wed Marceline. Fate was just cruel that way. "Where ya' going?" Marceline asked, now nonchalantly walking walking along with her. Lucinda shrugged. "Work," she said. With a pout, Marceline stopped. "Why do you have to work? I don't have to." Lucinda was starting to get annoyed with her oldest and dearest friend. She knew how poor Lucinda was, how tough her family was on her. Marceline was the richest girl in town, since her father was head hunter. But she never shared her wealth. "Because I feel like it, Marceline." she said, sticking her tongue out. "Isn't it obvious?" "You're crazy!" With a wicked laugh, Lucinda turned away and began on her path again. "Did you not already know that?" she called mockingly over her shoulder. The town was dirtier down here; with half-burned houses, human bones strewn everywhere, and beggars all about, it was quite depressing. Lucinda kept her mouth shut whilst walking through there. She might have been crazy, but she didn't have a death wish. Looking down in a puddle, her slate-grey eyes stared back at her. She sighed and quickened her pace. She hated how sickly she looked; thin face, lean and hungry. ((There is much more. But I am basically outta space. xP))
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fire burning. People screaming. I ran. I tried to take cover. Blood splattered my face. I was scared. Tears streaming down from my eyes. I held an odd crucefix pendant in my hand. The only thing left of my mother. I kept running. I slammed into a large demon with a bat winged blade for his left hand, and in his right, a blade shaped like a doves wing. I cowered in fear. Thinking i was not going to get out alive. Then. The demon struck, gashing across my face. I screamed in agonizing pain. Then. The world stopped spinning. Time stood still. My long black hair that hung to my shoulder blades, tied into a thin tail, turned snow white. My blue eyes turned silver-orange. My tan skin became olive gray. My teeth became pearly white and sharp, my finger nails grew into claws. I angered. I watched my mother die as the demon king ate her beating heart. It was her blood that stained my face. My father was captured. Said to be tortured for treason against all of demon-kind. Two shadows grew behin me. An angel. And a demon. Two scythes materialized in my hands. My body surged with power. And i lunged. I woke with a start. "Another nightmare. That night. I hate to remember it." I had the same dream since i was four. I had the scar across my face since i began having that dream. I cant remember anything beyond that. All except my mothers face. An my fathers scream. My name is hope. I dont know the rest of name. I cant remember it. All i remember was hope. Today was sixteenth birthday. I was leaving my home. In search of a new one. I have lived alone for as long as i can remember. I kept running away. No one would want to care for me. Just lock me up. I heard sirens in the background. I sighed. "Time to go. They never give up, do they?"i said as i pulled on my jeans, shirt, boots, gloves, and coat. I kicked open the door and a blade materialized on my back. It was a scythe. With an uneven curved stalk. The largest blade shaped like a bats wing, the second largest blade shaped like a doves wing. I walked down stairs. Too impatient for the stairs. I plopped a fifty on the front desk and stabbed the room keys into the bell. "The doors broken," i smirked at bursted through the front door, the cop cars veering around the corner and charged at me, full speed. An insane asylum van closing in behind it. Then thirty more cop cars. And a tank, two swat trucks and a chopper following them. The choppers search light blasted onto me. I laughed. And vanished.