Keeping Mr. Right Now (a Kisses in the Sand novel)

Keeping Mr. Right Now (a Kisses in the Sand novel)

by Robin Bielman


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ISBN-13: 9781500813628
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/17/2014
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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Keeping Mr. Right Now 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
_staceykym_ More than 1 year ago
ARC kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Review 'Keeping Mr Right Now' was a spectacular first instalment in the 'Kisses in the Sand' series and one I am most definitely going to re-read! If you're looking for something swoon-worthy, completely romantic and hot and sexy, this fantastic novel is a must beach-read! Because I'm eccentric and weird, I read the 'Kisses in the Sand' series, BACKWARDS! I've read book three, 'The Best Friend Bargain', which has so far been my most favourite, I've read book two next, 'Blame it on the Kiss' next and found that I didn't like it as much as book three, but I still gave it a FIVE star! But I must admit that 'Keeping Mr Right Now' has been my number one favourite out of the whole series! I loved that I could relate myself more easily towards the female lead character, Sophie! I felt like I could bond more easily and experience the story through her eyes because she was character who was shy and insecure about herself. She was so compassionate and empathetic but she just didn't have that self-confidence that would have accentuated her beauty – for she was in fact very beautiful! I loved that her first degree was in neurobiology but that she finally found her passion in event planning. Sophie seemed so real to me! Robin Bielman is a very talented romance author who writes with such simplicity and such elegance that all the emotions needed to be carried across to her reader not only flood but TORRENT towards the reader! I am still in awe with the wonderful romantic and heartfelt story she has gifted me! I absolutely loved the beach setting! I should learn to invest in more beach reads! I loved how this entire series centred on the little beach town of White Strands. And there was AMAZING imagery on behalf of the author when she wrote about it! I could smell the ocean and as an Aussie this was important to me. I could feel the sun beating down on my shoulders and the sea breeze ruffling my hair! It was an amazing experience getting to know this little town and I am so sad that the adventure for me and this series has ended. *weeps uncontrollably* I loved, loved, and loved the sizzling and sparking chemistry between Sophie and Zane! There was so much passion and zest between the two that reading their story was like experience it firsthand! I grieved every time those two made a mistake and laughed out loud at some of their mishaps! I MAJORLY enjoyed getting to know them as they slowly let the other in and gradually fell in love! Some of those scenes were hot hot HOT! So be warned! ;) I greatly admired the author’s talent in creating her characters! They were spectacularly real and I cannot imagine a better cast for this series! I also admired the fact that the author also touched on a couple of real life issues such as cancer and parental abuse. There wasn't so much of it that it plagued the entire novel and drew away from the light and (mostly) easy romance but it definitely increased the authenticity of the story. Zane was the character who faced constant verbal abuse when he was a child and enjoyed how he grew and evolved as a person to finally let himself open up, trust and love. The pace was great and there was not one moment where I got bored or uninterested! Every chapter held something previous and I was constantly eager to!
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - Live a little... Stars! The first book in the Kisses in the Sand series offers up a perfect balance of romance between a couple that on the surface couldn’t be more different. I loved introverted Sophie and extrovert Zane, together they seemed to push the other to move from their comfort zones to push their boundaries in an effort to experience and be more. Zane has deeply ingrained issues with self-esteem, and because of that believes he is unworthy of having someone as smart and knowledgeable as Sophie in his life as a long term thing. "I’m starting to think I can’t keep anything from you…" But although Sophie has educative smarts, she’s a little less experienced in the ways of boys and girls, and just in cutting back and letting loose in general, and Zane shows her there is so much more to life than the black and navy shades she’s been living in. There was nothing harmless about Zane Hollander. He oozed heartbreaker. The romance takes a while to kick off, while the relationship between the pair organically develops, and I liked that the author gave this couple time to build towards the bedroom, it gave it more gravitas when it did happen, and also a lot more emotion when everything fell apart for them. She’d made him better this week, made him see things with new, fresh eyes. Loved it, this series has pulled me in hook, line and surf-board. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars Another great read by Robin Bielman, Keeping Mr Right Now was a very entertaining and fun read. I truly enjoyed reading Zane and Sophie's love story. Loved both Zane and Sophie, I found myself connecting with them both especially Sophie and her insecurities.  Loved how these two people started off as total opposites, one full of confidence yet hiding the mental scares left by his fathers words, the other having no confidence and a very low opinion of herself because of her upbringing and the high expectations placed upon her because of her IQ. Together they find inner peace, love and happiness. So much love for Sophie and Zane and for Robin Bielman for writing this heartfelt story.  This book is a perfect start to this new series and cannot wait to read more about the secondary characters. I highly recommend it!
bhillson83 More than 1 year ago
Five Stars to Robin Bielman for her great summer read Keeping Mr. Right Now. It's a perfect read to lounge by the pool or beach and take your mind off of whatever is bothering you as it is the carefree writing and theme of the novel will whisk you away to a whole other world. After Sophie literally falls at the feet of the Surfing's world version of "David Beckham", she is thrown into the world of Zane Hollander. After the quick connection and instant chemistry and some encouragement from others, the two strike an arrangement that is suited to benefit them both. However, as we all know, life is never that simple, and although Sophie is trying to "live a little" and take chances with her life and find that "Mr Right Now", both her and Zane never thought that they would develop feelings for one another. What was supposed to be a week fling is slowly turning into something more. Bielman made you feel like you were in the midst of the Californian surf with her descriptive words and powerful writing technique. You begin to fall in love with the characters and they almost feel as if they are your best friend. Both characters were very likeable and had an appeal about them - Sophie was a strong, independent and courageous women as the book progressed and Zane appeared on the outside as confident, strong, sexy and sauve but on the inside he was anything but. Robin Bielman uses the banter between the characters to lighten the mood of the book and create a bit of subtle humour. It was great to get a laugh in, while you were California dreaming. Bielman was very talented in using the humour to make the relationship feel real and nothing felt forced in the book. Keeping Mr Right Now is definitely a book you need to read prior to the end of summer! The strong dialogue between the characters, the great plotline and the steamy in-between the sheets scenes will leave you wanting more. Definitely a 5 Star Read!