Keepsakes: 365 Original Proverbs from Dad to Daughter

Keepsakes: 365 Original Proverbs from Dad to Daughter

by Scott Garber

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Keepsakes: 365 Original Proverbs from Dad to Daughter by Scott Garber

One day I woke up and realized that my daughter would soon be leaving home—and that I still had so much I needed to say. So I started writing down the lessons that I wanted her to remember. That collection eventually grew to 365 original proverbs divided into eight categories: Character, Values, Love & Marriage, Sound Thinking, Practical Tips, Success, and The God Factor. The book begins with a heartfelt note from Dad to Daughter, and each chapter features a brief but deeply personal introduction.

Now that my own daughter is all grown up with a child of her own, this seemed like a good time to invite others to share whatever wisdom is contained in this collection. Though written for a young lady, few of the proverbs are actually gender-specific, and the timeless principles they embody point the way to a life well-lived, whether you belong to the greatest generation or the latest generation.

Here are a few favorites:
-- Pride quite naturally leads to prejudice, for those who think too much of themselves cannot resist thinking too little of others.
-- Habits that you control are virtues. Habits that control you are vices.
--In reality, cleanliness is nowhere near to godliness. Nevertheless, it's still well ahead of filth.
-- Style can be expensive. Good taste is free.
-- Be a contributor or be somewhere else.
-- Fun is morally ambidextrous.
-- Marriage is forever, so when choosing a partner exercise at least as much caution as you would use if you had to pick a permanent hairstyle.
-- If you ignore injustice you become a moral accessory to its consequences.
-- Think critically but speak kindly.
-- The faith that is not hastily placed is not easily shaken.
-- Beware of logical lies.
-- Don't spend a lot of time to save a little bit of money.
-- When applying for a job—the younger you are, the more important it is to dress conservatively.
-- Don't mix apologies with excuses.
-- Shoulder the criticism; share the compliments.
-- When you greet an older man, shake his hand firmly. He'll be favorably impressed.
-- When your plans have failed talk to an optimist. When you feel that your plans are foolproof talk to a pessimist.
-- The worst thing you can say when you're angry is that which you're most likely to speak.
-- It's more important to prioritize than to organize. Doing your work efficiently does not mean that you are doing important work.
-- There is no safe passage to the extraordinary.
-- Fear is the fence around the world you live in.
-- Prayer is designed to be a first step in every activity of life, not a last resort.
-- Bad things do not come into our lives simply so that God can take them away, but so that he can show us that he matters more than anything else.

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About the Author

Scott Garber has had a varied career as a pastor, professor of theology, and a writer. He lived in Europe for more than twelve years, where he taught at the college level in three languages. Scott has an essay series called Unconventional Wisdom, has authored a novel (The Rapture Follies), and is currently working on a book about Christian race relations entitled White Lies. His daughter, Jennifer, for whom this book was written, is a married attorney and mother of his grandson, Liam. Scott currently lives with his wife and best friend, Cindi, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. In his spare time he enjoys sports, home remodeling, and dabbling as an amateur recording artist.

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