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Kentucky Miracles

Kentucky Miracles

by Marlene Worrall


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Dana and Graham Van Rensellier are determined that their colt Firelight Fancy will win the Kentucky Derby. But when Dana becomes pregnant with male twins only a couple months before the big day, Graham wonders if she can keep up the gruelling training schedule.Determined to win, despite morning sickness and other obstacles, she and Jacob Perez, her jockey, continue their gruelling schedule starting in the wee hours of the morning daily at the track.Graham, born into wealth and privilege, grew up in Houston. Embedded since childhood, is the mandate to be philanthropic. Despite his own financial woes, he is committed to donating the million-dollar purse to Israel's poor, if they win.Talia Stein is the daughter of Israeli diplomat Louis Stein. She's grown up in Tel Aviv with governesses since her mother's passing when she was five. Lou, a widow, travels frequently, causing him to seek a safe haven for his only beloved child. Further, he desires that she be educated in America. She meets Dana and Graham, instantly bonding with Dana. Soon, they become inseparable. Dana wants her to move onto the farm. Graham won't hear of it. Will this bitter conflict destroy their marriage? How can this issue be resolved? Read the bizarre adventures of Danielle, Dana's Step- mom, as she flits around the globe, unable to shake the demons from her shady past. Just when she thinks she's found a safe haven, her pursuer shows up threatening her. Maybe it's time to move on. Headstrong, Dana is determined to have Talia remain at Sugarbush. Beset with financial woes, at the end of his rope, Graham threatens divorce if Dana disobeys him. As Step Mom to Graham's two sons, Will and Jay; and pregnant with male twins, she dreams of having a daughter. Beyond that, she has a special, undeniable connection with the remarkable Talia. Graham has kept his financial woes a secret from Dana, not wanting to burden her during the training of Firelight Fancy. Will he find the courage to share this burden with her? Will they lose Sugarbush? They've reached an impasse. Can this crisis be resolved? Dana's step-mom, Danielle, has escaped from prison and is on the run. Using an alias, she travels from Mexico to Florida and the Cayman Islands in an attempt to lose her pursuer. Will her past catch up with her? Or can she embark on a new life? From fund-raising for charities in Palm Beach's high society circles, to the exotic Cayman Islands, Danielle is determined to live life to the fullest. Will she find her dream man and ride off into the sunset? Incarcerated at a correctional institution for conspiracy to kidnap Dana, her step-daughter, she manages to escape. Is there a way to heal their muddled past and move on to love, reconciliation and triumphant living? Despite her brutal betrayal, she longs to reunite with her daughter. Graham has forbidden Dana to contact Danielle or see her.Read about Danielle's riveting adventures, as she charts brave and treacherous water while running from her pursuer. Brave and bold, she is determined to live life to the fullest. When she receives a presidential pardon from sitting president, Donald Trump, for unprecedented sums of monies raised for charity, she hopes it will be clear sailing ahead. But tropical storms have been known to rise unexpectedly mirroring the turbulence threatening to throw her off course and on the run again. Graham returns to Sugarbush following meetings with his Dad in Houston, to find Dana and Talia gone. Can he get them back in time to save the marriage? How will he raise the millions he needs so the farm can flourish?Read this story of adventure, love and betrayal. Just when everything seems impossible, God steps in and shows the miracles of His power. Be inspired to know that nothing is impossible with God.

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ISBN-13: 9798700810340
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/26/2021
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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