Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness

Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness



Fourteen of the 25 tracks on this 79½-minute disc are drawn from Jack Kerouac's poetry book Pomes All Sizes; the rest come from his novels (nothing from On the Road, though) and letters, with some unpublished work is also included. The readers range from Kerouac's contemporaries, William Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Allen Ginsberg, and literary offspring like Hunter S. Thompson, to such poet-rockers as Jim Carroll and Patti Smith, and a long list of rock stars including Michael Stipe, Steven Tyler, and Eddie Vedder. Kerouac was not a fan of rock music, instead preferring bebop jazz, so the closest tracks to what he himself would have preferred are associate producer and Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo's excerpt from a letter to John Clellon Holmes, accompanied by saxophonist Dana Colley, Warren Zevon's "Running Through -- Chinese Poem Song," accompanied by pianist Michael Wolff, and Matt Dillon's "Mexican Loneliness," with a jazzy sax and bongo accompaniment. (Kerouac probably wouldn't think much of the Joe Strummer background music tacked onto his own reading of excerpts from "MacDougal Street Blues.") But the closest to Kerouac's own sense of how his work should be read is comedian/actor Richard Lewis, who recites the previously unpublished "America's New Trinity of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley." The selections present a good sampling of Kerouac's literary concerns, and, whether appropriate or not, the recordings demonstrate his extensive influence.

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Release Date: 04/08/1997
Label: Rykodisc
UPC: 0014431032929
catalogNumber: 10329

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eric Andersen   Track Performer
Allen Ginsberg   Track Performer
Jack Kerouac   Background Vocals,Track Performer
John Cale   Keyboards,Voices,Track Performer
Jim Carroll   Voices
Lydia Lunch   Track Performer
Lee Ranaldo   Guitar,Voices,Track Performer
Joe Strummer   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Track Performer
Morphine   Track Performer
Robert Hunter   Voices,Track Performer
Come   Track Performer
Anna Domino   Keyboards,Voices,Track Performer
Juliana Hatfield   Voices,Track Performer
Lawrence Ferlinghetti   Voices
Hunter S. Thompson   Track Performer
Michael Wolff   Piano,Track Performer
Jeff Buckley   Guitar,Sitar,Track Performer,Mouth Sax
Joey Altruda   Bass,Track Performer
Chris Brokaw   Marxophone
Robert Buck   Guitar,Track Performer
William S. Burroughs   Track Performer
Pablo Calogero   Saxophone,Track Performer
Dana Colley   Saxophone,Track Performer
Billy Conway   Drums
Joe Gonzalez   Percussion,Track Performer
Lenny Kaye   Guitar,Track Performer
Thurston Moore   Guitar,Track Performer
Richard Norris   Beatbox
Mark Sandman   Voices
Anton Sanko   Keyboards,Track Performer
Patti Smith   Guitar,Voices,Track Performer
Michael Stipe   Organ,Voices,Track Performer
Tomandandy   Track Performer
Steven Tyler   Background Vocals,Voices,Track Performer
Eddie Vedder   Track Performer
Warren Zevon   Voices,Track Performer
Maggie Estep   Voices
Tony White   Saxophone
Johnny Depp   Voices,Track Performer
Tara Jane O'Neil   Bass
Mary Timony   Keyboards,Vocals,Xylophone
Ash Bowie   Guitar
Richard Lewis   Track Performer
Kevin Coultas   Percussion,Drums
Thalia Zedek   Clarinet,Guitar,Vibraslap
Mark Ashwill   Vocals
Danny Chauvain   Voices
Louis Echavarria   Drums
Inger Lorre   Guitar,Keyboards,Voices,Track Performer
Dan Chauvin   Track Performer
Bill Bronson   Bass
Matt Dillon   Voices

Technical Credits

Eric Andersen   Engineer
Jack Kerouac   Engineer
John Cale   Engineer
Lydia Lunch   Engineer
Joe Strummer   Engineer
Robert Hunter   Engineer
Anna Domino   Engineer
Jeff Buckley   Contributor
Duncan Aldrich   Engineer
David Cook   Engineer
Shawn Devlin   Contributor
Ingo Krauss   Engineer
Tim O'Heir   Engineer
Ann Pope   Engineer
Mark Sandman   Engineer
Kevin Shirley   Engineer
Wharton Tiers   Engineer
Peter Weiss   Engineer
Bruce Witkin   Engineer
Hillary Johnson   Engineer
Dan McLaughlin   Engineer
Danny Caccavo   Engineer
Roy Mayorga   Engineer
Ralph Steadman   Illustrations
Owen Burkett   Engineer
Jim Sampas   Producer,Engineer
Lonnie Bedell   Engineer
Tom Lewis   Engineer

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