Kerrier District 2 [EP]

Kerrier District 2 [EP]

by Kerrier District

Vinyl 12"(Single - EP)

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Kerrier District 2 [EP]

No doubt spurned on by the success of the Metro Area derivative style of its inaugural edition, Luke Vibert's Kerrier District project returns with a second helping of post-disco. However this time he seems less interested in riding the Metro Area wave and more intent on re-creating the sounds of classic Balihu records (Daniel Wang's cult disco N.Y.C. imprint), as well as the sounds of Italo-disco played by such DJs as I-F (who will no doubt feature "Disco Nasty" on his CBS website
adio stream). Throughout the album's five original tracks, Vibert lays the vocoder on thicker than usual and the results are mixed, but this easily helps to keep him from falling into just another carbon-copy nu-disco project and into territory which is saying something original. And for as much as Vibert is evidently just emulating his influences, he's also finally branching the project out beyond the environs and getting into territory that could get dangerously interesting. Fans of the original Kerrier District album will no doubt dig this just as much. [Rephlex issued an EP edition in 2006.]

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Release Date: 07/11/2006
Label: Rephlex
UPC: 0666908018303
catalogNumber: 183


  1. Disco Nasty
  2. Ce Porte
  3. Sho U Rite

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