Kestrel's Midnight Song

Kestrel's Midnight Song


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Kestrel's Midnight Song by Jacob Parker, Halil Ural

The land of Gable-renowned for its birds, revered for its legends and secrets-is home to the grandest castle in the known world. Inside this castle, in a narrow cell atop the dungeon tower, the legendary Marauder known as James Kestrel awaits his hanging.

Amidst the anticipation and speculation surrounding his execution, rumors are spreading that the Marauders will come out of hiding for the first time in seven years to free Kestrel in order to find the Caelum Flute, an instrument with the power to control the birds, and therefore the world. But only a wandering giant and a slave girl masquerading as an innkeeper know the truth.

And everything will fall to the shoulders of a traveling shepherd boy-charged with delivering wool to his king-with no knowledge that his treacherous journey will decide the pending fate of the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780615366500
Publisher: Flaming Pen Press
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 0.58(w) x 5.50(h) x 8.50(d)
Age Range: 10 - 18 Years

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Kestrel's Midnight Song 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey! If you are here to join the midnight clan, then your in the right place! Make sure to describe your cat-self, and ask ME if you would like to join. Thanks!! - Icestar (PS This book is really good! I enjoyed it!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kesterel's Midnight Song is filled with a beautiful language of writing and characters that makes me proud to own a copy of my own. The colorful characters, the sceneary and the plot is enticing and entrancing. Jacob Parker is an inspiring author and treasure in the literary world. I look forward to his next book.
InkalotJM More than 1 year ago
I have the honor and privilege to have my hands on a beautiful copy of Jacob R. Parker's book: Kestrel's Midnight Song. I am not a much of a fantasy fan, but I've been very curious about this book so when Jacob had an awesome deal I had to snatch it up and risk it. To say the least. I was EXTREMELY pleased with what I read. It is rare to read such a beautiful piece of work. Jacob has a real gift with words and description that just made my heart sing and thrill and sink deeper into the story with it's twisting and interwoven plot. The main story is divided between three characters. Micah is a caring shepherd boy who I instantly liked for his character, and the way he took care of his sheep. His first thought was for them and them only from the beginning to the amazing finale. His heart through this story makes him a lovable main character, whose troubles and conundrums were easy to identify with and sink deeper into the story. Robbyn a slave girl with a painful history with the horrible Marauders, and Drift a giant with a heart and strength as big as him who becomes Robbyn's strength and protector as they untangle the horrifying plot of the bloodthirsty and power hungry Marauders. To say the least I will not hesitate to purchase another of J. R. Parker's books.
CelticForestDweller More than 1 year ago
In Kestrel's Midnight Song, teenage author Jacob Parker stunned me with his genius, weaving a tale of adventure, faith, suspense, intrigue and mystery. Never before has a book surprised me like this one¿it is full of the most amazing and unexpected plot twists that kept me guessing until the final pages. It was incredible. The stunningly spectacular climax literally took my breath away! It includes memorable and lovable characters like the stalwart shepherd boy Micah, troubled tavern owner Robbyn, dedicated giant Drift, and hilarious Bart! The Beast was one of the most terrifying things ever. The Aegre Bird was breathtaking. The Caelum Flute added a marvelous flair, and the legendary marauder James Kestrel lurks ever in the background . . . Full of excellent adventures and several unique ideas that I've never encountered before, it is a cleverly put together, very well-written book. My only complaint is that it was over too soon¿I am desperately awaiting a sequel! J. R. Parker, in the words of Balin, "I take off my hood to you." Kestrel's Midnight Song holds a special place in my heart and on my shelf. I recommend it for what it is¿a truly magnificent book!
sjskogerboe More than 1 year ago
I have a few things to say about this book. First of all, AAAUGH!!! I know the author! (Which is, by the way, just WAY TOO COOL.) I've been following Jacob's blog since he was still writing KMS (Kestrel's Midnight Song), and I'm very happy with the result of his work. Second, that has got to be the coolest dragon/bird/BIG THING I've ever seen. Thumbs up to the cover art. Third, I'm about ready to write the review now. Here we go. *** In the tower of a castle, high above the sea, a prisoner waits to be freed. James Kestrel is his name, and a name that inspires terror throughout the land. Renowned for his knowledge of the Caelum Flute, an instrument with the capability of controlling any bird, he would be able to rule Gable, a land renowned for its exotic birds. At an Inn near the Kepled Sea, a slave girl hides without any protection save secrecy. If she were to be discovered as a run away, anyone could claim her. With this horrible secret, she tries to live a normal life at the inn, catering to guest as if nothing were different. She has no knowledge of the fire, or the journey with the giant, which is so soon to come. Farther still, deep in the mountains lives a shepherd boy, who likewise knows nothing of his impending fate. He spends his days tending to his sheep, which he loves like siblings. Soon, though, he'll have much more on his mind than just sheep. A trek is coming that will last many days, and will cause him to meet with many new friends- a giant, a slave, a former guard to the King, and many more. *** All the right characters + all the necessary writing skill + flaming sheep = A pretty cool book. Some of the characters lacked developement, but there had to be a weakness somewhere, right? :-) Mr. Parker, I am satisfied in every way. (And ready for a sequel!) - 4 of 5 stars 10+
Christian_Miles More than 1 year ago
J.R. Parker's debut into the literary world couldn't have been better. Though still in his teens, his craftsmanship is on par with Rowling's and his world-building skills are up there with Tolkien's. As I zipped through this book, totally engrossed with the story, I lost sense of time and place. I lived and breathed with the characters, and every surprising plot turn threw me for a loop. The motley crew populating Kestrel's Midnight Song are a charming bunch; unique and captivating. After the last page fell, I immediately began to miss them all--even the villains. I'll be waiting anxiously for Parker to spin his next breathtaking tale.
Kat_Heckenbach More than 1 year ago
Part of me wanted to give this book four stars instead of five ONLY because I want to be able to give an even higher mark for J.R. Parker's future works. There WILL be future works for this new author. Parker was only nineteen when Kestrel's Midnight Song released, which means he's a young talent who has years to grow--not that he needs many. This book is a very strong start for him. Wonderful characterization, a solid plot, and vivid imagery. The story was told with surprising skill, especially when you consider the author's age--but even when you don't consider it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and am very looking forward to the day my kids are old enough to read it!
Adele_Treskillard More than 1 year ago
A few months ago, I read Jacob Parker's book, Kestrel's Midnight Song. I had heard about it before since my brother did CGI work for Jacob's book-trailer, but I hadn't heard enough to comprehend what an incredible read it would be. It hooked me quickly! I whizzed through it in two car drives and was shocked by the clear-eyed perspective and depth of insight displayed by the author. I would never have guessed it'd be SO AWESOME! Kestrel's Midnight Song is about a young shepherd boy called Micah, who won't stop breaking the rules laid down by his psychotically horrible master. Mostly, the rules concern how to raise his sheep: 'Never name your sheep-never assist another shepherd with their sheep-never trade, sell, or buy sheep. And never, ever, EVER-risk the lives of yourself or your flock to rescue one sheep in danger.' Micah doesn't heed this for some reason and always insists on diving to the rescue of his little straying sheep, even if blizzards threaten. It is his deep affection for his sheep which singles him out for a perilous quest whose end he cannot know, and upon which rests the fate of the Kingdom of Gable and the Green Isles. And in the end, only sacrificial love on his part will suffice to save both sheep and kingdom. The story follows several other characters as well, such as a chivalrous, blue-eyed giant named Drift who rescues Robbyn (a young slave) after her secrets are revealed. And to make a pun, I can't forget Isaac Ganthorn, one of the best-depicted characters in Kestrel's Midnight Song. He is a Marauder who is continually haunted by the memory of the shepherd boy's eyes, which look forever sleepy and innocent. But since ALL the characters are interesting, I better run through them! There's the Marauder King (shocking and terrifying, especially his gold tooth. That part was done with excellence) and Captain Lewell, who waits impatiently for his promotion to being the Marauder King's second. Or Bart the nonsensical who is truly clever. Or Gretchen, the former King's Wool-Spinner who informs us that everyone needs forgiveness & healing, and no-one is perfect, even old ladies like herself. And of course, there is the strange matter of Micah's father, who as it turns out is lesser than Micah; or Samuel Kamloop whose life-long passion is conversing with birds, much to his detriment. Nor should I omit James Kestrel himself, who gets his name on the cover and whose hanging is due all through the book. This book's plot works perfectly and left me baffled and guessing all the way to the dramatic, twist-and-turn end! Masterful, vivid storytelling combines with tightly sequenced and meaningful events to climax in the most striking way I have ever seen. If the book is an inside look at the author's head, then Jacob Parker must be a genius. The entire book fits together like so many wheels and cogs within an intricate device, each one interlocking, each one depending on the rest. This book also has to be the most pristinely clean book imaginable while being widely alert to detail & realism. Jacob's terrific sense of humor is, therefore, just icing on the cake.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Novel_Teen_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Slave girl, Robbyn, is nearly burned to death in a fire set by the Marauder King. Drift, a giant, rescues her. Together they set off to warn King Darius that the Marauder King plans to attack the land of Gable. But will they get there in time? And even if they do, will anyone believe the claims of a slave girl and a giant? Shepherd boy, Micah, embarks on a journey. He must deliver a herd of sheep to the Gable Kingdom Castle. King Darius has requested that the sheep's wool be sheared for his wardrobe. Many dangers await Micah on this long journey. And little does he know that the fate of the kingdom rests on his shoulders. Kestrel's Midnight Song is a solid addition to the fantasy genre. Jacob Parker writes an imaginative tale, filled with adventure, mystery, and unique characters. The storylines intertwine and keep the reader turning the pages, desperate to see how it will all work out. There are several plot twists that surprised me. I can't wait to see if there will be a sequel.
WintersRead More than 1 year ago
Explore the land of Gable! Take a ride on the elusive Aegre bird! Join the search for the legendary Caelum flute! The adventure is thick with many fantastical scapes and creatures! The plot is developed with mastery. Everything falls into place neatly, without me suspecting it's conclusion. The inn-servant girl and the giant could have more involvement and purpose in the story. There isn't enough thrilling material to make you read all night, but it isn't boring either. My rating: 4.5 stars