Ketchup Loses His Voice

Ketchup Loses His Voice

by Jenny Henwood, Sarah-Leigh Wills


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It’s an unusually quiet morning at The Rainbow Riding School as Ketchup the cockerel fails to crow his normal cock-a-doodle-do. An adventure begins when all the ponies begin to solve the mystery of his lost voice but where will they finally find it?

Ketchup Loses His Voice is the second in the book series known as The Rainbow Riding School. The series follows the lives and adventures of a wonderful group of ponies and their friends. The wise old barn owl, Ptolemy, provides the strong moral compass to the books and is summoned by the ponies in times of need. His words always end the story with a simple moral message. Atticus, the ginger tabby stable cat and Ketchup, The Cockerel, provide bite size humour to these charming illustrated books. The author is giving 50p of each royalty sale to one of four animal charities that complement the characters in the book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781912488032
Publisher: The Rainbow Riding School Limited
Publication date: 02/08/2018
Series: Rainbow Riding School , #2
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Jenny Henwood is a full time working mum and has written her first series of children's books, under the title series, The Rainbow Riding School. The series follows the lives and adventures of a wonderful group of ponies and their friends living at the riding school. Growing up Jenny was lucky enough to go to riding lessons and that is where her passion for ponies began and where she dreamed one day of owning her own riding school. When she was 7 years old she drew a picture of The Rainbow Riding School, naming her ponies and making up adventures about them. Even choosing all the door colours and ponies' names from DIY store paint charts!

Life, as we all know, marches on and as her teenage years came and went and her studies took over, Jenny gained a first class honours degree and began working in finance, media and law. So she never did fulfil her dream of owning my own riding school but neither, too, did she ever quite forget it either.

It was when her own daughter turned five and she had the opportunity to take some riding lessons that Jenny began to tell her about her Rainbow Riding School and all the adventures that the ponies had there. It was purely the look of joy as she recounted these gentle tales to her that really ignited in Jenny the passion to write them down.

Jenny hopes that her gentle stories are a wonderful way of bringing back the innocence of story-telling that she experienced as a child where stories seemed to be full of happy-endings or moral guidance.

Jenny hopes to raise awareness of four wonderful charities that she has chosen to complement the animals that inspired her. Namely, Bransby Horses (Registered Charity 1075601), The Barn Owl Centre (Registered Charity 1097410), The British Hen Welfare Trust (Registered Charity 1147356) and The Cats Protection League (Registered Charity 203644).

Jenny hopes you grow to love the ponies and characters as much as she does!

Sarah-Leigh is an awarded winning children's book illustrator based in Cornwall.

Table of Contents

A full colour illustrated children's book for both girls and boys from the ages of 4 upwards. The book contains a short list of word meanings to help early readers and these words are shown in bold within the story. The book contains a page to join its pony book club membership where readers can sign up for merchandising and a newsletter to hear about how money is being spent with the charities.

The second book of seven, in the first series, which tells the gentle stories of the lives and adventures of a wonderful group of ponies and their friends living at The Rainbow Riding School. The ponies call upon, Ptolemy the owl, at times of greatest need whilst Ketchup, the riding school's singing and dancing cockerel, and Atticus, the school's lazy stable cat, both provide chunks of bite size humour within this charming book series.

The author is giving 50p of every book sale to one of four charities that complement the main characters in the book and details of these charities can be found within the book. These charities being Bransby Horses, The Barn Owl Centre, The British Hen and Welfare Trust and The Cats Protection League.

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