Keto Diet Cookbook: Top 100 Delicious Ketogenic Diet Dessert Recipes

Keto Diet Cookbook: Top 100 Delicious Ketogenic Diet Dessert Recipes

by James Abraham


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This book contains a substantial assortment of delightful and simple to make dessert recipes for any event! The first chapter is dedicated to informing even newbie's about the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet. This chapter is crucial to your success on the keto, so make sure to read thoroughly!
Changes to your way of life can challenge, so why make bettering yourself harder than it must be? Rather than looking through the web high and low for delicious, low-carb desserts, this book is your go-to manual for controlling those sweet tooth cravings the right way, without having to sacrifice quality and taste.
All the recipes within this book are easy to make and contain ingredients that are decently easy to hunt down, whether you shop locally or on the web. There's no reason to sacrifice your potential success on the keto because these desserts will make your friends envy you. No diet deserves desserts this good!
As you create and enjoy the variety of desserts within the next chapters, I hope that you continuously find the motivation to keep trucking on the keto. It's time to stop denying yourself of delicious and almost envious desserts. You are allowed to have guilty pleasures without the carbs and bad feelings that come with cheating on yourself.
Good luck as you venture through learning more about the ketogenic diet. I have no doubt that you will find plenty of recipes that suit your fancy and that you will enjoy for years to come.

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