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Ketogenic Diet: Lose weight Fast with these simple, delicious, healthy recipes

Ketogenic Diet: Lose weight Fast with these simple, delicious, healthy recipes

by James Parker


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This book has actionable information on how to lose weight fast by preparing delicious ketogenic diet recipes that will turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine.
Whether or not you think it is a genetic thing, living with excess weight is harmful to you and people around you in countless ways. Think about it, being overweight or obese brings with it a wide array of problems ranging from mental/psychological to physical and heath related complications that can directly and indirectly make your life a living nightmare.
For instance, if you are overweight or obese, you are likely to feel inadequate or as if you have failed in your quest to living a healthy life. When you couple that with the increasing awareness of the effects of being overweight or obese (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome etc.) and the benefits that come with having healthy weight, the feelings of inadequacy shoot up and this ultimately affects your confidence and self esteem negatively.
While this realization might only add on to the pressure that you are going through to lose weight, the truth is that losing weight is not as easy as many people assume it is i.e. just eating less and doing a bit of exercise. In fact, many are the times when the majority of those following various weight loss programs don't make any lasting progress in their quest to losing weight. If anything, many people lose weight only for them to gain it all back after being off a particular diet. This is frustrating but you don't have to go through the frustrations again because this book will show you a scientifically proven approach to losing weight and keeping it off i.e. the ketogenic diet.
As you will discover, understanding how to lose weight is just as important as understanding why you gain it in the first place because if you don't know what makes you fat, you cannot completely be free from putting on the pounds a few weeks after being off a weight loss program. This book will show you exactly that and much more. In this book, you will learn what the ketogenic diet is, what it is about, how it works, what to eat and what to avoid while on the diet, the concept of ketosis and how to get into ketosis along with delicious recipes that will make the process of following the diet as effortless as possible. Let's begin!

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About the Author

Growing up i always had the feeling and the will to help others with their problems, whether it was family, friends, a stranger in the street in need for help, and i always felt great satisfaction within me whenever i'd put a smile in someone's face's. So lather in life I've started working in the Health Industry has a a MA and Radiologist and with that that feeling grown even bigger.
Other passion in my life since a little kid was writing and express myself through words and feelings and i thought if i could do that and as a bonus helping people solve their problems and be more happy and positive with their lives that would be amazing. So I've started to write (mainly for myself at the beginning.
Later on i decided to publish my books to the audience with the intent once again to help others, and that's what i try to do with my books. So please, good reading and thank you for your support.

James Parker.

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