Keyboard Works: (Sheet Music)

Keyboard Works: (Sheet Music)

by Henry Purcell

Paperback(J. & W. Chester Edition)

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Renowned for the originality of his music and his gifts as a melodist, Henry Purcell (1659–1695) was the preeminent English composer of the seventeenth century and one of the greatest that nation has ever produced. His gifts are apparent not only in the vocal and orchestral works on which his fame rests, but in his delightful keyboard music, much of which is relatively simple and easy to perform. This volume is a near-complete collection of Purcell's keyboard compositions, including the eight suites, the core of his keyboard works. Also included are many miscellaneous one-movement pieces: airs, trumpet tunes (for harpsichord solo), grounds, preludes, dances, etc.
Piano students and pianists of intermediate skills will enjoy these pieces for their charm and accessibility. Gathered here in one convenient, inexpensive volume, they offer a treasury of time-honored music that musicians and music lovers will turn to again and again.
This volume has been edited with a preface by the noted music scholar William Barclay Squire.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486263632
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 07/01/1990
Series: Dover Music for Piano Series
Edition description: J. & W. Chester Edition
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.96(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

  "Suite in G Major, Z. 660"
    "Prelude, 1. Almand, 2. Corant, 2. Minuet, 3."
  "Suite in G Minor, Z. 661"
    "Prelude, 4. Almand, 6. Corant, 8. Saraband, 9."
  "Suite in G Major, Z. 662"
    "Prelude, 10. Almand, 12. Corant, 14."
  "Suite in A Minor, Z. 663"
    "Prelude, 16, Almand, 16. Corant, 18. Saraband, 19."
  "Suite in C Major, Z. 666 "
    "Prelude, 20. Almand, 22. Corant, 23. Saraband, 23."
  "Suite in D Major, Z. 667"
    "Prelude, 24. Almand, 25. Hornpipe, 27."
  "Suite in D Minor, Z. 668"
    "Prelude, 28. Corant, 30. Hornpipe, 31."
  "Suite in F Major, Z. 669"
    "Prelude, 32. Almand, 33. Corant, 34. Minuet, 36."
  "Trumpet Tune, called the Cibell, Z. T678"
  "Trumpet Tune in C Major, Z. T697"
  "A Ground in Gamut, Z. 645"
  "Almand in C Major, from Suite, Z. 665"
  "Saraband with Division, Z. 654"
  "Voluntary in C Major, Z. 717"
  "A Verse in F Major, Z. 716"
  Trumpet Tune in D Major
  "Air in D Minor, Z. T675"
  "Air in D Minor, Z. T676"
  "Ground in C Minor, Z. T681"
  "Prelude in A Minor, Z. 652"
  "Toccata in A Major, Z. D229"
  "Hornpipe in E Minor, Z. T685"
  "Air in G Major, Z. 641"
  "Corant in G Major, Z. 644"
  "Minuet in G Major, Z. 651"
  "Voluntary in G Major, Z. 720"
  "Song Tune, Z. T694"
  "March in C Major, Z. 647"
  "March in C Major, Z. 648"
  "New Minuet in D Minor, Z. T689"
  "Minuet in A Minor, Z. 649"
  "Minuet in A Minor, Z. 650"
  "A New Scotch Tune, Z. 655"
  "A New Ground, Z. T682"
  "Lilliburlero. A New Irish Tune, Z. 646"
  "Rigadoon, Z. 653"
  "Sefauchi's Farewell, Z. 656"
  "Minuet in D Minor, Z. T688"
  "Almand [Gavotte] in D Major, Z. D219/1"
  "Borry [Saraband] in D Major, Z. D219/2"
  Verse in the Phrygian Mode
  "The Queen's Dolour. A Farewell, Z. 670"
  "Minuet in E Minor, Z. D225"
  "A Ground in D Minor, Z. D222"

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