Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code

Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code


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Lightweight and portable, this streamlined, easy-to-use guide presents the Regulatory Chapters 1-8 of the 2001 FDA Model Food Code. It provides practical, science-based guidance and manageable, enforceable provisions for mitigating risk factors known to cause foodborne illness. Reflecting the latest version of The Code (updated December 2001), this book covers management and personnel; food; equipment, utensils, and linens; water, plumbing, and waste; physical facilities; and poisonous or toxic materials. For working Food Safety professionals and use in food service establishments, retail food stores, nursing homes, and childcare centers.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780130996015
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 11/05/2002
Pages: 560
Product dimensions: 8.62(w) x 11.12(h) x 1.23(d)

Table of Contents

1. Purpose and Definitions
2. Management and Personnel
3. Food
4. Equipment, Utensils, and Linens
5. Water, Plumbing, and Waste
6. Physical Facilities
7. Poisonous or Toxic Materials
8. Compliance and Enforcement


Since 1993, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a bi-annual update of the Model Food Code for use in Food Service Establishments. The latest version, the 2001 FDA Model Food Code, was released for public use via Internet access in December, 2001. Each revision reflects the input of the many professionals intimately involved in assuring Food Safety. The frequent revision process assures that the Model Food Code reflects the best "Science" in response to current food safety challenges.

Even though the updated Model attempts to. reflect the most current Food Safety knowledge, many legal jurisdictions continue to use and enforce their archaic regulations, many dating back to the 1976 FDA Model Food Code! One of the major difficulties the Food Industry and Food Safety Regulatory face is the new language and format contained in the updated Model. As the Model Code evolves it has become an increasingly more complex and difficult document to navigate. Consider that both Industry and Regulatory often have large investments in their old codes, including management -systems, training materials, inspection forms, as well as staff whose entire professional career has been devoted to the old codes. To switch to a different version of the Food Code can be a difficult, expensive, and painful proposition.

Even those who wish to switch to the new Model are often befuddled when it comes time to make a comparison to their current body of regulations. What does the 2001 Model recommend as compared to what is already adopted into current Law? What laws need to be changed and what can remain to provide the greatest degree of safety to the food consumer?

The Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code is meant to solve these problems by documenting over 25,000+ keywords and key phrases contained in the 2001 Model. Quick reference ability is provided by not only directing the user to the appropriate "tag" number but also to the exact page in the included Regulatory chapters (1 to 8) of the Model Code. This Guide contains both the expanded Index as well as the Regulatory Chapters of the Code.

How to Use the Keyword Index. The first step to guarantee full value of this Index is to sit down and read the entire Code to become familiar with the format and language. Just pour yourself a few cups of stout coffee and you'll be able to accomplish this first task. When it is necessary to locate that concept or phrase (the one dancing on the tip of the tongue and skipping on the edge of memory), flip through the alphabetical listings comprising the Keyword Index to find your topic.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Publisher Prentice-Hall did a big disservice to my text by insisting on almost identical titles for two separate books dealing with the 2001 FDA Model Food Code. The smaller version 'Quick Reference to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code' is an abridged version of the Code that contains the Regulatory chapters only. I wanted 'Pocket Edition of the 2001 FDA Model Food Code' as the working title. One still has to look through the Code to find references and this slim volume is not 'quick.' The larger text, which contains my work with the Code, was titled 'Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code.' This is the desktop reference and there is nothing 'lightweight or portable' about this detailed index and cross-reference to the Code. It is a 'quick reference.' Here's the real deal description of the 'Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code.' This is the ultimate reference text to navigate the 2001 FDA Model Food Code. The text combines an expanded alphabetical keyword and keyphrase index of over 25,000+ entries with the Regulatory Code Chapters 1 to 8. By looking up a keyword or phrase one is directed to the page and citation number in the included copy of the Code. The 'By the Numbers' Chapter lists the numerical values found within the Code. The comphrensive index assures complete coverage and location within the Code of all the main concepts. No more wasted time and frustration trying to locate a Code citation and language. This is the perfect source for Regulators, Quality Assurance Managers, Food Safety Trainers, Food Establishment operators, Design Architects, Dieticians, and anyone needing a quick and comphrensive navigation tool to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code. Also available is the 'Quick Reference to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code,' a portable format of Regulatory Chapters 1 to 8. And, once again, please note that the 'Keyword Index and Quick Reference Guide to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code' is the large desktop volume whereas the 'Quick Reference to the 2001 FDA Model Food Code' is the smaller, lightweight, streamlined version of the Regulatory Chapters 1 to 8.