Kidnapped in Gaza

Kidnapped in Gaza

by David Aikman


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"International journalist Richard Ireton is back. After escaping a coup attempt in China, he finds himself dodging bombs, bullets, and bad guys in the turbulent Middle East. Ireton is brought to life vividly in this novel by former TIME Magazine Beijing and Jerusalem Bureau Chief David Aikman - an eyewitness to the Tianenmen Square massacre of 1989. At a time when it's critical for people to understand how an ethical journalist operates, Aikman delivers in this can't-put-down page-turner-- John DeDakis, CNN Senior Copy Editor - "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" and author, "Fast Track" and "Bluff" (Mystery-suspense)

​"Riveting. Packed-full of jaw-dropping action and spellbinding information. Award-winning author David Aikman, really knows the Middle East and takes you behind-the-scenes. A magnificent tour de force for readers of all backgrounds and ages." Donna Rosenthal, author of The Israelis.

"From the first line of the book, David Aikman takes us on a suspense-filled journey through the frontlines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A journalist's pursuit of truth unfolds in a riveting plot, with an insider's perspective on the real people caught up in one of the world's most compelling stories." Robert Berger, Jerusalem Correspondent, CBS Radio News

​"Armed with his great writing skills and his first-hand knowledge of how foreign correspondents cope in violence-prone Israel and the Palestine territories, David Aikman has woven a fascinating tale in Kidnapped in Gaza. Spelled out slowly at first, the intriguing plot - centering on a single Israeli-Palestinian incident - picks up steam as the book's hero foreign correspondent Richard Ireton seeks the "truth" in a region that never has less than two versions of any incident. Ireton reveals the main theme of the book when he says wisely: "Well, to be honest, you can't be absolutely sure of anything in this part of the world. " The reader will find the hero's search for the "truth" absorbing." Robert Slater, Reporter for the Time Magazine Jerusalem Bureau (1976-1996) and biographer of Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir, and Moshe Dayan

"Aikman draws on his experiences as a foreign correspondent in Jerusalem to create an absorbing tale of love, intrigue, faith and terror, played out against the beguiling backdrop of the Holy Land and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. True to its setting, Kidnapped in Gaza is filled with shifting alliances, colorful characters and double crosses. It's equal parts murder mystery and white-knuckle thriller, laid out in gripping detail by an acknowledged master of his craft." Erick Stakelbeck, Host, CBN's Stakelbeck on Terror

"Aikman knows the Arab-Israeli conflict and how to spin a yarn. The result is a page-turner that educates. How can one do better than that?" Daniel Pipes, Director, Center for Middle East Studies
"Few could be better positioned than David Aikman to write so sensitively, honestly and courageously about life in the Middle East... A riveting tale from a fascinating mind!" Rev. Dr. Robert Stearns, Executive Director, Eagles' Wings NY

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ISBN-13: 9781467526616
Publisher: Strategic Media Books
Publication date: 04/30/2012
Pages: 270
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