Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon

Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon

by Carmen Falcone
4.6 32

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Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon by Carmen Falcone

Passion was never in the bargain

Addison Reed lost her fiancé, but she'll do whatever it takes to protect his legacy. When the gorgeous and arrogant landowner, Brazilian billionaire Bruno Duarte, who is thwarting her at every turn, refuses to meet with her, she puts her plan into action. He will listen to her.

Bruno's plan was simple: return to Brazil and marry to fulfill his father's dying wish. But when his engagement crumbles, and he's then stranded with an idealistic woman hell-bent on saving a tribe of people on his land, he sees the perfect solution. If his feisty and passionate abductor agrees to a bogus marriage, he'll relocate the tribe.

With the Brazilian heat rivaling the growing heat of their desire, will Bruno and Addison abandon their respective plans and give in to each other, or will their differences tear them apart?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622663231
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/18/2014
Series: Entangled Indulgence
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 233
Sales rank: 262,102
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she's not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line @ For more info, visit her website:

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Kidnapping The Brazilian Tycoon

By Carmen Falcone, Kaleen Harding, Karen Grove

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Carmen Falcone
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-323-1


Bruno Duarte stopped staring into the amber contents of his glass and turned to face the woman he would marry in less than eight hours. Elegantly clad in a crease-free, designer blue cocktail dress, Erika Lancaster moved toward him and slid onto the bar stool next to his.

"I'm surprised you texted me," he said. "I thought you wanted time to pack and get ready for Vegas."

A nervous smile formed on her pink lips. "I needed to talk to you in person." She ran her manicured hand over her long, smooth brown hair and gestured to the bartender. "Scotch, please."

Scotch? During the three months they had dated, she'd sipped on white wine or anything with a colorful umbrella. The bartender nodded and was about to turn away to get her drink when she blurted, "Make it a double."

He tensed. Could she be having cold feet? Impossible.

Their courtship had been smooth sailing; they shared a mutual attraction that burned the sheets, and, damn it, he needed to marry her. Within a couple of hours, they'd fly to Vegas in his private jet, get hitched, and proceed to Brazil. The place he'd left behind. He lifted his glass of scotch to his lips and let the smoky liquid roll down his throat.

Is Erika really who I want to spend the rest of my life with? A pang of doubt trickled down his spine. He sat up straighter and glanced around the upscale bar. His need for distraction was why he'd gone for a drink in the first place, before Erika had messaged and asked to see him.

No honest woman will ever want to marry you. His father's angry voice echoed in his mind. You're a shame to our family. While Bruno had enjoyed the company of delicious, sinful women the past fourteen years, time had come to prove to his father — damn it, to prove to himself — he was worthy of someone to settle down with.

Erika was perfect on paper. Mild tempered with well-bred mannerisms, she gave him the security he needed to face his father again ... Hell, his entire family. She was just who he needed to bury the past, once and for all. I want to forget the shame. I want my father to forget the shame.


He shoved the useless thoughts away as Erika drummed her fingers on the black granite countertop, her square glass already empty. An intensity he'd never seen before, not even when they were tangled together, was visible in her mocha eyes.

"We shouldn't get married," she said, and her shoulders sagged like she had been released from a death sentence.

The air left his lungs. Not get married? He brought his scotch to his mouth again, hoping the alcohol would shake him out of his surprise. Merda. "Why not?"

"We've only known each other for three months. It doesn't ... feel right."

"And you couldn't have said 'no' when I asked you two weeks ago? Or expressed your doubt when you suggested we elope to Vegas instead of a Brazilian wedding?"

Erika shifted in her seat, both hands curled against the edges of the stool. She offered him an apologetic glance. How the hell was she screwing him like this? He loosened the silk tie around his crisp white shirt.

He tilted his head back and cursed under his breath. He'd chosen Erika to be his wife because of the timing, sure. His dad didn't have long to live, and Bruno couldn't let him die before the old man saw his oldest son settled. His heart contracted to the size of a coffee grain. Even with the billions he'd made during the years of a self-imposed exile from his home country, he was still that boy, naïve and misunderstood, who'd dragged his family's name through the mud. Who had abandoned his dying mother.

Cold sweat slicked his forehead, and he wiped it off with the back of his hand.

Erika chewed her lower lip, as if she both anticipated and dreaded his reaction. "I told my father, and he reluctantly agreed. This won't affect your business with him." Her voice was gentle at the end.

The land. Silas Lancaster, with his flexible morals, couldn't wait to get his greedy hands on the piece of land that was Bruno's last tie to the country he had fled — the country that had offered him nothing but pain.

After his father's imminent death, he'd sell it and close that last creaky door to the darkest part of his past. For years, he had avoided dealing with the land. But since finding out about his father's terminal cancer, he knew the time had come to say good-bye to his father and sell Toca do Tigre, the last reminder of the shame he brought on his family.

"I'm so sorry." Erika reached to touch his hand, but he jerked away.

He raised his glass to the bartender who came to his rescue with another shot. A group of women walked past them, and a few gave him inviting glances. He shifted toward Erika. She was also on her second glass, the most he'd seen her drink in the short months they had been together.

He cleared his throat. "Erika, is there another ... reason?" Another man? His pride prevented him from uttering the words. She folded her arms as if trying to protect herself from a painful truth.

"I was involved with my personal trainer some time ago. Dad never liked him; he was never good enough. When you came along — rich, handsome, and looking for a wife — I thought I could forget him. I wanted you and me to work out." A single tear slipped down her cheek, and she reached for the napkin under her drink.

He clenched his jaw.

Erika sniffed, and he reached for his inside pocket to retrieve a linen handkerchief with his initials embroidered on the corner. He gave it to her, and when their fingers brushed, he noticed the dampness on her skin.

A need to offer her a hug poked at him, but he suffocated the urge. How could he show sympathy to a woman who had ruined his plans for a long-awaited comeback? He hadn't confirmed the rumors, but he knew his family imagined they were true — that he'd return married.

He let his eyes trail over her one last time. Her expression was a net of sorrow, sympathy, and uneasiness. She didn't know about his true reasons for wanting to marry her so quickly or the darkness of his past. If she had ... she never would have said yes.

He gave a long sigh, and with it went any lasting grudge he might have held onto. Life was already too complicated to add more to his tortured memories. But now, on the eve of his return to Brazil, he would be brideless. He faced his now ex-fiancée and said, "Erika, it's okay. Maybe you should just go."

Shit. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

* * *

Addie shifted in her seat at the small round table several feet from the man she'd been watching for the past five minutes. She brought the overpriced lemonade to her lips, the bitterness from the lemon prickling her senses. Lowering the glass to the table, she stared at the man who had more power than he knew what to do with. Bruno Duarte.

He looked lost in thought. She wiped her clammy palms on the napkin. It was a good time to size up the enemy when he wasn't paying attention, wasn't it? He had his tie loosened, and the top button of his shirt was open. He was taller and broader shouldered than he appeared in pictures. Addie's stomach muscles clenched, and she folded her arms tight against her chest, eyes skimming over the body that filled the well-cut designer suit. He was so ... strong and large. Tucked under that cool, blasé huskiness of a young Marlon Brando lay a man hard to persuade. This isn't going to be easy.

Well, she didn't do easy, did she? Two years ago, she'd left the familiarity of her life as a history teacher in Houston for an opportunity to teach at an English-speaking private school in São Paulo. Then, she'd met Michael during a weekend trip to the northeast of Brazil, and her life was changed forever. He introduced her to the Kwanis, a primitive tribe of Brazilian Indians. Their self-sufficient, nature-based lifestyle won her over, and a calling she hadn't realized she had filled her with purpose, with life, and with color.

She reached into her hemp messenger bag and grabbed the manila envelope containing the agreement she was going to have Bruno sign, along with the pictures of the Kwanis. Biting back a smile, she flipped through the images, and determination jolted through her. With the tips of her trembling fingers, she stroked the black-and-white photos Michael had taken. Emotion welled inside her.

One hundred twenty-four Kwanis — men and women, children, and elderly — depended on her to ensure they could keep living the only way they knew, without being forced to integrate into modern-day society. All they wanted was to continue to live self-sufficiently, the way they had for decades.

After Michael's death a year and a half ago, the Kwanis had helped her pick up the pieces and keep on living. Their generosity and warmth had been paramount in overcoming her grief, and she owed them everything. Michael would be proud of her for fighting for them.

If she failed them ... I can't fail them.

She shoved the pictures back in her bag and straightened her shoulders. A thrill of anticipation and panic rippled through her.

Bruno Duarte owned the land the Kwanis occupied, but from what she researched, he had never given a thought to Toca do Tigre during the past decade. At least, he hadn't until a month ago. What had started out as rumors that he wanted to sell the land to the unscrupulous real estate giant, Silas Lancaster, had turned into a heartbreaking reality.

Addie had sent Bruno countless emails and letters, and she had even stalked his personal assistant with phone calls in hopes of talking to her boss. Making him understand the need to grant the Kwanis more time for relocation was crucial. Without the proper planning, they could face violence, diseases, and starvation.

Taking him somewhere quiet where she could drill some common sense into him was critical — something she was unable to do with her letters and phone calls. He couldn't ignore her this time. She would have him sign the agreement to grant them more time to relocate. There was no other way. She'd already lost her job in the nonprofit organization where she worked because she'd contacted Bruno without the group's consent. Crap, what else was she supposed to do? Their feeble attempts to handle the situation hadn't worked, after all, and she wasn't going to let the Kwanis lose their home, not when she knew firsthand what losing a home entailed.

Her gaze returned to Bruno. The hostess called the guy sitting next to him to a table, and Addie rose to her feet, her toes curling inside her tennis shoes. It's time. Taking a deep breath, she jammed her fingers into the front pocket of her jeans and palmed the vial she'd brought all the way from Pernambuco.

Apprehension darted through her mind, but she shook her head and willed her nagging doubts away. Bruno was a cold-hearted man to whom Toca do Tigre was nothing but a business transaction. Why else would he adamantly refuse to discuss the sale of a land and crush the lives of hundreds of people?

The hustle and bustle in the bar faded out, and the people sitting on the trendy chairs or gathering near the bar turned into shadows. She narrowed her vision to focus only on Bruno, who proceeded to drink his scotch. She slid onto the stool next to him.

She caught a whiff of his cologne. The freshness of mint notes blended with wood, and another plant she couldn't discern finished the seductive scent. She rubbed the back of her hand over her nose, trying to wipe the intoxicating smell away. Nope. Still there.

What was the other plant? She sniffed again, for the sake of curiosity, and, this time, her stomach dropped all the way down to her shoes. Fancy, bottled fragrances didn't offer the tantalizing aroma swirling around her like an invisible dance. Her nipples hardened against her white cotton bra, and she straightened her shoulders. The scent of raw, unrestricted maleness.

Keep it together, Addison.

Kidnapping him before he eloped with Erika, Silas Lancaster's daughter, was Addie's last chance to get Bruno to change his mind. The brief amateur detective work she'd done since her arrival in New York had revealed his plan to marry Erika. And if she took that opportunity away from him, or threatened to take it away, she was sure he'd agree to just about anything. A man like Bruno wouldn't want to jeopardize the relationship with his future father-in-law by standing his daughter up at the altar.

One of the bartenders, who would give Abercrombie models a run for their money, handed Bruno a glass and grabbed the empty one next to it. A large group entered the bar area, and the loud laughter from a couple of men triggered Bruno to turn his head in their direction.

She toyed with the sleek menu and cleared her throat. After a deep breath, she crossed and uncrossed her legs. "Tough day?" she said in his direction and hoped to God he'd turn his head and respond.

"Tough evening," he said, staring at his square glass, half filled with a cinnamon-colored liquid she guessed was some fancy scotch. "Women ..." he mumbled.

The bastard. Did marriage really mean nothing to him? Was that why he was drinking his sorrows away by himself and belittling the vows he would say later on? Unbelievable.

"A Green Temptation, please," she told the bartender, whose nametag read Roy. With a nod, Roy moved away to prepare her drink.

She wished she already had alcohol in her system as she peered at Bruno. Damn it. If this was going to work, people needed to see them talking and flirting. How else would she get away with —

"Green Temptation?" His voice yanked her from her thoughts. A deep, accented drawl that rolled down smooth and dangerous. The Brazilian accent still lingered even after many years of living in the US, according to what she had been able to find about him online. "Sounds promising."

She touched the back of her neck, her fingers pressing into her skin. "They say what you drink says a lot about you."

At least he turned to face her, his eyes brown like rich soil. He flashed a deliberately sexy smile, but she refused to be distracted by his charm or handsome face. And boy, was it handsome ... Long, straight nose, lips that curled in shameless invitation, day-old stubble on his strong, square jaw.

"Who are they?"

Shit. She blinked and let out a nervous sound that could never pass for a graceful laugh. "I'm sure some sassy writer from Cosmopolitan magazine." She circled her hands on her lap and hoped to regain composure. When she'd thought this through in her head, it had been easier. More sterile.

Sitting next to the man whose ambitions could crush her goal, in reality, differed.

Bruno gave her a once-over and leaned closer. She lifted her hand to touch her heated cheeks, but self-awareness prevented her from acting like a teenager on her first date, and she tucked her unruly hair behind her ear. "I wouldn't peg you for a Cosmopolitan reader."

"Is that a compliment or an insult?"

"A little bit of both." The bartender brought her drink, and, before she reached for her bag, and with a simple nod, Bruno instructed Roy to add it to his tab.

Mumbling a thanks, she lifted the glass to her lips. The plan to just pretend she was drinking to not let alcohol distract her flew out the window. She savored the exquisite liquid soothing her, the notes of mint and vodka coating her dry throat.

"Can I try it?" he asked.

"I don't know ..." She sat the drink on the counter and twirled a curl around her finger. "Just because you bought me a drink, that doesn't mean I'll let you have a sip."

He gave both sides a glance, then dipped his head lower, and she froze. The man wasn't just eye candy, he was the whole freaking candy shop. "I'll let you drink mine if you let me drink yours," he whispered, and a path of goose bumps rose on her arms.

How bad could a little scotch be? She reached to his drink and, grabbing her straw from hers, stuck it inside the smoky amber liquid, pretty sure he'd be appalled as to why someone would sip whiskey with a straw. A scorching ball of smoke invaded her throat, and she clamped her lips shut and swallowed it hard.


Excerpted from Kidnapping The Brazilian Tycoon by Carmen Falcone, Kaleen Harding, Karen Grove. Copyright © 2014 Carmen Falcone. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Tragedy is not meant to break the spirit, but to refuel the soul. The lessons learned and the trials faced remind us of our strength and give us the courage to fight another day. Ms. Falcone took that knowledge to heart while writing Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon. Grief has proved to be a two edged sword for Addison and Bruno. It's made them determined, but also reckless in the quest to fulfill a promise and protect a legacy. Can a deal made in recklessness help mend two broken hearts? With palpable heat, surprising humor and an abundance of heart, Ms. Falcone seduces with a expert hand.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely a must read :-)
CSenese More than 1 year ago
Carmen turns up the heat once again! A woman on a mission that must do anything including kidnapping to save a tribe of people that will be forced off thier land if she doesn't risk everything including her heart. A man who must face his past and make a deal with the woman who has given him nothing but headaches. A fun, hot, dramatic read that will have you on a rollercoaster of emotions till the end! I was given this book for an honest review.
Teri_Caiazzo More than 1 year ago
Bruno Durante is a Brazilian who to America to make himself a billionaire, he hasn't been back to Brazil in fourteen years since his father threw him out when he brought shame and humiliation upon his family. He did buy his father and his three siblings a beautiful home after making his first big money, now he was notified that his father is dying. He wanted to redeem himself in his father's eyes before he died that he could find love with the right woman, and have his father die in peace. He is engaged to Erika Lancaster, the daughter of a rich man, and who made a deal with to sell the property he originally bought for his father, his father wanted nothing to do with it On this night he and Erika were about to fly to Vegas to get married and then go to Brazil as a married man, to say his final good byes to his father. However, Erika told him that she was breaking up with him, that she didn't love him, but her decision would in no way interfere with his deal with her father to buy the property in Brazil. Addison Reed, was engaged to a man named Micheal, who was an advocate for the Kwanis tribe of Native Brazilians who now lived off the proper that Bruno owns. Micheal was killed when warding off a would be rapist, who was trying to rape a Kwanis woman. Addison can't let Bruno sell the land without adequate time to relocate them. Addison also loved the Kwanis Natives and still lived with them on the land learning a lot from them. When she seen Erika leave the table and Bruno still stayed she knew it was now or never to put her plan into place, and she went over to the table and flirted with Bruno. When she had his full attention she slipped a harmless sleeping liquid into his drink, so when he fell asleep, it looked like he was drunk. She called the waiter over to get someone to help her get her "friend" in the car to the hotel where she rented a room for just this purpose. When he awoke she told him of her plan, and even had legal documents drawn to give the Kwanis more time on the land. He told her he wasn't engaged anymore, but if she agreed to a marriage of convenience, so that his father would see him marry, he would sign the legal document and also up the ante by adding a million dollars that she give to her favorite charity. Ms. Carmen Falcone paints with words what an artist could do with a brush, her description of Brazil and Rio could make you imagine a beautiful place where you would love to visit. This is a book I read once, but will read over and over again, for the brilliant plot and the description of Brazil.
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
A beautiful setting in Rio, A fun story line with kidnapping and blackmail, and a bit of history round out this great read. Addie wants to stop Bruno from selling his land, Bruno wants rid of the past. The forced compromise helps both, but adds its own possible twist. The chemistry is undeniable, the emotions are strong. Both characters have past to work through in order to trust each other. A very good read with a fresh plot!
AmyHiggs More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book from the author Carmen Falcone in exchange for my honest review. This is the first book that I have ever read by Carmen and I love the way that she made the characters jump of the page for me. Now I must go find all of her other books! This story is about Addison (Addie) Reed and Bruno Duarte.  Addie is still healing from the loss of her fiance and decides to kidnap Bruno, a wealthy Brazilian man in order to save a tribe of natives that are about to be evicted from their home. Bruno is about to return home after being away for 14 years and needs a wife to take home with him. Bruno offers Addie a deal that he won't press charges if she will marry him, a business deal. It was fun to see these two fight their attraction. Addie is feisty and Bruno is serious, so you wouldn't think they would be good together but you would be wrong! Their chemistry was hot! I loved the setting of this book too! It made me feel like I was actually in Brazil. I would definitely recommend this book!
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon was the first book I’ve read by Carmen Falcone and I absolutely loved it. She had me from the first pages. I loved how Addison Reed stuck with her gut and would do anything to save a tribe from being uprooted from a lifestyle they knew and loved. Nothing would stop her from saving them even a ruthless tycoon like Bruno Duarte. Addison was strong and loyal to the Kwani tribe and I was surprised how she dealt with Bruno. Bruno, on the other hand, had his own issues to deal with. He hasn’t seen his family or been in his country for many years. Even though he has made something of his life, he’s dealing with serious family issues. He needs something as does Addison. They agree to from an alliance that becomes much more meaningful as time passes. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait for Ms. Falcone’s next release.
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
They say you can't judge a book by it's cover...but c'mon have you seen this cover, it's so freaking hot! But as hot as the cover is, it doesn't hold a candle to the story Carmen Falcone wrote.  Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon was a scorcher of a read, that I never wanted to end.  This story was well written and had my attention from the very first page.   The characters were passionate, humble, honest, and a breath of fresh air.  Carmen Falcone, created characters who I would love to hang out with, unless it's Bruno.....I would want to do more than just hang with him!  Let's talk about main characters.  Addison was my type of girl, smart, sassy, and best of all, she didn't act all coy and simper all over the gorgeous Brazilian billionaire.  Speaking of Bruno, he was the quintessential hero.  A hero who was intense, courageous, and seductive, all combined into one.  What begins as a fake marriage, ends with a sincere, heart-string pulling, unforgettable intimacy that will leave you sighing in pleasure.   I will definitely be re-reading this story for years to come.  Kudos to Carmen Falcone for writing an excellent story that I will never forget.  
LoriC5 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! First, I just need to throw this out there… the cover model? Yum. I really enjoyed Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon. Bruno takes a little getting used to, he very rough around the edges. Of course he has the cocky attitude and confidence of a billionaire, however he wasn’t quite as suave as I’m used to seeing from this type of character. It suits the story though. HE is definitely a tortured soul. Combine this self-loathing, his humble background, and the cultural differences of being raised in Brazil, and the jagged parts of his personality make sense. He has a tough exterior and is every bit the alpha male. He is smart and dare I say, conniving. He knows how to manipulate a situation to his advantage. However, underneath all that is a lonely soul who longs to find love and redemption for the wrongs he feels he has committed.  Addie is a contradiction in personalities. She is full of grit, determined to protect a dying culture. She is loyal and stubborn, and has a great capacity for love. Her actions speak for her when she pushes aside her fears (and common sense…) and finds a way to kidnap Bruno. She stands up to those she believes are in the wrong, including Bruno’s family. Then there is the other facet of her personality, one where she is shy, and a recluse, figuratively speaking. She has let the death of her fiancé consume her and while her actions in helping the Kwanis are admirable, in reality, they are a desperate attempt to keep her heart occupied, to avoid future pain. Addie and Bruno definitely set the sheets ablaze once they give into their attraction. They also begin to bring out a better side in each other. As with every love story, it’s certainly not all smooth sailing from there. There are misunderstandings and hurt feelings, and there were definitely moments when I was frustrated by the decisions of the hero and heroine. I couldn’t understand why one wouldn’t calm down and wait for an explanation. However, it’s easy to see the rational side of a situation when looking in from the pages of a book. Addie and Bruno aren’t perfect, and with their passionate natures, I can easily see those scenarios playing out that way in real life.  In the end, they find their happily ever after and I put the book down with the warm and fuzzy feeling that accompanies a “feel good” book. *THis book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review*
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
All she wanted was time to relocate the Brazilian Indian tribe before he sold the land they were living on. All he needed was a temporary wife so his dying father could pass in peace knowing his oldest son had settled down and was happy. Through much trial and error Bruno and Addie found so much more in each other. Could it all be destroyed when the land is sold out from underneath Bruno and Addie thinks he's betrayed her? Bruno and Addie are complete opposites but compliment each other well. He is sexy, arrogant, and has deep rooted issues from when he was a young boy. Addie is cautiously brave, beautiful, smart and loyal to those she deems worthy. Fantastic feel good romance that touches on a few real life problems. The story had depth, great flow and beautiful scenery. Thank you Carmen Falcone for a wonderful afternoon read. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
Bruno Duarte left home at a young age after shame drove his father and the rest of his family to look at him differently. Bruno, with a meager amount of money and not much education started over in the US and became a billionaire.  Addie Reed lost her fiance, but still continues to honor him and his legacy which means doing whatever she can to protect it...even resorting to kidnapping. What she never expected was that she would be marrying the man she kidnapped. When Bruno offers Addie a solution that will benefit the both of them will they be able to stick to business or will the passion between them burn too hot to resist? Can I just say how much I loved this book? Because I did. Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon was different than what I expected, but in a good way. Addie's spunk impressed me and the lengths she was going to in order to protect those she holds dear and her cause - although I would never resort to kidnapping myself, Addie was brave and selfless. Bruno, I felt for. He did what he did to support his family, even though he was taken advantage of and when that secret came out he lost the family he had always known and had to start again. He became a better man in spite of it, but I don't blame him about trying to avoid attachments to women. I think Addie and Bruno were a great match for this book because although total opposites they had both been through something difficult and it made it easier to understand one another and to be strong enough to handle each other's baggage. Along with a great, consistent plot and characters that come to life on the pages, the setting was perfect for this book. I loved the descriptive Brazilian setting. Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon was actually the first book I've read set in Brazil. Carmen Falcone's book is intriguing, passionate, and wonderfully written. I, for one, cannot wait to see what Falcone has up her sleeve next.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This book started out in a very new way for me. We have little Addison, the activist, kidnapping the very muscular and hunky Bruno. The whole scene was a bit amusing - trying to picture her recruiting the help of the bar staff to load her "drunk friend" into a car had me chuckling. Now, Addison doesn't wish ill to Bruno in any way, she just wants her to listen to him about a tribe that lives on land he's about to sell to a developer. Addison has a very one-track mind throughout this story. Everything she does is for this tribe and sometimes her single-mindedness got downright annoying. I totally understand why Bruno got tired of listening to her talk about it sometimes. Bruno wasn't much better. He's so set on pleasing his dying father and making amends for something that wasn't even his fault, that he doesn't realize what an ass he's being most of time. Now the few moments (generally in midst of sex) that they lost focus on their goals, I really loved them. They worked well together and seemed to really enjoy each other's company. All their trust issues really hampered this for them, too. Neither one would let go and trust that the other would hold up their end of the deal. The ending was really great though. I loved how things didn't just magically work out - there was some work involved, some hurt feelings, and having to literally chase down your dreams. Throw in a reconciling family and it was just happies all over. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Addison Reed is determined to save a Brazilian tribe, the Kwanis, from being expelled from their land. She knows it falls under billionaire Bruno Duarte’s responsibilities, even if the Brazilian had not set foot in his native country in 14 years. But he’s going back now to get married, to please his father, who is dying.  When opportunity knocks, Addison decides to kidnap Bruno so that he’ll finally listen to her. Addison thinks that he will agree to her terms right away since he’s getting married, but she doesn’t know that his fiancée dumped him. He tells Addie he will not press charges if she agrees to marry him! Although they are obviously attracted to each other, it’s strictly business.  I admit I was a bit wary of the premise, a kidnapping, but trust a fine writer such as Ms. Falcone to make the whole thing entirely believable, logical and fun! I liked the characters, they’re sympathetic, genuine; Addie and Bruno argue but like normal, sane people, in spite of what could have been an explosive situation. I really, really liked Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon! And the fact that it’s set mostly in Brazil is a plus: we get a feel of the country, the colours, the smells; everything! It’s lovely! This author was new to me, and it was a wonderful surprise! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Addison Reed is a woman on a mission. She's determined to help the Kwanis Indians in honor of her deceased fiancée. Bruno Duarte is an arrogant Brazilian tycoon who is standing in her way, but she knows what to do. She will kidnap him and make him listen to reason. Does her plan have a chance to succeed? Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon is an emotional and touching tale of a bogus marriage gone right. Addison is a feisty woman who fights for what is right. Bruno is a man who hides his pain. He is haunted by his past and won't acknowledge his desire to love and be loved. Brazil is an exotic setting for their passionate romance. The author painted an interesting picture of this country. All of the characters are well-written and enjoyable. The love hate relationship between Addison and Bruno is both humorous and touching. I never knew what was coming next from these two. Carmen Falcone has a distinctive style that is very satisfying.
wackyheadcase More than 1 year ago
If I were to judge a book by its!  This was a great book. I'd recommend it to read.
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For starters I need to stare at that cover one more time. *wipes forehead* Okay, I think I'm fine to move on. Ms. Falcone brings the Brazilian flare in her latest book. I really enjoyed the opposites attract premise. Addison was sassy and determine which made for a fun read. And then there's Bruno...sigh Bruno. He was the perfect hero. Brass, addictive, and deadly handsome. I'd fake a marriage with him any day. But I probably should ask my husband first. Thanks for one helluva smart, romantic read Carmen.
DeleneY More than 1 year ago
A marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes! Bruno and Addie are about as different as you can imagine. A strong alpha male and a social activist, makes for some enjoyable and interesting reading. Bruno's dealing with a father who's dying, his last wish he wants to fulfill and Addie is trying to help a native Brazilian Tribe remain on the land owned by Bruno. Hot sexual chemistry, pasts they both want to keep secret and a growing attraction. A great read,I'm hoping to see this author bring more books to us with secondary characters from this book
SonyK More than 1 year ago
This book has kidnapping, handcuffs, blackmailing and negotiations; lots of hot negotiations. I really enjoyed the characters of this book. Addison Reed aka Addie, has such a sassy personality. Her character had me laughing and crying, which made for a very interesting read. The way Addie goes about kidnapping the sexy Brazilian tycoon, Bruno Duarte, makes you want to go on out and kidnap one for yourself. Bruno is an excellent hero. He is attractive, witty and sexy as hell. Addie wants to help a Brazilian tribe, Kwanis, which live on some land that Bruno plans to sale. Bruno needs to sell the land, at his dying fathers’ request. Bruno needs a bride. How badly does Addie want to help the Kwanis? The compromise is a make believe marriage. The results, well, that’s something you have to read for yourself. This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.
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I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I just loved this story so much because the author was able to write depth into the characters. Both characters are flawed and are both trying to outlive their respective childhood scars. I loved Addison passion for protecting the native tribe and her desire to do what her dead fiancé would have wanted her to do. She goes to extremes but does it from the heart. Bruno is damaged from growing up to fast and having to do what he had to to help his family. He needs a wife to inherit land his dying father control but when his plans fall through both Addison and Bruno have to marry in order to get what they both want. But being together may be what each other needs in order to truly be able to open themselves to true love and passion.
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Captivating from start to finish! I love how Carmen Falcone writes so eloquently and detailed describing exactly how the characters feel in every moment. As the reader, you get so engrossed and captivated that you feel like you are the characters in the book. I couldn't put it down. This book is full of hot sensual moments with an intriguing story and plot twist! I love how the author described the native Brazilian tribes and incorporated history into the romantic story line. A definite must if you like romance stories with a great plot and relatable characters!
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***received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*** Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite romance tropes and “Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon” by Carmen Falcone injects a new twist – he needs a wife to grant his father’s dying wish and she wants to save a tribe of people on his Brazilian property. My favorite parts were when the story moved to Brazil. Falcone’s knowledge of the country, culture, and people are so intimate, the story flies off the page. I felt the growing connection between polar-opposites, Bruno and Addie, and wondered how Falcone was going to bring these two people their HEA. The ending of the novel was truly a roller-coaster of emotions for me with so many surprises and twists, I was left gasping.  SO. MANY. SURPRISES! I tried to guess a few plot elements, but no, I was wrong…and I loved that the story was so unpredictable yet believable. Overall, I enjoyed Falcone’s writing and her dialogue is fresh and funny. As I was reading, there were many times I would laugh and think to myself, “I love that line.”  Bruno’s family (sister and brother) were minor characters, but added so much to the story, that I am begging Falcone (in writing & on the internet) that she write a story for each of them. Oooh, she basically left us hanging with brother, Leonardo, giving us just enough details that make me want to read more. 
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I’m a sucker for a “marriage of convenience” trope, especially those with a modern setting. What I especially love about modern MOC stories is the often madcap and crazy-sauce setups (since there are rarely societal expectations that force people to marry). “Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon” did not disappoint in this department. But it wasn’t all kidnappings and fake weddings. There was a strong, deeply emotional undercurrent throughout the whole story that really kept me turning the pages. Of course, billionaire Bruno Duarte was super sexy, and activist Addison Reed was likeable, and the sexy was super steamy. But it’s also a story of loss, and of family, and the sacrifices we’re willing to make for those we love. It’s a longish novella, so it was short enough to be able to enjoy it in one afternoon, but long enough that the characters and love story didn’t feel rushed. The best possible balance. I finished the book with a happy sigh, a totally satisfied reader.  I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Julie When I started Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon, I honestly didn't think I'd like it but I'm a sucker for couples that don't really like each other to end up falling head over heels in love. Addie is not afraid to speak her mind and is passionate about her causes and what she believes in. Bruno has a lot of baggage but Addie's refreshing honesty and passion bring out the best in him. She needs his help to save an Indian tribe that's basically squatting on his land in Brazil, and he needs a wife so they reach a business deal so they both get what they want. In the end, they fall madly in love. It's quite a story and I loved reading every word. I highly recommend it to everyone. Source: Author
TinaR19 More than 1 year ago
Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon is a great story about two people willing to do anything for the people they love. I was so engrossed from the beginning that I hated to see it end. Ms. Falcone has a way of telling a story that once you start reading you do not want to stop, even when you know you have to. I am looking forward to see what she has planned for us next. Bruno Duarte needs to get back to Brazil as soon as possible. The promise he made to his dying father that he would marry and settle down is about to happen. When his fiancée breaks off the engagement he knows he has to come up with another plan because there is no way that he can go home without a wife. He just needs a solution for the short time he is needed at home, then he can walk away and never go back. Addison Reed is on a mission to help the Kwanis tribe. It was the main goal her fiancée had before she lost him, and she is determined to see his dream become a reality. She has tried every way she can think of to get a meeting with the Brazilian billionaire who owns that piece of land with no avail. She has finally tracked him down, and there is no way that she will leave without him listening. The opportunity arises when she sees him alone. She put her plan in motion, and before she can change her mind she’s agreed to marry the man. She will help him with his family, and in return he will help her relocate the tribe. How hard can it be to pretend to be in love for a short time? Neither one of them planned on caring for the other. What will happen when they no longer need to pretend?  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.