Kids Breathe Free (145C): A parents' guide for treating children with ASTHMA

Kids Breathe Free (145C): A parents' guide for treating children with ASTHMA

by Pritchett & Hull

Paperback(Large Print)

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This best-selling guide is very popular with parents and children alike. It helps you to recognize triggers, identify warning signs to prevent flare-ups, treat flare-ups when they occur and set up a treatment plan. It covers the latest information on asthma medicines and how to use a peak flow meter and an MDI. This guide is very interactive with forms (that can be copied for the child's use) to help with managing asthma.
Reviewed by:
Jo Ann G. Bedore, RN, BS, AE-C, TTS, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, OH
DJ Feather, RRT, Pediatric Asthma Educator, Atlanta, GA
J. Michael Halwig, MD, Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic, Austell, GA
Carolyn M. Kercsmar, MD, Director, Children's Asthma Center, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
A. A. Marie Singletary-Schuster, RN, Former Coordinator, Asthma Center for Education, Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

"Your Kids Breathe Free book is outstanding! The color graphics, fill-in charts and great information you used to produce this bible for parents of asthmatic children receives an A+++. I know this book will improve the quality of care." E. Srabstein
"I am so impressed with your patient education booklet on childhood asthma. Kids Breathe Free is easy to understand, very thorough and has cute, comical illustrations. It's the best pediatric asthma guide I've seen. As the Pediatric Clinical Specialist at my hospital, I will recommend purchase." M. Prior, RN, MSN
"Great resource book -- pictures illustrate the definitions well. I especially like the treatment plans and the medicine explanations." B. Harris, RN
"Thank you very much for Kids Breathe Free. I will use this book to educate childcare staff, children and families. I will also recommend this book to other nurse consultants and the American Lung Association." S. Gross, RN, BSN, Child & Family Resources
"Kids Breathe Free is an excellent resource. I am purchasing these books as a teaching tool to give out to our asthma children/parents. Very colorful, fun and readable." C. Odell
"Kids Breathe Free is a great resource for my new asthma students and a good reinforcer for the old timers." K. Orwig, RN, School Nurse
"Kids Breathe Free is easy to follow and very eye catching." Southern CT
"We really like Kids Breathe Free -- the charts are great!" M. Witmer
"The pictures are great -- very kid friendly. Great book overall." D. Freece
"Excellent book, very clear concise explanations, large print, clear (not fussy) diagrams -- I will use Kids Breathe Free as a patient education resource for our pediatric asthma program." K. Krawiec, RRT
"Kids Breathe Free is great. It is perfect for patient education -- even better with the new updates!!!" RN, Rochester, NY

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Publication date: 08/19/2015
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