Kill Devil

Kill Devil

by Mike Dellosso


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Jed Patrick is convinced he’s doing all it takes to keep his family safe—new names, new location, new identity. But just when he thinks he finally has his life back, trained men claiming to be CIA agents break in and threaten his wife and daughter, proving once and for all his family will never truly be safe until he eliminates the agency dead set on hunting him down.

Not knowing if Karen and Lilly are better off by his side or in hiding, Jed is determined to protect them while finding a way to use the classified information that he possesses to dismantle the Centralia Project. But he soon learns that eliminating Centralia may require compromising his own values. As danger escalates, Jed isn’t sure whether there’s anyone or anything he can trust—including his own senses.

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ISBN-13: 9781496408228
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 06/01/2016
Series: Jed Patrick Series , #2
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)

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Kill Devil

A Jed Patrick Novel

By Mike Dell Osso, Caleb Sjogren

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2016 Mike Dellosso
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4964-0822-8


The weather was about to turn, and a heaviness laced the air as if the weight of the atmosphere were about to tamp down the forest as the impending tempest crept closer.

Jed Patrick climbed out of his Chevy pickup and paused a moment to study the western sky. A wall of dark-gray clouds, the leading edge of a massive front, rolled over the bald summit of Rathdrum Mountain like an army of ancient Vikings having just overtaken the Selkirk range. The air was thick with the smell of ozone and pine as it pushed ahead of the front and through the forest that cloaked the foothills.

Jed shut the truck's door and unscrewed the gas cap. He inserted the nozzle and held it in place, one hand in his pocket. The tank held twenty-six gallons and it guzzled almost every bit of that. He replaced the nozzle on the pump and, rubbing his beard with one hand while screwing the cap in place with the other, glanced once again at the sky. He hadn't seen clouds like that since moving to the Coeur d'Alene area two months ago. It was going to be quite the storm.

Making his way across the parking lot, he kept his head down and his baseball cap low. He'd made it this long without bringing any attention to himself, and he'd like to keep it that way. Folks here were friendly and could get chatty. They wanted to know where you were from, where you were from originally, where your family was from, what you were doing in Idaho, what you were doing in Coeur d'Alene, how long you planned to stay, and where you were going to go next. Not that they were skeptical about anyone's arrival in their lovely region of the globe and not that they wanted to dissuade anyone from putting down roots in the Coeur d'Alene area; they were just being neighborly and showing genuine interest in who was setting up home in their corner of the country. Jed had to be careful to entertain their conversations without giving away too much information but without appearing overly reserved. Either could raise suspicion and draw attention, and that would not work in his favor. Nor in the favor of Karen or Lilly.

He'd considered finding work in town, but Jed was starting to think they actually ought to stay away, even scale back their weekly trips to Coeur d'Alene. People at the library were starting to notice the new regulars. His new plan was then to emerge from the cabin once a week, head to the Mobil on Highway 95, and gather whatever supplies they'd need at the small convenience store that serviced the RV park just behind. He would then only need to make the trip to Coeur d'Alene once a month for items the convenience store did not carry.

Inside the Mobil mart, Jed grabbed a small cart and headed down each aisle, gathering toiletries, cleaning supplies, and food. He avoided eye contact with other shoppers, mostly tourists staying in the RV park, and completed the chore as quickly as he could. At the register he placed each item on the counter, then removed his wallet as the clerk rang up the bill.

The clerk, a twentysomething with a spotty beard and long hair pulled into a ponytail, bagged the merchandise carefully. Midway through, he glanced at Jed. "You live up in the forest, don't you?"


"Eric, right?"

Jed glanced at him. He still wasn't used to being known as Eric Bingsley, the pseudonym the relocation agent had given him.

"You had to show your ID last week when you bought that cough medicine."

"Yeah. Right."

The clerk finished bagging the items and punched a button on the register. "$59.34."

As Jed removed three twenties from his wallet, the clerk said, "Where you from?"

Jed took quick inventory of the store. There was a woman by the frozen section, midfifties, short, thin; a teenage male checking out the magazine rack, flipping through a Sports Illustrated; a man, forties, thick build, full beard, reading the label on a box of cereal. The man glanced at Jed, then went back to whatever interested him on that label.

"East," Jed said. He wanted to get out of there. He suddenly felt he needed to.

"How far east?" The clerk opened the register and removed some coins. "I've been to Ohio, but that's as far east as I've been."

Jed put out his hand. He remained calm, not wanting to raise suspicion from the clerk or the other shoppers. "All the way. East Coast." He'd been in the store three other times, and not once had this cashier or any other attempted to engage him in conversation.

"I've never been to the East Coast," the clerk said. "I've never been to any coast, never stood on a beach. Crazy, huh?"

Jed looked again to the bearded man, who was now reading the label on a box of instant oatmeal. Pocketing the change, he said to the clerk, "Yeah, crazy. You'll have to get there sometime. Thanks." He grabbed his bags and exited the store.

Outside, the storm front had crept closer, now breaching the edge of the Coeur d'Alene basin. The air was oddly still.

Getting in his truck, Jed glanced back at the store. The bearded man was at the counter now. He said something to the cashier, who then turned to look at Jed.

Jed hesitated, vacillating between an urge to go back into the store and confront the men, find out what they were saying, what they knew, and scolding himself for being so paranoid. The clerk might have just been making light conversation in an attempt to be friendly. It certainly wasn't uncommon for the area. And the bearded man might have just been a nosy local or a curious tourist. Nothing sinister, nothing dangerous.

But there was always the other possibility, the one Jed kept in the back of his mind but within easy reach. The possibility that they'd been found. Anything out of the ordinary, any daily event that seemed unusual, stirred in him the awareness that his nightmare had become a reality. And a bearded fortysomething checking the label on a box of cereal was out of the ordinary.

The road through the Coeur d'Alene National Forest followed the winding curves of Hayden Creek deep into the dense land of trees. Hemlock, Douglas fir, spruce, and lodgepole pines all towered above the road, spreading their needled branches like umbrellas, protecting the earth from the falling rays of the sun. Eventually, near Crooked Ridge, the road divided, and Jed steered the pickup onto a dirt service road that would lead him all the way to Chilco Mountain.

The road wound for miles like a snake weaving through a wheat field. Jed wondered what it would be like to make his weekly trek out of the forest in the dead of winter. He was sure he'd be glad he had the Silverado.

At times, in higher elevations, the forest thinned to reveal craggy rock formations jutting from the earth's crust like rotted, half-broken teeth.

Near the summit of Chilco Mountain, another dirt road split from the service road. It was this trail that would take Jed another mile into the forest and back to the cabin, back to Karen and Lilly.

Finally, in the clearing where the cabin sat, Jed stopped the truck and killed the engine. He sat in the silence of the cab for a moment, waiting. It was odd that Karen and Lilly weren't there to greet him. They usually heard the Silverado's large tires crunching dirt as it approached the clearing and met him at the truck. But today the clearing remained quiet and still. And the cabin door stood slightly ajar.

Something was wrong. Prickles danced on the back of Jed's neck; his heart rate quickened. He drew in a deep breath. It could be nothing. Maybe they'd gone for a hike or to collect firewood. But they never strayed far from the cabin. They still would have heard him approaching.

Jed reached across the seat and retrieved a handgun. Slowly he opened the truck's door and stepped out, listening, watching.

The clearing was as still as any postcard photo. The headwinds of the approaching storm had yet to reach the top of Chilco Mountain. On all sides the forest stretched as far as the eye could see. Varying shades of green coated the terrain like a bristly blanket. To the west that storm front loomed, closer. It was moving slowly but relentlessly. Inching nearer, threatening to let loose the fury of heaven on the basin and forest. It had overtaken the city of Coeur d'Alene and now neared the edge of the national forest. If Karen and Lilly were in the woods, if they'd ventured too far and gotten lost, he would need to find them quickly before the elements struck, unleashing nature's ferocity on them without the protection of shelter.

Heart now in his throat, pulse pounding through his neck, and gripping the gun with both hands, Jed crossed the distance between the truck and mounted the steps, then pushed the door open with his foot.

The interior of the cabin appeared untouched as if Karen and Lilly had left and simply forgotten to close the door. Maybe Karen had instructed Lilly to close it, and like any eight-year-old she'd gotten distracted, maybe by a bird or a chipmunk or a rabbit, and failed to do so. Or maybe ...

Slowly Jed moved farther into the cabin, gun still raised, expecting an intruder to reveal himself at any moment and squeeze off a shot or attack with some other kind of weapon. Jed listened as he stepped through the room. His first warning would be the sound of movement. Clothes rustling, floorboard creaking, a sudden exhale. He needed to stay alert, focused, and ready to react with only a fraction of a second's warning.

The cabin only had two bedrooms and Jed first checked Lilly's. The door to her room was already open. He entered and paced the floor, sweeping the handgun back and forth and always listening. When he had cleared the room, he then moved to the second bedroom. The door was closed here, but Karen usually kept it closed. She had at their other home, too, the one where men had intruded, hunted Jed, and met early deaths. The home where Jed discovered things about himself that both awed and terrified him.

At the bedroom, he put his hand on the doorknob and turned slowly. When the knob was fully turned and the latch fully disengaged, he quickly shoved open the door and stepped through, gun high and ready to spit bullets.

But there were no masked men hiding in the closet or under the bed, no armed assassins waiting behind the door. Only a solitary figure crouched in the corner. Karen.

When she saw Jed, she sprang to her feet and threw herself into his arms. The tears came quickly as sobs racked her frame.

Jed held her with one arm while keeping the handgun ready for action with the other. He still hadn't cleared the rest of the cabin.

"Karen, what happened here? Where's Lilly?" Even as the question exited his mouth, a rock dropped into the pit of his stomach. Lilly wasn't there.

Jed pulled Karen away and held her at arm's length. Tears stained her cheeks and matted hair to her face. "Karen, where's Lilly?"

She dragged the back of her hand across her face. "They took her. Jed, they took our baby girl."


Excerpted from Kill Devil by Mike Dell Osso, Caleb Sjogren. Copyright © 2016 Mike Dellosso. Excerpted by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc..
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Kill Devil 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
Kill Devil is a fast-paced and action-packed suspense! I didn’t realize this was the second book in a series, and I did feel a bit lost concerning the background of the story and its characters. However, enough details were given to allow me to piece together the events that unfolded. Bringing to mind a Jason Bourne movie, Kill Devil’s twists and turns kept me guessing, unsure of what was to become of Jed Patrick and his family. I enjoyed the deception and intrigue of this story and look forward to reading more from Mike Dellosso. I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.
LanguageTCH More than 1 year ago
Kill Devil is book two in the Jed Patrick Series. This book continues the thrilling story begun in Centralia, the first book by Mike Dellosso. This continuation does not disappoint; it is as compelling as the first. The fast-paced action and intriguing plot keep the reader transfixed. Jed must cling to his reliance upon God and His past faithfulness to endure the plot of manipulation of the enemy. What is real and who can be trusted? He must protect his wife and daughter and determine what action to take that will allow the three of them to survive. His one aim is to destroy the Centralia Project which landed them in the witness protection program in the first place. At the beginning of this story, Jed and his family have been found and the CIA agent tries to manipulate Jed into giving up vital information recorded on a drive in order to stop Centralia. But is the agent a good guy? He says that he is, but his actions create doubt. Another suspenseful winner from Mike Dellosso that I very much recommend. I received this book through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.
dhiggins4 More than 1 year ago
“Kill Devil” by Mike Dellosso was an exciting read! This is the second book in the “Jed Patrick” series. The first book is Centralia, where the whole story of Jed Patrick begins. It is helpful to read the first book but isn’t necessary. This novel starts off with Jed feeling like he is doing all he can do to protect his wife and little girl. But that doesn’t last for very long! Soon he has men chasing him and finally catching up with him. Jed doesn’t want anything more to do with Centralia, but he is threatened with the life of his child. Jed is hoping he can use the information he has to dismantle Centralia, but that is much harder than what he thinks. This book had lots of action and suspense. If you enjoy a good, clean suspense story, then this one is for you! I received this book from bookfun for my honest opinion.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
Another roller coaster ride with Jed Patrick. The suspense… wow. This was one book that I had trouble putting down. The questions just kept coming. Who can Jed trust? How can he get him and his family out of danger and keep them safe? I really enjoyed rooting for Jed to find his way through the evil that continually came at him. (Full review at my website)
annelr More than 1 year ago
Kill Devil, by Mike Dellosso, is the follow-up book to Centralia, a thriller par excellence. And Kill Devil will not disappoint lovers of edge-of-the-seat suspense. From first chapter to last Dellosso brings non-stop action and tension. It's a story of faith--not trusting feelings or sight but moving forward knowing that God is at work and is present. It's a story of fear--not knowing what is real, what is the it all just lies and manipulation? "There is never an explicit threat, but Lilly's well-being loomed over them every time they were ordered to follow instructions precisely." When the bad guys hold all the cards, what is a good man supposed to do? The characters are memorable...strong in their faith and cunning. The plot is fascinating; with the twists and turns, the author keeps the reader wondering how in the world will they get out of this fix! A book definitely not for the faint of heart but definitely one for lovers of books filled with white-knuckle drama. I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.
Robbi44 More than 1 year ago
Mike Dellosso has written another “nail-biting mind thriller!” This book follows Centralia which set the stage for the reader to understand the background and become acquainted with the main character, Jed Patrick. In this story, Jed found that his measures to keep his family safe from the evil agency trying to hunt him down proved to be ineffective. His wife and daughter became the leverage the agency used to get to him. His determination was to protect his family and at the same time eliminate the Centralia Project. The author used the characters to show how faith in God can get one through any situation. This story contains lots of intrigue, suspense, and excitement that will keep every reader glued to the pages.
VicG More than 1 year ago
Mike Dellosso in his new book, “Kill Devil” Book Two in the Jed Patrick series published by Tyndale House Publishers gives us another adventure with Jed Patrick. From the Back Cover: Jed Patrick is convinced he’s doing all it takes to keep his family safe―new names, new location, new identity. But just when he thinks he finally has his life back, trained men claiming to be CIA agents break in and threaten his wife and daughter, proving once and for all his family will never truly be safe until he eliminates the agency dead set on hunting him down. Not knowing if Karen and Lilly are better off by his side or in hiding, Jed is determined to protect them while finding a way to use the classified information that he possesses to dismantle the Centralia Project. But he soon learns that eliminating Centralia may require compromising his own values. As danger escalates, Jed isn’t sure whether there’s anyone or anything he can trust―including his own senses. Every book that Mike Dellosso writes is better than the previous one which means that “Kill Devil” is the best one so far. Nothing is what it seems so just when you, and Jed Patrick, think you have a handle on what is going on–guess again. This book starts out exciting and then Mr. Dellosso just notches up the excitement factor. “Kill Devil” is a thriller with all kinds of danger that is a lot like a roller coaster with dips and turns and drops that you really don’t see coming. Mike Dellosso knows how to weave a captivating story with wonderful characters that breathe. I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
HelenM0 More than 1 year ago
Kill Devil is the second book in A Jed Patrick Series written by Mike Dellosso. Jed and his family are back together living in a cabin in the Chilco Mountains. Jed returns from a shopping trip to find men have come and taken his daughter away as an attempt to get a flash drive from Jed that has information regarding Centralia. Jed is instructed to take the flash drive to Murphy. Jed and his wife make arrangements for Karen to flee with the original flash drive should something go wrong. When problems arise, Karen is left fleeing for her life, while Jed is following Murphey's orders to get his daughter Lilly back. Lilly is given shock type treatments. The strength of the treatments are very strong but she feels no pain as God is there with her and is taking the pain for her. Jed is instructed to go to Alcatraz prison. While there he is told they removed a chip from his brain, where they really implanted a chip that alters what he thinks he is seeing and doing. Jed thinks his wife Karen is with him as he goes to Kill Devil Hill to kill the vice-president. Mean while, CIA employee Tiffany Stockton has recently lost her father. While going through his things she finds a flash drive with information regarding the Centralia Project. She takes the information to their good friend Jack Calloway. The information she finds puts both of their lives in danger. Just like the first book, this book is very violent. But it is so fast moving with so many different things going on, it is hard to put the book down. There are times the story is hard to follow, especially when Jed is having flash backs or having visions. I really like how the author has given Lilly the role as being a very strong believer in God. To be honest I do not like violent stories, if this were a movie, I would not watch it. But the story has a very strong pull to it that kept me ready to find out what was going to happen next. I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.
Becky6 More than 1 year ago
If you know anything about me, you know that I have anticipating this to release. This is a fast-paced read and I enjoyed it. I thought Centralia was great, Kill Devil is even better. This series is perfect for the Jason Bourne/Bourne Identity fan. The book picks up exactly where the previous book leaves off. They had started over with new names, new location, and a new life. Just as things begin to calm down and Jed believes they truly can start over, men from the CIA break in and threaten his wife and daughter. This only proves that no matter what, his family will never be truly safe until he can finally eliminate the agency that is set on hunting him down. Jed will do anything to make sure his family stays safe. He doesn’t know whether it’s safer to keep his family by his side or to send them into hiding. However, Jed is determined to find a way to use the classified information that he possesses to take down the Centralia Project. Except he soon learns that in order to eliminate Centralia, he will have to compromise his own values. As events occur and danger escalates, Jed doesn’t know whether there’s anything anymore or even who to trust- including his own senses. I absolutely enjoyed this sequel. It’s one of those books that is really hard to describe without spoiling because so much happens! It’s edgy and keeps you on your toes. You’re constantly trying to figure out what’s actually happening and who is telling the truth. I found myself constantly flipping through the pages just to find out what happens next. There were so many twists and turns that I never expected. It also deals with a lot of spiritual themes. Jed is a believer in Jesus Christ, but he soon forgets who he really is and belongs to. Will Jed surrender his life to Christ? Jed’s eight-year-old daughter, Lily, is probably one of my favorite characters. This little girl has been through so much. No matter how much torture she goes through and how scared she is, she has a strong faith in God. She encourages Jed and those around her in her faith and is a big part of the story. We also get to meet new characters. I loved getting to know Tiffany and can’t wait to see if she’ll appear in other books. She has an interesting story that I’d love to know more about and whether or not she finds God herself. The story is far from finished and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully there’ll be another book in the series coming. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
SusanSnodgrassBookworm More than 1 year ago
I finished Kill Devil about 2 hours ago and here I sit, trying to find a way to craft a review that will do this awesome book justice. First of all, I love Mike Dellosso's books and I've read every single one; own all but the very first. He is a master at what he does. This book is the sequel to Centralia, so if you've not read it, please do before reading Kill Devil. Kill Devil takes place after Jed Patrick, his wife and daughter have started living off the grid in the forest in Idaho. That peace is soon shattered when Jed is rudely made aware that Centralia is not dead. He is drawn in immediately into the cat and mouse game that he hates. All Jed wants is to live in peace and obscurity with Karen and Lilly. That, however, is a pipe dream, so it seems. Mike Dellosso writes with such talent that the reader is totally drawn into the story, completely invested in the lives of his characters. This one took off running and did not let up. Powerful, heart-pounding, explosive adventure will have you gasping and totally stunned at the turn of events in this amazing book! I'm only glad I was reading at home and not in some public place, or people would have heard me exclaiming, "Oh no!" or "Oh my goodness!" Seriously, this is an amazing book, chock full of suspense and a powerful spiritual message. I highly recommend it.
devonrexlover More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Jed Patrick series. It can be a stand alone book. I loved this book. It is full of action, mystery, suspence and a bit of sci fi. Mike Dellosso is a favorite author. He writes effortlessly and I live in his books. Lots of twists snd turns with lessons in faith and putting our trust in God.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I was not able to set it down. I had not read the first book in this series but I was able to catch up with most of what was happening. I plan to read the first book because I loved this one so much. I look forward to reading more about Jed, Karen and Lilly. This book flowed wonderfully. This is a thriller with lots of twists and turns. I received this book from Tyndale blog network for a fair and honest opinion.
SemmieWise More than 1 year ago
** “Faith isn’t about your feelings or even your senses; it’s about the actions you take in light of what you know to be true. Putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward.” ** Wow, just wow! Mike Dellosso delivers another amazing story with “Kill Devil”! Continuing the story from “Centralia,” Dellosso’s newest offering is a little bit Jason Bourne and a little bit Liam Neeson in “Taken” — with some amazing faith lessons thrown in to the mix. When Jed Patrick and his family, who have been hiding in Idaho from the government’s clandestine Centralia project, are located by CIA agent Andrew Murphy, who claims to want to bring down the project, Jed must once again figure out who he can trust and what is really real. He must go on the run as several factions are searching for an all-important thumb drive in his possession — a drive that can unravel Centralia. Taking readers to Denver, Alcatraz, the Outer Banks, and Harrisburg, Pa., and using clever misdirection, Dellosso does an amazing job of creating confusion — the reader is drawn into Jed’s uncertainty. Dellosso’s writing is fast paced, filled with twists and turns. He uses descriptive writing to describe the scenes and happenings, but doesn’t bog down his writing without being too bulky with his descriptions. He even injects come creepy moments, like when Jed is traversing through the dark dungeon under Alcatraz and hears a voice say “Vengeance is mine. Kill the devil.” Dellosso always fills his stories with interesting and intriguing characters — people filled with darkness and people who act heroically. “Kill Devil” is more than just an intense suspense thriller though. It’s filled with incredible life and faith lessons. Faith and trust are major themes throughout the novel, but “Kill Devil” also reminds us we are never alone, to cling to God and trust Him and He will carry you, God always knows the way to your path, to truly rely on God, and God is always working in the background. As a stranger named Emma tells Jed’s wife in a diner: “I want you to realize you don’t have to carry any burden alone. Jesus has pretty broad shoulders and he wants to take that load for you. Give it to him. Let him bear the weight of it. … God’s been down this road with countless other folks. He knows the way. Trust him to lead you through it.” Mike Dellosso never fails to deliver an incredible story, and “Kill Devil” definitely doesn’t disappoint. I hope to see a third book in Jed’s story! Five stars out of five. Tyndale House Publishers provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.