KILL THE CORONAVIRUS: It's not rocket science

KILL THE CORONAVIRUS: It's not rocket science

by John Stanley Newell


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Everything in this book should have been taught in school, but no school anywhere teaches this information.

Viruses are a naturally occurring phenomenon that are vulnerable to the same naturally occurring substances they have been for billions of years. Viral controls are universal and easy to access.

Terrestrial life couldn’t exist if this was not true. Viral pandemics only happen if the laws of nature are ignored on a grand scale by the public, by industry and governments and perpetuated by ignorance and corruption. Illness is profitable. Health is not profitable.

‘KILL THE CORONAVIRUS’ tells you how to protect yourself and your family right now. This is information your government should have made available and didn’t.

Next it details the process to re-state the human immune system to enable it to combat Covid-19 naturally and properly. In that sense, this book takes a radical holistic strategy using the correct foods and liquids to make us an inhospitable host to Corona Viruses of any description and overall, much healthier.

How to convalesce is rarely discussed in medical literature available to the public. It is important to understand. How to use your time wisely to maximize a full recovery. No government has handled this material well at all.

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