Killer Competition

Killer Competition

by Tom Kranz


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ISBN-13: 9781644671481
Publisher: Thomas Kranz
Publication date: 11/12/2018
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Tom Kranz spent more than 25 years in the television news business as a writer, producer and executive producer, first in his hometown of Philadelphia, then in New York. A wise newspaper editor once told him that the entire news reporting process is a human process, which opens doors to grand achievements and vexing failures. A graduate of Temple University, Tom was an old-school journalist who approached every story with as much objectivity as humanly possible. There it is again, that "human" thing. Well, nobody's perfect.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Night & Day

Introduction to the main bad guy, Bill Klemmer, and good guy, Bud Remmick

Chapter 2-Community Service

Released from prison, our hero becomes a volunteer EMT in lieu of a paying job

Chapter 3-Dark Passengers

The demons that haunt both men

Chapter 4-Position Available

A job opportunity in his former career presents itself to our unemployed ex-con

Chapter 5-Temporary Insanity

The easy explanation for why Bud went to jail, thanks to a fellow mental health sufferer

Chapter 6-The Heat Gets Hotter

Bad guy Klemmer finds the law is looking for him

Chapter 7-New Beginnings

From jail to the real world, starting over can be a bitch

Chapter 8-Our New Boss

Our hero's checkered past becomes Topic One for his new employees

Chapter 9-Dead or Alive?

Bud discoveres troubling contradictions in his work place, especially about his ace freelancer Bill Klemmer

Chapter 10-The Will to Act

The next door neighbor, a state trooper, gets troubling orders to spy on the Remmicks, part of a political plot he has, up until now, been unaware of

Chapter 11-Controlling Interests

Politics intrudes into an already complicated set of lives

Chapter 12-Politics as Unusual

Our hero and his long-suffering wife find political allies and enemies. Maggie Remmick learns her job is in jeopardy because of rampant political patronage

Chapter 13-Sources Say

Youthful newsroom staffer makes surprising progress in breaking the story

Chapter 14-TGIF, Maybe

The end of Week One at the new job brings new questions about old issues

Chapter 15-Reality TV

Shocking news about how their freelancer is getting his news footage brings hard reality to our hero's work life

Chapter 16-Bugging Out

Main bad guy runs away from the law, tries to hide out

Chapter 17-Going Both Ways

Unexpected human dynamics surprise our hero's wife, whose work-mentor demonstrates her support

Chapter 18-Discovery

The noose closes on the main villain as protagonists discover more and more about him

Chapter 19-That's My Boy!

A father-son relationship right out of the Psycopath's Handbook

Chapter 20-Turning Points

All the good guys must deal with new realities as their plots unfold and disturbing truths prompt them to rethink their lives

Chapter 21-Revelation

The disturbing story of Bill Klemmer and his father becomes big news across Philadelphia as the station tries to cope with its unsuspecting roll in promoting Klemmer's ill-gotten video

Chapter 22-Reset

All parties adjust to new realities

Chapter 23-Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

A hell of a way to start a new week, Bud decides to take action to fight the Governor's apparent campaign to fire his wife. He brings his anger to the Governor with shockingly unpredicted results.

Chapter 24-Coping Mechanisms

Following the maelstrom of shocking, life-and-death events, the Remmicks find ways to cope with their new lives after the loose ends are tied. Maggie issues a stern warning to Bud.

Chapter 25-Epilogue

A mea culpa to Bud's parents, who disowned him when he killed his former boss.

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