Killer Fate

Killer Fate

by Sonnjea Blackwell

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Killer Fate by Sonnjea Blackwell

Fate? Or Murphy's Law? Turning 30 is traumatic enough without a hitman on your trail.

Facing the Big Three-Oh has Destiny DeGraff pondering her choices and wondering if life has more to offer than a cheating husband, boring job and meddlesome family. But change feels a lot like effort, and Destiny isn't quite uncomfortable enough with the status quo to do anything about it.

Until she gets shot on the way to her own birthday party.

Suddenly on the run from an assassin hired by her husband, Destiny becomes a magnet for disaster when she innocently interrupts a bank heist and not-so-innocently gets involved with the two most eligible bachelors in town.

As the dead bodies pile up and it becomes clear that Destiny holds the key to unraveling a mystery that has haunted the small town of Hope Springs for over a decade, the odds of seeing another birthday seem less than promising. But never one to believe in fate, Destiny determines to get out of her rut - if only she can live long enough.

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BN ID: 2940045351553
Publisher: Sonnjea Blackwell
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 250,762
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About the Author

I grew up thinking I'd be a writer someday. I spent a lot of time not being a writer while I waited for someday to arrive. Finally, on the plane ride home from New York after my sister’s wedding, I decided it was time to start writing. I waited till we landed, then went to work as a “real” writer. Turns out, being a real writer comes with petty annoyances like real writer’s block and a perpetual lack of real financial security. So I started writing web content to deal with the financial security issue. And I discovered improv comedy as a means of alleviating the writer’s block. Luckily, I live in southern California, where everybody and their grandma wants to be an actor, so improv classes are easy to come by. I studied with Held2gether, Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City. Pretty soon I was performing, and then I started teaching improv to anyone who would sit still long enough to let me. I’ve also written for, performed with and directed the sketch comedy troupes 3 Square: the series and Held2gether - the Series. Now it’s hard to say which is more important to me, writing or improv, but it doesn’t matter anymore because in my world one can’t exist without the other. My world is pretty awesome.

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Killer Fate 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW I could not put this book down. I wish the author had more as I would be ordering everyone of them. I figured out about mid way who the assassin might be, but how the author got there, was entertaining.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story had everything - drama, suspense, romance, mystery, wit and some good laughs. Characters were very well developed as was the story itself. I wanted more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed very much - funny!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Who knew hiding out from an estranged spouse, a professional assassin and a couple of no-good thugs could be so much fun? A hilarious, well-written mystery in the vein of Stephanie Plum, Killer Fate had me laughing on the edge of my seat! Destiny DeGraff might be a totally ordinary 30-year-old living in not-so-sunny California, but her alter ego Kat McCall is anything but ordinary! Taking matters into her own hands when her husband hires a hitman and the chief of police doesn't believe her story, Destiny goes on the lam as Kat - and all hell breaks loose. Thanks to her uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong (right?) time, Kat seems to be the key to unlocking the deadly mystery that has haunted her adopted home of Hope Springs for more than 10 years. In less skilled hands, Kat's mishaps might seem contrived, but with Blackwell's strongly developed characters I totally believed Kat would find herself in every one of these situations. With the freedom to reinvent herself anyway she chooses, Kat is everything Destiny never was: bold, direct and even a little bit brave. Determined to live the rest of her life - however long or short that may be - to the fullest, Kat finds herself juggling two possible Mr. Rights, a handful of quirky friends and a passel of secrets with aplomb and a healthy dose of sarcasm. Her conversations with her sister and her new "boss" in particular were laugh-out-loud funny - and utterly believable. Killer Fate is fast-paced, hilarious and suspenseful, and I look forward to reading many more books by Ms. Blackwell.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good but language - four letter words were not neccessary.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a good mystery, though not my favorite by Sonnjea Blackwell. The story starts a little slow, and the characters are irritating at first, but then things pick up and the main character morphs into someone much more likeable. Like all her other mysteries, this one is well written and has humor, an interesting plot, and playful romance. JB
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
707pgs. Grate book. Thie is my 2nd book from her and i loved it
jingleJE More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully engaging and entertaining!!! I had to read the WHOLE BOOK! Couldn't put it down! What a wonderful way to spend a few hours! The characters are well developed and the plot moves along quickly, so I just couldn't stop until it was over! Excellent book that I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a fun mystery!!
improvergosum1 More than 1 year ago
I was so very pleased to have purchased this book directly from the author who happens to be my friend. So full disclosure done. I was reading this book during a time when I was studying on line. This book was one of those guilty pleasure, like chocolate, where you know you should not have but you do anyway.  I have no way of classifying this book, romance? adventure? feminist manifesto? comedy? thriller? All of the above. This is a book as books should be: entertaining, intelligent, realistic, where people speak like people and behave like real human beings, it also has somethings about relationships that is good to learn about. In summary, I am surprised you can get it for $0.99 because if you paid 25.00 you would thought it was well worth it. Enjoy. 
kimiaza More than 1 year ago
This is a cute story that you don't need to think too hard about. Many parts were predictable but that was ok... it was fairly well written and the characters were enjoyable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Qurkie. Fun. Lightly romantic. Twisty Turney murder mystery. I really enjoyed this light read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the storyline very much. The characters were very amusing. Lo
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was not perfect, but it was a fun read. AD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago