Killer Nurses

Killer Nurses

by Jaime Parks


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Kimberly Clark Saenz was a nurse. Almost ten years ago now, in 2008, she worked in a clinic called the DaVita Lufkin Dialysis Center. The clinic was- and still is- in Lufkin, a small blue collar city in East Texas of around 33,000 souls. But rather than care for her patients, she decided to kill. Because of a home life fraught with difficulties- she and her husband has fought, he had filed for divorce, and even taken out a restraining order against her- Kimberly's unrestrained and misdirected anger was taken out on her patients. And this was just the latest in a long list of healthcare jobs that Kimberly had held, after a spate of firings for various misdemeanours.
It is hard to believe that a young female could be capable of murder, let alone multiple murders. It is even more shocking that a female nurse could carry out such terrible crimes. That is exactly what Beverly Allitt did though. This nurse is Britain's most infamous female serial killer and also goes by the name of the Angel of Death due to her responsibility to care for others but instead used her nursing position to kill people. Over a short period of fifty-nine days in her job as a nurse in a children's ward, she killed four young children and attempted to kill at least nine others either by causing cardiac arrest or hypoglycemia. The Angel of Death did not appear to be an evil killer though. She was very well mannered with parents, which is how she gained their trust with their precious loved ones. But after similar/suspicious causes of death in the children's ward, investigations at the hospital showed missing nursing records and the presence of Allitt with every one of those cases.
A born liar and cunning manipulator, Genene Jones was able to evade capture after a number of her patients would die without warning. To this day, her true number of kills remain unknown.
Not much is known about the private life of Niels Hoegel, the life he led before he was catapulted (or rather catapulted himself) into the spotlight. But Niels Hoegel appeared to be a caring, compassionate man who seemed destined to spend his life helping other people.
In 1887, a woman named Amelia Phinney was recovering from surgery for a uterine ulcer at Cambridge Hospital, Boston. Suffering pain from the procedure, she asked her nurse for something to ease the discomfort. The nurse, Jane Toppan, obliged, and although the medicine she gave to Amelia tasted foul, Jane encouraged her to finish it. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she felt someone in the bed with her, kissing her face and caressing her. The attention suddenly stopped, and the following morning Amelia awoke and put the memories down to a strange dream. It wasn't until 1901, when Jane Toppan was arrested, that Amelia realised she had escaped the Angel of Death.

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