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Killing Winds: The Menace of Biological Warfare

Killing Winds: The Menace of Biological Warfare

by Jeanne McDermott

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Freelance writer McDermott guides readers through a wilderness of shocking revelations and dark speculations about the kind of warfare that she contends the U.S. may be preparing for secretly. After reading this believable, well-researched expose of BCW (biochemical warfare) research in the U.S., alarmed readers will wonder why the media have not investigated this area. McDermott's coverage ranges from the historic uses of disease and poisons in warfare, to evidence of continued ``interest'' in BCW among our military and CIA, and recent U.S. charges of Soviet deployment of ``Yellow Rain'' in Afghanistan. Her sharp focus on the Dugway lab in Utah, among other secret sites, leaves the reader with a sense of military-political machination running counter to Nixon's 1969 bioweapons ban. (July 15)

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