Kincade's Blood

Kincade's Blood

by Michael Chandler



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ISBN-13: 9781589805309
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/25/2008
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Michael Chandler is the president of the Chandler Marketing Company. He has won forty-one Silver Microphone awards for outstanding advertising. His one-of-a-kind tactics and strategies have appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, as well as in American Banker and Independent Banker magazines. Mr. Chandler has lectured and presented seminars for over twenty-five years to universities, corporate retreats, and state and national banking conventions. He lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, with his wife and is an avid Old West stunt gunfighter.

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Kincade More than 1 year ago
There you are, sitting at your computer. You¿re looking for something really fun to read. A page-turner that will have you going through batteries on your book night-light faster than chain lightning with a link snapped. You¿re wondering if Kincade¿s Blood might be your ticket to ride. Perhaps it will help you in making your decision if I, as the book¿s author, give you a tiny taste of the feast to follow. If what you¿re about to read wets your whistle, then dive in and have one heck of a good time. Here we go...

Set within the dramatic and harsh backdrop of the lawless American West of the 1880¿s, a bloodied gunfighter named Kincade is on the verge of death. Alone in a desert arroyo, delirious from a bullet wound that may take his life, Kincade swears a vengeance on one of the most dangerous outlaws on the frontier: Wil Logan... the same bandit whose spent bullet now smolders inside Kincade¿s bloodied shoulder.

If Kincade fails to stop Logan and his renegade band of cutthroats, the beautiful woman Kincade loves, will die.

Kincade. Stolen from his loving mother by renegade Indians as a child, unexpectedly returned to the white man¿s world years later when his Indian mentor approaches death, Kincade represents all that is good in men.

Wil Logan. Bad from birth, far worse as an adult, Logan epitomizes the West¿s most evil outlaw. Driven by a blinding rage and loathing for Kincade, Logan will stop at nothing to destroy everything Kincade believes in and cares about.

In a dusty frontier town, a very young Kincade and an equally young Wil Logan meet for the first time. Logan unleashes a brutal hatred towards Kincade that threatens anything Kincade touches. But why?

Fearing for the safety of his only friend Jessie Keller, and after being nearly killed by Logan in a vicious and unprovoked attack, young Kincade flees. Taking on the life of a cowboy at a distant cattle ranch, Kincade learns the considerable and awesome skills of a gunfighter, promising himself that no man, most certainly a madman like Wil Logan, will ever rule his life again.

Arriving in a nearby town after a successful fall cattle drive, Kincade meets, and falls deeply in love with a woman who will change his life forever: Josephine, the owner and proprietor of The Proud Cat Dancehall and Saloon. Known throughout the great southwest for her hospitality, charm, stunning beauty, and her genuine caring for the happiness and wellbeing of others, Josephine captivates all those around her, including Kincade. But Kincade knows his deep love for Josephine may very well result in her death at the hands of Wil Logan.

Logan gathers a gang of the most ruthless and despicable bandits of the lawless West. Their territorial rampage brings torment and indescribable loss into the lives of countless good people, all with the intention of drawing Kincade out of his reclusive life.

Playing the ultimate Ace of Hearts, Logan and his gang burn The Proud Cat, with Josephine barely escaping with her life. Kincade realizes that his only choice is to finally confront Logan during a heart pounding reckoning that will breathlessly stun the reader with its climactic surprise ending.

Kincade¿s Blood is cut from the cloth of the most treasured western stories, including Shane, High Noon and The Gunfight at the OK Corral.

Well, my new friend, does this taste help you to decide? Enjoy your ride!