Kindle Unlimited: A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle Unlimited: A Complete Guide on How to Cancel Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

by Rich Burtner


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Are you an avid and voracious reader but think that your subscription to Kindle Unlimited is not worth the bucks you are spending every month?

Do you want to know how to cancel your Subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited? Then, get this book, as it can help you to know how to end your subscription to Kindle Unlimited and still retain your notes, bookmarks, and highlights. Moreover, you will also know the benefits of maintaining your subscription and even the disadvantages of terminating the service. This will enable you to have a good decision before cutting the link to over a million e-book contents and thousands of audiobooks on different niches and genres
Now, if you are keen about canceling your membership plan on Kindle Unlimited
Then, Kindle Unlimited by Rich Burtner is the recommended book for you.

Kindle Unlimited gives you access to over 1.4 million titles of various e-books and trending articles on exclusive magazines. Additionally, you can listen to thousands of audiobooks through your Amazon Kindle Unlimited account on any device that can access the web using a browser.
Now, as a Subscriber for the Kindle Unlimited e-book titles, if you are not reading an average of three to four books valued at $5.99 or less, then, you are not maximizing the benefits of the service. It is better to purchase the books based on your preferred titles and read than making non-profitable subscriptions. Therefore, many persons may decide to discontinue their Membership on the platform, since they may not read enough contents as provided for them and will consider it a waste of resources.
However, if you decide to cancel your subscription before the expiry date, your money will not be refunded, but you will continue accessing the contents and audiobooks until the end of the due period. One of the disadvantages you will encounter include loss of all your downloaded and saved contents on the library. Even if you are smart, and decide to transfer the contents to other devices, anytime such tools are connected with the internet, Amazon will extract the resources from your devices immediately. Other things you will learn include
  1. You Can Have Access to More than One Kindle Account Concurrently
  2. Access Your Kindle Unlimited Books Simply with any Computer Device
  3. How to Copy Your Kindle Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlights
  4. Access and Read Your E-Books Offline
  5. Add and Read Free Books from Kindle Store
  6. Your Files Cannot be Added and Read on Online Reader
  7. Accessible to You Around the World

An Incomparable Guidebook on How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription

This book will provide special information on how to cancel your subscriptions on the Amazon Kindle Unlimited platform. You will also fully understand
  • The Kindle Unlimited Service
  • The Benefits of Subscribing to Kindle Unlimited
  • The Disadvantages of Using this Service
  • Who is Eligible to Use the Unlimited service
  • Tips and Facts about Kindle Unlimited
  • What is the cost of Using Kindle Unlimited
  • How to cancel your subscription
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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