by Octavia E. Butler
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Kindred 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
evelin1112 More than 1 year ago
June 6, 1976, Dana, a black woman celebrates her birthday with her husband. When she starts feeling sick and is taken back to antebellum South in 1815. A white child, Rufus, a plantation owner son gets himself into trouble. Dana has to travel back to the slavery times to protect Rufus. In this book there is a lot of conflict. Both internal and external. Dana has to be carefull. One wrong move and that can be the day that she experiences slavery in the flesh. She not only has to “be a slave” but she has to be courageous and confident that she will make it back home in 1976. This book has meant many different things to me. Knowing how it was when colored people had to belong to whites. This book gives different perspective of how it was and that not all whites were rude and disrespectful. Kindred is the book that you will want to got to when you are looking for something incredibly great to read. I read this my freshmen year, and got a lot of understanding about how much courage, strength, hope to be a slave. This is just a book you would not want to miss out on reading!
ChrisTR More than 1 year ago
"Kindred" is an amazing novel. It is borderline historical drama and science fiction, but there are no clear indications on where fiction and nonfiction begins and ends. It is a neo-slave narrative, borrowing some of its forms but adding a thicker layer of truth than Douglass or Jacobs were ever able to do in the societies in which they were published. It is heartbreaking, loving, informative, and highly inspirational. It literally transports you from the present into the past. If you want to get a glimpse of slavery and prefer reading relaxed prose over reading the technical language of research books, then this book is definitely for you.
Pamthedreamer More than 1 year ago
This book was incredible! Best time travel; historical fiction EVER! I was surprised the original was first published in 1979. How come I hadn't heard of it? The character, Dana's transitions into the past and then to the present again were so real-so believable. I can't tell you much about the book because you just HAVE TO READ IT! Try to do it on a day that you don't have to get up and go to work or school early the next day. Just a friendly warning.
Emily117 More than 1 year ago
Kindred Book Review Kindred is an amazing book that tells a story about a woman named Dana who goes back in time to meet her great-great grandfather. Dana the antagonist is struggling to stay in the present but is always called back to past. This makes a struggle for her to maintain two lives. Not mentioning how hard life was in the past for people her color. She discovers that she only is called when a young boy is in danger named Rufus. Over time as he grows she doesn't want to be around him and fight to not be dragged into his situations. The time era that she travels to is during slavery and considering that she is an African American women she is not very safe. Octavia allows the reader to view both colored and uncolored viewpoints throughout the story. Not all whites were as they were portrayed. Many were very cruel and had no heart towards slaves. Although Dana is a African American woman she is not necessarily a slave for Rufus and his family because they do not own her. It was hard for an African American to wonder around the streets and not belong to anyone. The book does a great job of describing how slaves felt and were treated during slavery.
Monserrat2019 More than 1 year ago
In Kindred, Octavia Butler manages to combined African American history while adding science fiction. It is a tragic and informative piece of literature. Not only did Dana learn how slavery worked and what slaves had to go through but also got a bigger depth into how the slave owners might have felt. It all began with a black women named Dana, who was celebrating her 26th birthday with her new husband Kevin. Then before Kevin’s eyes, Dana disappears into thin air. When she comes back, she finds she was only gone for a few seconds although it felt like minutes for her. Whenever she goes back into time she learns about how her ancestors grew up as slaves. She stays longer every visit, until it’s not so sure if she will come back to the present. She has to be safe for if she dies in the past, she won’t exist in the future. Based on what I have read so far, I think that one of the most major themes was slavery, discrimination, and race. This novel appealed to many of my emotions as it made me feel angry, sad, happy and scared. It is definitely a book you should read.
Rampa More than 1 year ago
Kindred written by Octavia E. Butler,was a chosen novel to cover the curriculum in an english freshmen class. The date set is 1979 present time period. The character Dana and her husband choose to life a way that was once unexceptionable. Dana a young African American from Los Angeles, California. Who was forced to go back decades, before the Civil War began. Was forced to face laborers torture. Experienced the evil and unfair treatment of wanting to be free, and being considered someone’s property. All due for the color of her skin color. Had to overcome perilous situations in order to save one of her ancestor. In the worst situations in her life. Not knowing when you will go home or if you will ever go home. Being able survive in a society where you are no longer considered a human but a worthless piece of trash. Had to overcome the way each and every African Americans lived in fear of being sold, whipped or killed. Dana’s experience will guide you through history in a incredible detained and emotional perspective. The novel will show you courage and determination. To keep you head up even in the worst situations.
JesusJ More than 1 year ago
Throughout my year of being a freshman in high school my English teacher made us read different kinds of interesting novels. But the main one I liked the most was KINDRED. To everyone that has not read this book it is interesting. If you like slave history then this book is right for you. This book grabbed my attention because is about a young black woman who can time travel to where slavery existed. This woman time travels to 1819 where she sees a white kid drowning, she saves his life but the child's mother is mad because a black woman touched her son. Eventually “Dana” ends up taking care of “Rufus” the white kid. Horrible things happen to Dana while she time travels. She gets treated like a slave even though she has papers. Rufus father is the owner of a plantation, he tells Dana if he sees her giving reading lessons to any African kid she will be punished. The most common punishment was the whipping. Dana has a mate and his name is “kevin”, Kevin doesn't care if she is black he loves and she loves him. If you love novels then this is a great written piece that you will like.
Anonymous 6 days ago
I really enjoyed this book! It was sci-fi meets historical fiction, a type of book that I don't normally read. I had to read this book for an English class, but I am glad that I had to. I wasn't sure what to expect from a book that involves confusing time travel and tales of slavery, but it ended up being hard to follow our reading schedule - I just wanted to keep reading it! Books like these are a great way to understand what happened in the 1800's when slavery was still alive, rather than a textbook full solely of facts. The treatment, interactions, and violence between the slaves and the slave owners, while emphasized in many books of similar topics, was shown through a perspective that isn't shown very often (at least not in the books that I have read): through a person from the 20th century going back over a century into the past. Of course, with this, I think that Dana could have done things and made decisions that were very different to those she actually made, since she is from the 1970's and knows the story of slavery. Despite this, the book was very thought provoking and mostly easy to follow. Overall, a good story and a great read.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Kindred was a great read! At some points it could get confusing but overall it had a constant flow to help you understand what is happening. It is a historical drama and science fiction read which makes the book even more interesting! The story is about a lady name Dana who gets called back to the early 1800's to save here ancestor every time he is in trouble. When Dana gets called back it could be days and/or years in the 1800's but in her time it could be anywhere from seconds, minutes, or even and hour. Octavia really lets you connect to Dana and you almost feel like you are her at some points. She describes how Dana feels In such detail that feels so real. The book does a great job of describing the 1800's of how slave's were treated and dealt with. This book changes your emotions a lot. You can feel happy then a second later you can be angry at what just happened. Overall I would Recommend this book because it has a good plot and if you stop reading you wanna pick the book back up as fast as you can!
briannaruvalcaba More than 1 year ago
The literary piece called Kindred by Octavia E. Butler is about this African American woman named Dana who starts to go back into the past. It all started one day when Dana started to feel dizzy and made her unconscious. When she wakes up, she ends up in a different time period, the early 1815’s. This boy named Rufus is the one who calls her when ever he needs help with out knowing it. She would go back home after days, months, or even years in that time period but in her actual time, it would really take a couple of minutes to some hours. A lot of different scenarios would happen depending what trouble Rufus was in. She would go to present and past when she least expected it and when she went back each time, everyone was a couple years older. This made Dana realize how her ancestors struggled in the time period of slavery and segregation everyday of their life. I really enjoyed this book even though it is science fiction because it still has information on how history was back then. It makes me think how our society has changed over time to become a better country. All the struggles they had to go through is really sad but I’m happy we aren’t that ignorant anymore. An example of the theme violence, they whipped the slaves when they caught them reading. They would hurt them because they were trying to lean. In my opinion that is no reason to punish a person because everyone should have the right to have an education. Back then, they thought racism and slavery is ok but it’s not, it’s a horrible thing that history went through.
lovelynahomy More than 1 year ago
In the novel, Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, Dana Franklin is the protagonist and is traveling back in time without having control on ever coming back. Dana is married to her husband, Kevin Franklin and in one visit, they travel together not knowing how they would come back together. She experiences life in the 1800’s and realizes that the little boy Rufus, is her ancestor and she is being called to the early life when he is in trouble or in danger of dying. In order for her to live and go home, she is to protect Rufus, to make sure her grandmother Hagar is born, which would be Rufus’s daughter, so Dana can be brought into the world. However each visit becomes more and more dangerous in keeping Rufus alive and mentally stabled. Rufus, as ages gets many meltdowns and has to depend on Dana being with him at all time. At a point, she is very concerned if she were to never go back to her normal life, with her husband and being the happy newly wife. Reading this novel really made an impact in the perspective of having African Americans living in the same world of all ethnicity. Discrimination played huge role in the piece because Kindred was written to describing how slaves lived in the 1800’s.
Sandy_N More than 1 year ago
Kindred is a science-fiction book that takes place in California and Maryland, but in different years. Dana is a 26 year old black woman who had just moved into an apartment with her husband, Kevin. She gets a series of sudden headaches, and in each one, she is teleported through time, without a choice in where. Whenever she travels through time, she is teleported to a plantation in Maryland in the mid 1800’s, where slavery was at its highest point. Her job is save Rufus, a young plantation owner that is very important 100 years into her time. Dana has to be careful in each trip to Maryland, or else she will experience what slavery is actually like. One wrong move, and Dana may not be able to go back to 1976. This book gives chills on how people were in the slavery era. I read this book my freshman year of high school, and i could not put it down because of amazing it was.
Madds More than 1 year ago
This literary piece is very intriguing. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler tells the story of a young African American woman, Dana, who passes back in forth through the present and past. The time she goes back to is the time of slavery. To be exact, she goes back to ... She is confused as to why she has been called from the future back into the past. Although she doesn’t know why, she does everything in her power to give herself a reputation. This is because she does not want to find herself any situation that involves a whip or beating. No matter how unrespectful any white person is to her, she has to take it if she doesn’t want to find herself in that predicament. Though this is not your basic novel about slavery. You get lost in the novel, the way Octavia portrays the whole thing is unique. You will not fall asleep reading this book, you will find yourself wanting more and more. It appeals to emotion because you may find some decisions unfair, and that may make you feel angry or sad. This novel also is very accurate to what a real life scenario would feel like, instead of invalid or un-real situations. I highly recommend this literary piece.
KarinaFGarcia More than 1 year ago
I definitely recommend this book Kindred because it’s just a book that is hard to put down. The main character Dana has the power to go back in time to 1815 and save her ancestors from the dangers they have to face. The problem is, Dana is an African American, and in Maryland 1815, she’s practically has to live being a slave. Dana can’t control her ability to get back home but everytime she does, she gets closer to confront her death. The trips get longer and more dangerous for her until the unexpected happens. Personally I don’t choose to read books so often but this one caught my attention right away from the beginning in the prologue. It might be hard to keep up because there are so many things happening but it definitely keeps the reader reading. The author Octavia E. Butler has written other books related to slavery like Xenogenesis and fledgling. Something I’ve noticed while searching her books is that she writes a lot of sci fi mixed with modern or historic time. I’m planing to read at least one of these books this summer. I think this book is worth reading because it catchers the reader’s attention right from the beginning, all the way to the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kindred Kindred is just such a good book knowing that Dana the main character has to go through some really rough things that she never would've thought would happen to her. Her growing up in a world where she ends up marrying a white man and ends up becoming a slave in the past just sounds so crazy especially to meeting her ancestors and knowing where she came from. Imagine growing up in the year during the years 1960+ and reading all about history and how it was way back then, how bad it was and end up living a nightmare, going back to the past not knowing what might happen to you, why you're here in this place, how you got here and becoming a slave. Plus think of this Dana and her husband Kevin both go the the past and them having to act like he owns her, that she is her slave. Living in a world like that must be so crazy and scary and knowing every time you feel dizzy you know troubles coming and you're going back the past. Dana knowing why she thinks she going back the past to help Rufus, a boy she meets, that why this is such a good book
AB27 More than 1 year ago
In Octavia E. Butler’s book Kindred, Dana is an african american woman who is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her husband Kevin. Dana is time traveling in this book, she goes present time 1976 to the past 1815. When she was in the past she was with a boy named Rufus, he was white. He told her that she looked like a girl’s mother. The only way Dana was able to come back is either when she is afraid or in pain. The book Kindred appealed to my emotions because, I felt bad for the african americans for the ways they would get treated, it was so unfair for them to be treated the way they were back then. In this book you will learn some background on what happened back then during the slavery time. I really enjoyed reading this book it is a very interesting book, it has a lot to talk about. A possible theme can be racism because there is so much racism in year 1815 with all the slavery and people calling the blacks rude words. This is by far the best book I’ve read, since it is more of a modern book and it has history in it also. It is such a great book, liked it better than the other books i’ve read.
MsM_4 More than 1 year ago
The novel Kindred is fascinating piece that is taken from the present times to back when segregation was still practiced. The protagonist Dana , a women from the 20th century who time travels to Maryland in the early eighteen hundreds who seems to be helping her ancestor survive the hard times in the past. The protagonist notices that she travels just in time to help her ancestor Rufus when he's in some sort of danger. After a few time travels it comes to her attention that her only way back home was to experience an almost deadly event. On one trip she observed all the unjustly acts they had with African people and how they would have to respond to their owners as “Master”. On one of her trips she ends up joining the household that her ancestor Rufus lived and ends up watching him grow as she continues to timetravel. The novel kindred deals with violence and can relate to bless me Ultima because they both use violence to resolve their problems. Kindred is a very emotional piece that keeps the reader to keeps the reader interested in the book. The author Octavia E. Butler makes you feel as if it you in the story experiencing all the event happening. The story made me feel as if I was the one observing the hard times of segregation and made think how hard it must of been during those times .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“One cannot finish Kindred without feeling changed. It is a shattering work of art with much to say about love, hate, slavery, and racial dilemmas, then and now.”—Sam Frank, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Kindred—it is, needing no less than to say, a literary masterpiece. Novelist Octavia E. Butler introduces an instance of literature regarding to a life’s existence in the present and a time long past. Arranged in a printed chorus of many words, the book is unbearable to put down. In its essence, Kindred portrays not only the cultures of the antebellum south, yet also expresses a sensation of fluctuating emotions; truly a rarity of a novel. Consisting of numerous plot twists, Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred bewitch readers with an unexpectant variation of uncertainty for what is yet to come. The science-fiction follows a heroine by the name of Edana Franklin, as she voyages between two worlds at seemingly arbitrary intervals, or so it seems. In addition to being a novel of great fascination, Kindred grants readers a written experience of life during an era on the foundations of prejudice and segregation. Education on the matter poses a new outlook on the modern world—the acceptance humanity has learned to attain this day and age is truly a fortunate development amongst society, seeing as to how people once reacted so negatively from one’s existence, Kindred provides us with that subtle realization that humanity has progressed greatly onto a moral future and will hopefully continue improving to be a better community amongst one another.
theoriginalsal More than 1 year ago
This gripping story follows Dana, a married woman living in California during the 70’s. From the beginning it captures your attention. It is absolute suspense with every turn of the page. One day, Dana gets dizzy and faints while having dinner. When she regains consciousness she notices that she is far from home, not in distance but in time. This book has its reader hooked from the very moment they start reading. It’s incredible! Not many books have become a classic as fast as Kindred has. Once you read it you’ll see why that's so. There are more than a few reasons why I like Kindred but I’m only going to mention a few. One is that this piece feels modern. It has a young feel I could relate to in a way. Another is that I’ve never read a piece near to what Kindred is about. I'm not going to tell you though, I want you to read the book. Lastly, the way Octavia E. Butler expresses herself in the story gives you a new perspective about slavery. It makes you feel as if you’re there witnessing what Dana witnessed and there feeling what she felt. Kindred is a must read book!This story has so many twist and turns you won’t ever want to put it down.
GL1413 More than 1 year ago
Kindred is an inspiring book that takes you on a journey to the 1800s in which slavery was a big thing. The main character in this novel faces so much agony and despair having to go through what the slaves in the 1800s had faced. The main character, named Dana goes on a journey in which she is trying to find and help her ancestors who are Slaves. However, Dana is from the 20th century but when she ends up disappearing from her home, she finds herself stuck in the middle of cotton fields. Kindred is one of those books that you do not want to put down , but keep reading to find out what happens. Even though you are not there to witness everything happening you can still picture actions that the main character is describing. Dana the main character quickly learns along the way what it is like to be a slave and how grateful she is to live in a time where slavery ended. The author of Kindred, Octavia E. Butler has written an extraordinary piece that is different from other books. Some authors might write about slaves who were in their correct time. However, Butler changed up the story and wrote about an African American women going back in the 1800s witnessing slavery.
jacqueline12 More than 1 year ago
Kindred by Octavia E. Butler is an interesting book which will catch your eye from the first time that you open the book. The first page, which is the prologue doesn’t fail to catch your eye, with the quote, “I lost an arm,” said by Dana. Kindred makes a flash to the times of slavery, racism towards black people, and modern times. Dana finds herself in a time that isn’t the one that she is currently living in, later she finds out that the people who she has been meeting up with in this pastime, are actually her ancestors. Dana believes that she is taken to the year 1815 for the protection of her ancestors. Dana tries explaining this to her husband Kevin, although it is hard for him to understand what she is speaking of, until Kevin gets to live in this moment for himself. Both Kevin and Dana find themselves stranded in 1815 the antebellum South. Dana seems to be taken back for the safety of a boy, Rufus. Kevin is starstruck, as Dana finds Rufus in a place of trouble once again, and he questions Dana and Kevin’s marriage, since it was illegal in that time for a white man to have married a black woman. Rufus grew up with a father who was a slaveholder, Rufus makes racist comment towards Dana because of the ways that he has grown up, Dana confronts him about it, after all she had saved his life two times before.
Adriana10 More than 1 year ago
Out of all the books I have read this year in my English class my favorite was Kindred by Octavia Butler. So far I find the novel interesting because of the action that takes place. Throughout the story the main character Dana is time traveling to the past to her ancestors. She is sent back to ages of slavery so she has to experience the life of an african american in slavery days. I think it's really interesting because it has you on the ball of your feet. It will leave you wanting to know what will happen next. For example one of the times she time travels her husband Kevin comes with her, but when she gets back home she comes without him. The reading after that just has you thinking will he return? Will they ever see eachother again? You would want to keep reading. Dana is called to the past by Rufus. She goes when ever he is seriously hurt or in danger. She returns when she is going through cruel pain. If you are into time traveling,slavery and violence this will be a great novel to read because it has to do with all those three and more.This book catches your attention and it will be a great piece to read. Hope you will read this satisfying science-fiction and find it as interesting as I did. Octavia Butler seems to focus on writing science-fiction and a lot of african americans. I think the reason behind that is since she african-american she might be writing on her opinion the way she saw things or how she experienced it herself.
SallieM More than 1 year ago
In Kindred by Octavia E. Butler the main charter Dana a young african american woman with an unknown force is able to travel back and forth through the slavery era to continuously save a white child name Rufus.Through her journeys she, a first hand witness to the cruel and harsh ways in the south.This book has a unique aspect of using time travel in an interesting and captivating way and with most books with a theme of time travel have a hard time keeping the reader interested but the way Octavia wrote the book it makes you feel like you’re there in a way and are able to feel the hardships her and other africian amercians went through because she used descriptive and vivid words.Also many books with involvement of slavery don’t give enough detail or realism and without those it doesn't really show the cruelty of slavery but in Kindred she was able to describe slavery through a different perspective without ruining the meaning of the literary piece.The last reason I enjoyed this book because of the the story, the story itself is interesting and how Octavia wrote a story with so much passion,hate,slavery and racial problems then vs now.It changes the way you think of the world because it’s one example of an eye opener of the way America had no problem with the horrid and evil foundation that was put down by racist white people.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Octavia Butler’s Kindred is a remarkable novel revolving around many topics, specifically slavery and racism. Dana, a young African American woman living in the 1970’s, is faced with a brutal challenge. Somehow, a mysterious force is allowing her to travel through time and transport her to the antebellum south during the 1800’s. From the very beginning, she encounters a boy named Rufus and later on, she realizes she is saving him from danger and protecting him from whatever trouble he had gotten himself into. Each time she finds herself staying with Rufus for longer periods of time and each time she finds herself in more danger than the previous stay. Throughout this whole experience, Dana finally gets to understand what her ancestors and other African American slaves had to go through during the time slavery was a major issue. She personally has to go through all of their hardships, but with each visit she sees that it’s just getting harder and harder, and it will only get worse as time goes on. This novel is full of suspense and it will have you eager to turn each page. Personally, I think by reading this novel, you experience what Dana experiences and the entire book makes you feel like you’re going through all of Dana’s hardships. Of course, it gives you a better perspective of what life was like in the 1800’s, when slavery was obviously not yet abolished. One of the themes in this novel is in fact slavery because it emphasizes how the only way Dana is able to survive is if she acts like a slave. The novel also describes the lives of slaves with great detail. Overall, Kindred is an amazing piece because it covers complex topics yet it’s very easy to read and very easy to get absorbed in.
KellymarieA More than 1 year ago
The novel Kindred by Octavia E. Butler is such an amazing piece. It is an amazing piece because the novel talks about the modern time, and also talks about time during slavery. While reading the book the main character Dana goes back into time not knowing how she does it. She meets a boy named Rufus who’s from the south and his dad Tom Weylin who is another important character. Dana is a black woman who goes about life normal just like any other lady. Rufus is a white little boy who lives in Antebellum South. Tom Weylin is the father of Rufus. Tom Weylin owns his own plantation filled of slaves. Dana is transported into the quarter slavery time to help the little boy Rufus. She has been chosen to save him. Without realizing and figuring out why she goes back to that century she meets Rufus and saves him from things that can hurt him or cause death. One major theme in the novel Kindred is slavery. Slavery is a big theme in the book because Dana is a black lady who goes back in time where slavery is very popular and a huge deal. Saving Rufus life during that century is hard because she has to deal with the racism from all the white people. I like this novel because it it was very interesting on how she goes back in time to help Rufus out. I also like this novel because i love learning about the past history and how things have been during that time period.