King David's Daughters: Learning to love ourselves

King David's Daughters: Learning to love ourselves

by Bridgett Nesbit


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A masterful beauty, Tamar's flowing hair, her vivacious figure and the exhaust of her smile rendered men speechless. As a princess, the daughter of King David, she would eventually marry a prince from a neighboring kingdom but fate would not be so kind. Tamar's vibrant beauty would not serve as an attribute when a twisted affection would threaten to strip her of her integrity.
Incest crept into the palace, the gorgeous princess would not have to worry about anyone outside the castle, and instead she would have to contend with the manipulation of her half brother Amnon's stern hand gripping her thigh, stealing her virtue, her dignity and her proper place in the future.
Tamar's need to hide owns kinship with others and opens the door for dialogue, many have wore her tear soaked rob, whether in a public housing unit or in a beautiful house on the hill.
Wounded women sometimes weep without making a sound. Expensive suits and fancy cars cannot compete with personal peace; a husband will not hide the inner hurt form a life of despair and little girls without strong father figures look for love in all the wrong places regardless of their income.
In a torn and tear soaked robe Tamar would beg Amnon to redeem her because in her time, when Biblical principals restricted women's expression and their lives, she was considered unclean.
In her eyes she was now damaged goods and Tamar's seemingly leprous condition rendered her into a helpless self seclusion. Should would hide away, negating her own dreams to transpire into weakness. Her voice would become muffled with pain and in her brother Absalom's home is where she undertook a lifetime of silence and refuge.
All through time God's beautiful princesses have been wounded, touched in secret, internally violated and they too have laid down their power and their tiaras.
In our society there are many socially outward rush home to sink into a bleak depression which fogs their beauty from themselves, and they view their disguise of hurt as the mirror image of ugly.
Unclean, damaged goods or hid away I'm sure are the type of gossip that floated through the castle about Tamar.
And like others Tamar's faith fell in her situation, no one could tell her that their was a man like no other who could heal all her broken places, restore the vibrancy of her previous laughter so that she would remember the pain only as a testimony.
This scripture based journal allows you to be ministered to through the word of God and find your worth. To discover the princess and not a plight of pain.

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