King of the Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story of Travel and Adventure in Africa

King of the Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story of Travel and Adventure in Africa


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King of the Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story of Travel and Adventure in Africa by John Boyes

This is an account of the "adventures" of a Yorkshireman, his early life as a sailor, participation in the Matabele War, and his largely succesful attempts to unite the Kikuyu tribe. It was first published in 1911.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781570901263
Publisher: Alexander Books
Publication date: 01/20/2001
Series: Resnick Library of African Adventure Series
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I15
Early youth
I run away to sea on a fishing-boat
Hardships of the life
Take service on a tugboat
Life on board a tramp
First view of tropical African coast
A collision at sea
Land at Durban, 1895
Chapter II26
I work my way up-country to Matabeleland
Employed as fireman on an engine
Reach Johannesburg
Trek the rest of the way to Bulawayo on foot
Take service in the Matabeleland Mounted Police
Join the Africander Corps engaged in putting down the rebellion
Go into trade in Bulawayo
Return to the coast
I take to the stage
Work my way on an Arab dhow to Mombasa, February, 1898
Cool official reception
Chapter III41
1898: Determine to organize a transport caravan on the Uganda Railway route, to carry provisions for the coolies working on the railway
Man-eating lions at railway construction camps
Reach the borderland of the Masai and Kikuyu tribes
Desertion of my men
Return to Railhead
Start out again with convoys for Uganda
Loss of my transport animals
Decide to enter the Kikuyu country
Chapter IV69
Government official tries to prevent me going into the Kikuyu country
Give the official the slip
My first acquaintance with the Kikuyu
Meet Karuri, the Kikuyu chief
Hospitable reception
Kikuyu village attacked because of my presence in it
I help to beat off the attack
Successful trading
Build a house in the Kikuyu village
Native theory as to the origin of the Kikuyu race
I help defend my Kikuyu friends from hostile raids, and beat off the enemy
Benefit of my conciliatory counsels
Pigasangi and blood brotherhood
Chapter V87
Am established in the country
Native festivities and dances
Musical quickness of the natives
Dearth of musical instruments
My attempts at military organization
Hostile rumours
Preparations for resisting attack
Great battle and defeat of the attacking tribes
Victory due to skilful tactics of my Kikuyu force
Succeed in taking a large convoy of provisions into the starving Government stations
White men attacked and killed
Am supreme in the tribe
Native poisons
Although I am supplying the Government stations with food, I get no recognition at the hands of the officials
Chapter VI104
Determine to extend my operations into more remote districts of the Kikuyu country
New friends
Native taste for tea
Plague of ants
Curious superstition with regard to milking cows
The Kalyera reject my friendly overtures
Trouble at headquarters
Tragic interview with a recalcitrant chief
Gain further prestige thereby
Further plans
Take my Kikuyu followers down to Mombasa
Their impressions in contact with civilization
Chapter VII122
Back again in the Kikuyu country
Kalyera raid
Effect of a mule on the native nerve
Does it eat men?
Prepare for a new expedition
Dress my men in khaki, and march under the Union Jack
A hostile medicine man
Around Mount Kenia
Native drinks
Treacherous native attack on my camp
Lucky capture of the hostile chief saves the camp
Pursuit after stolen cattle
Another attack on my camp
Change of attitude of natives on account of rain
Peace again
Bury my ivory
The forest slopes of Mount Kenia
A powerful chief
Establish myself and erect a fort
Chapter VIII150
The Wanderobo
Visit from the Wanderobo chief
Native bartering
A grand meeting of surrounding tribes for blood brotherhood under my auspices
Dancing frenzy
Native ideas of a future life
Again trek for the unknown
Attacked by natives
Chief's admonition
Decide to visit the Wanderobo chief Olomondo
Wanderobo gluttony
The honey bird
Wanderobo methods of hunting
Massacre of a Goanese safari
My narrow escape
General uprising of hostile tribes
Rise of the Chinga tribes against me
My precarious position
Successful sally and total defeat of the enemy
My blood brother, the Kikuyu chieftain, comes to my aid with thousands of armed men
Total extinction of the Chinga people
Chapter IX181
My control over the whole country is now complete
Get back with my ivory to Karuri's
Recover all the property of the murdered Goanese
My position recognized by all the chiefs
Violent death of my enemy, the rainmaker
Peaceful rule
Try to improve the agriculture of the country
Imitators of my schemes cause trouble in the country
Troubles of a ruler
Outbreak of smallpox
My attempts at alleviating the distress misunderstood
Daily routine in a native village
"Sin vomiting"
Native customs
Native hospitality among themselves
Adventures with lions
Chapter X214
Government send an expedition into my country to take over the administration
Go with my followers to meet the Government officials
Am asked to disarm my followers by the Government officials
Consent to this, and am then put under arrest
Am charged with "dacoity"
Am sent down to Mombasa to be tried, and placed in the gaol
Am released on bail
Tried and acquitted
I am appointed intelligence officer and guide to a Government expedition into the Kalyera country
Chapter XI226
Origin of the Kikuya
The family
Land tenure

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