Kingdom Lifestyles for Children: Kingdom Lifestyles for Successful Living

Kingdom Lifestyles for Children: Kingdom Lifestyles for Successful Living

by Marilyn Smith


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ISBN-13: 9781466938250
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 07/23/2012
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Kids on a Mission to Shine
By Marilyn S. Smith

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Marilyn Smith
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-3825-0

Chapter One


Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Joshua. The school bell had just rung and everyone were going to their classrooms. Joshua, and Joylyn were in Mrs Kindle's class. This morning, there was a new boy in the classroom. His name was Omar. Omar was born in Africa. His parents came to the Bahamas for a better way of life. Mrs Kindle introduced Omar to the class and as she did most of the students began laughing at Omar. While the class was laughing. Joshua and, Joylyn looked at each other with empathy. The children were laughing hysterically at Omar because he was fat, his shoes were tattered and torn and his clothing was also too small. Mrs kindle asked "Class why are you laughing at Omar, that's not nice at all". Omar began to cry bitterly in the front of the class where he sat. At this time Mr Bethel arrived to prepare to teach his math class after the break. Mrs Kindle took Omar aside into another room to help him to calm down.

The school bell had just rung and it was break time. Joshua and Joylyn could not wait to see how they could help Omar cheer up again. "Can I go with you to see Omar asked Joylyn? "Oh yes lets go and see what we can do to cheer him up, "Hello, how can I help you, replied Mrs Kindle. "Oh we just came to see how Omar is doing. "He will be just fine" replied Mrs Kindle. I will leave you here to talk with him if he wishes. Mrs Kindle introduced Joshua and Joylyn to Omar and told him that they were a few of the nice kids in the class." Omar would you like to meet them?" I don't mind replied Omar as he looked up with teary eyes. I has to go to the office to see the principal. I should be back soon. After Mrs Kindle left, Joshua and Joylyn said hello. "How are you feeling 'asked Joylyn?" Oh I will be okay. Thanks for your concern. We are really sorry about what happened today replied Joshua. Omar, and then shared with them of how his parents had no money to buy him new clothing and shoes for school. Joylyn and Joshua felt so bad for him that they decided that they would tell their parents after school about what had happened today in class with Omar.

It was soon 3pm and school was out. Joshua and Joylyn eagerly awaited their parents arrival to tell them about their day and what had happened and also asked their parents what they could do to help Omar. You see Joshua and Joylyn knew that the more you give and help others you will be putting God first in your life. The next week Omar was the talk of the class instead of the laugh of the class. When he walked in the classroom there was a moment of silence as his class mates stared at him in amazement. He had new shoes, new clothing, a new bag and even a new hair cut. He was the happiest and smartest looking champion in the class, thanks to Joylyn and Joshua. They felt so happy that they were able with God's help to meet the needs of Omar. Omar's parents were so thrilled by what was done that they surprised them by visiting their church the following Sunday and could not stop thanking them for their thoughtfulness.

Remember to do what you can to help others so that you can open the doors for God's blessings to fall on you. God wants us to do good to everyone we meet.

Do good to all men especially those who are of the household of faith. Galations 6:10

Chapter Two


Charissa was awakened by the noise of a lawn mower in use by Jack the gardener. The birds were chirping in the trees and the sun was shining brightly through her bedroom window. Before she opened her eyes Charissa knew it was a great day. Soon there was a knock on her bedroom door. It was her mother who had brought her cousin Kim over to visit. "Good morning Charissa," said her mother I brought Kim over to keep your company for the week end. It's time to get up so that we can go to the food store. "Hello Charissa", replied Kim as she gently rubbed her soft hair, come on get ready. Hello Kim,replied Charissa yawning and stretching all the same time. "I am happy to see you". Soon Charissa was brushing her teeth, had a bath and was now ready to go. She was taught by her mother and father to always tell the truth. Kim had not seen Charissa for a long time. It has been now for 5 years. They were having so much fun talking about the good times they had when they were younger. So much fun that her father knocked on her door to find out if everything was fine. "Oh Dad we are just fine, we are just talking about girly stuff", replied Charissa. "Lets go you two. Your mother and I are waiting for you. "Soon they arrived at the super market and were soon engaged in helping with the shopping. After about five minutes it was noted that Kim was missing. Oh where is Kim, asked Charissa's mother, she was just here. I think I know where she is. I will see if she is in the candy isle. Charissa went to one of the candy isle but Kim was not there. She then proceeded to call Kim as she passed the other isles. The food store had so many people. As Charissa looked towards the cashier she noticed that Kim was right in front of the candy stand. What could she be looking at, that is so interesting? Charissa slowly walked behind Kim only to find her putting gum and candy in her pockets". Kim what are you doing?" Did I really see you stealing candies? asked Charissa. Kim hesitantly looked up at Charissa and replied that she did steal the candy and begged her not to let her parents know. What do you mean do not let my parents know? Don't you know that stealing is wrong Kim God hates it? At that moment Charissa's parents walked up to them and asked what is going on. Both girls looked at each other and just shrugged their shoulders. Charissa's mother proceeded to the cashier to pay for the groceries, while her father stayed to find out what was the problem with Kim. Charissa looked at Kim as she waited for her to respond. After a moment of silence, Charissa told her Dad that Kim had stolen gum and candies and had them tucked away in her pockets. "Is that true Kim?," asked her father. Yeeees Kim responded reluctantly with her head bowed down. You do not have to steal to get things; sometimes if you ask, it may be given and sometimes it may not be given. Stealing is wrong because when you steal, you take something that is not rightfully yours. God does not want us to practice stealing because it is not right. Stealing is wrong Kim. Kim began to cry sorrowfully. She felt so badly about what she had done. I'm so sorry she said as she took the candies out of her pocket. Now you have to return the candies to the cashier and also apologize? May I also warn you that the cashier might have to call the police to see you.

Oh I am very afraid of the police, replied Kim, don't they lock you up in jail if you do something wrong? You see Kim if you continue to practise these habits, you will do more and more of it as you get older and habits like these are hard to break. I know it is best that you stop now '. I will stop and am ready to apologize replied Kim as she wiped her tears. Kim's mother soon came back and was told what had happened. It's ok Kim once you are sorry God forgives us and as he forgives us he wants us to change into being more and more like him. After arriving to the car Charissa ask Kim if she wanted to give her life to Jesus, so that she could live a life that is pleasing to him. They all held hands as Kim gave her life to Jesus. Charissa's parents were so proud of her for telling the truth about what happened and helping to make a change in Kim's life.

Chapter Three


Once upon a time there lived a little boy whose name was John. John loved to fly his kite on Saturdays. Today was a bright sunny day. The clouds were blue and white and the breeze was blowing with just a little sun. John went to his father who was in the garden watering the plants and asked, "Dad can you come and fly my kite with me?" "Oh I would love to come and watch you fly your kite.", replied his father. Soon John and his father were enjoying kite flying. The kite was flying high high up into the sky when suddenly they were surrounded by the whole neighbourhood of friends. They were so excited to see the kite flying so high in the sky. It was filled with so many colours. John soon began playing with some of the boys in the neighbourhood who had their kites flying in the sky also. At this point John's father smiled and said" son I am so proud of how well you can fly your kite, I have taught you well. I am going to see you in a little while after I finish my gardening. All the boys were having so much fun. Even the younger ones were begging the older ones to show them how to fly kite. Tony, one of the neighbourhood boys began to tease John saying "I can fly kite better than you." John looked at Tony and replied "That's just fine all I really want to do is have some fun with my kite. Tony who was known to be the Bully of the neighbourhood suddenly began bragging to the neighbourhood kids Tracey and Martin of how he was sure that he could beat John flying kite. As the crowd gathered there were some who thought that John could very well beat Tony, while others believed that Tony could beat John. John thought to himself" hmm a kite flying completion does not sound too bad, in fact it might be something that Tony needs to keep his big mouth shut for a while. I think it would be exciting and very nice. By this time Tony was still bragging about how he was better than John in flying kite. Okay bring on the competition John shouted to his opponent. Tony paused for a moment in prayer asking God to to help him to be successful in winning. His parents always told him to trust in the Lord with all his heart and lean not to his own understanding. In all his ways to acknowledge him so that He will direct his path proverbs 3:5. Tony was overjoyed as he pranced up and down the neighbourhood inviting everyone to come and see the competition. Even some parents including his were watching. The winner was the one whose kite stayed up the longest after 30 minutes. After the first fifteen minutes it appeared that Tony was winning. But suddenly John's kite began to take a leap. It was soon I minute left before the competition would be over. By this time both John and Tony's fans were shouting for their hopeful winner. After 30 minutes, John's kite was the only one still standing. The crowd was laughing hysterically at Tony's kite because it was stuck in a tree tattered and torn and he could not get it down. Cheers was given to John for a job well done. John walked over to Tony and helped him to retrieve his wounded kite. Well you have proven your point you can really beat me flying kite Tony replied. "If you'd like I can teach you a few skills in kite flying when you are ready John implied. "That sounds great I just might take you up on that offer". I have something I would like to ask you "Tony replied "Yes you can" John replied. How is it you are always so kind to me? It's because I am a friend of God and he is love. Tony He loves you so much that he gave his life that you may have eternal life. They both shook hands and left as friends. There are occasionally times in our lives when we all are challenged with choosing to do good or bad. We must always choose to do good over evil. (Romans 12:21) and always seek to make others happy with God's love.

Chapter Four


Once upon a time there lived a little boy named William. William was an excellent student in his class and he loved meeting and helping boys and girls in his school. He was a well-rounded child in all of the academic subjects. Not only was William the smartest in his class, but he also was doing his best to obey God. He was truly a light that shined brightly wherever he went. His teachers were so happy that he attended their school. William would go by the office at times to see how the administrators were doing. Whenever the opportunity arises, William shared Jesus with his class mates. He was truly a positive role model for his peers. His mother and father lived a life that was also pleasing to God. They continuously spent time with him to explain to him the values of obeying God's laws in the bible. Not only did they teach him about God's laws, but they also lived a life that was honest in the eyes of God and man. One day while William was showing one of his peer Ron how to-do some maths, he heard and saw some of the students looking at him and laughing. William looked at the back of the class and there was Mark and his laughing crew having a good time. William continued to help Ron. Mark and a few of the other students began to giggle again but this time they began laughing even louder saying that all William wanted to do was be a show off. Ron at first wondered when does trying to help someone make them a show off? Mr Johnson the math teacher came into the classroom and suddenly the classroom was quiet. Mr Johnson asked the class to put away all books. Mark was asked to come up to the board and work out the sum that was on the board. Mark came to the black board and tried to work out the sum but was not able to. Mr Johnson asked William to come up and work the sum out. William who was a brilliant student walked up to the board and worked the sum out successfully and even offered to help anyone who needed help. After school that day Mark quietly asked William to show him how to do some work. William gladly helped him. This act of kindness changed how Mark treated William. He was now his friend. Sometimes in life, you may meet people who may not treat you fairly but you must do all you can to show God's kindness to them. The bible teaches us to love people in spite of how they treat us. Matthew 5:44

Chapter Five


It was a bright sunny day and Monalisa was awakened by her mother who had informed her that it was time to get ready for school. Monalisa's family was one where her father was not able to find jobs as often as as he used to. It has been this way for the past 2 years so the family's income was smaller because of the slow job market. He only could find little odd jobs that was able to put food on the table. There were a number of school books that Monalisa needed to buy for her classes. Her mother being a preschool teacher could only wait for the month end to purchase her books as this was when she was paid. Monalisa's parents taught her that she should not steal because it is wrong and God hates it. We should not steal but work hard to get what we need. 'She was taught to believe that God will give them everything they needed. Monalisa believed this with all her heart. She was the school's prefect and she always aimed to reach to school on time. Her parents taught her to always try to be on time and that is exactly what she tried to do. As Monalisa was dropped off, she was welcomed by her best friend, Patience who was also a class prefect. Their jobs were to ensure that all the rules of the class were carried out. After class morning devotions, which include scripture reading, singing, prayer and sharing, Mrs Carter left the class room and informed the class that she had to go to the office and would be back to begin her English class. Monalisa was asked by Mrs Carter to watch for all the talkers after she left. The whole class was quiet and eagerly waited for Mrs Carter to return. Monalisa was called by one of the students Kathy who asked if she could go to the bathroom. "Yes you may go, I will let Mrs Carter know upon her return. Monalisa stood by the classroom door and she notice that there was a small black wallet on the floor just outside the classroom. She walked closer to see if it really was a wallet. She quickly picked it up and placed it in her skirt's pocket and walked back into the class. The class was still quiet and soon Mrs Carter and Kathy had returned. No one but Monalisa and God knew what had happened. It was soon break time and the class was dismissed. Monalisa quickly fled to the bathroom to see her discovery. Upon opening the wallet, she was surprised to have found $300. 00 dollars. She at first felt excited that she had found so much money, she could now buy her much needed books for school. As she looked through the wallet again, just to be sure that this was real she picked up an identification card that read Mrs Jane Lila Carter. This wallet belonged to Mrs Carter her class teacher. She suddenly felt happy and sad because she knew that she had two choices. One was to either keep the money or just be honest and give the money and wallet up. Monalisa thought "oh it would be sooooo nice to keep this money to buy my much needed books for school. But then she thought deeper, stealing is one of God's laws which says I should not steal and besides my parents will not support this because I know who it belongs to. She made the decision to return the wallet to Mrs you will give me everything I need so I trust you Lord and I believe you will help me. Monalisa returned to the classroom where she met Mrs Carter preparing for the next class. Monalisa I have your English homework on your desk implied Mrs Carter, I found your wallet outside the door after you left replied Monalisa. Here it is. As she handed Mrs Carter her wallet, she looked in amazement as she reached out and received it. "Oh thank you so much I did not realize that I had dropped it. Thank you so much." She replied again. Mrs Carter opened her wallet and was even more excited to find that all her money and valuable cards were all there. I must do something for you to show my appreciation to you ". What can I do to help?" "Have you gotten all of your school books for this term?" No Mrs. Carter I do not have any of my books for this term. Well am going to make sure that you get them all. Thank you Mrs. Carter for your kindness". Monalisa was so happy that God had come through for her when she decided to be honest, God allowed Mrs Carter to meet her need. There will be times in our lives when we will have to make decisions about making the right choice. Let us always choose to do what is just and right because God will meet our every need. Be a light wherever you go and shine, shine, shine.


Excerpted from KINGDOM LIFESTYLES for CHILDREN by Marilyn S. Smith Copyright © 2012 by Marilyn Smith. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


A WORD TO THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD....................3
ABOUT THE CHARACTERS....................4
Jesus A Friend Of Children....................5
1. DO GOOD TO ALL MEN....................6
2. CHARISSA TELLS THE TRUTH....................8
3. THE KITE FLYING COMPETITION....................10
4. BE A DOOER OF GOD'S WORD....................12
5. HONESTY....................14
6. GOD LOVES A CHEERFULL GIVER....................16
7. AN INNOCENT VICTIM....................18
8. DISOBEDIENCE IS NOT WORTH THE PRICE....................20
10. OH BE CAREFUL LITTLE MOUTH WHAT YOU SAY!....................24

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