Kingdom of Bureaucracy: The Political Theology of Village Scribes in the Sayings Gospel Q

Kingdom of Bureaucracy: The Political Theology of Village Scribes in the Sayings Gospel Q

by G. B. Bazzana


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ISBN-13: 9789042931787
Publisher: Peeters Publishing
Publication date: 12/31/2015
Series: Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium Series , #274
Pages: 395
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

I Current Problems in the Study of Q 2

II Egyptian Papyri and Galilean Judaism 9

III Wisdom and Apocalyptic 16

IV Divine Βασιλεια in the Sayings Gospel 19

V The Political Theology of Bureaucrats 22

VI Organization of the Material 25

Chapter 1 ΚΩΜΟΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΕΙΣ in the Greco-Roman World: Administrative and Social Profile 29

I Κωμογραμματεις in Antiquity 29

1 Sources and Literature 29

2 Appointment and Responsibilities 37

II A Sociological Model for Village Scribes 54

1 Storage and "Time-Space Distanciation" 55

2 City-Country Relationships 67

3 Village Scribes as Peasants? 73

III Conclusions 82

Chapter 2 Village Scribes and the Language of the Sayings Gospel Q 85

I 'Εκβαλλω in Q 10,2 85

II Οικετεια in Q 12,42 96

III Θησαυρος in Q 6,45 and 12,33-34 105

Chapter 3 The Socio-Cultural Profile of Local Administrators in Rural Galilee in the First Century CE 119

I Greek Language and Education in Galilee 119

II Linguistic Training in Galilee 134

LIT The Cultural Identity of Jewish Administrators in Galilee in the First Century CE 146

IV Q's Village Scribes between Herodian and Roman Galilee 155

V Conclusions 163

Chapter 4 ΒΑΣΤΛΕΙΑ in the Sayings Gospel 165

I Βασιλεια in the Lord's Prayer 165

1 Debts Relief in Documentary Papyri 167

2 Βασιλεια in Documentary Papyri 181

3 Providing Nourishment and Royal Ideology 187

4 Loyalty and Test 193

II Βασιλεια in the Sayings Gospel 202

III Conclusions 211

Chapter 5 The Politics of ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΑ 213

I Sovereignty and Welfare of the Subjects 213

II Βασιλευς and Βασιλευις in the Early Roman Empire 226

1 Augustus and the Discourse on Kingship 226

2 The Discourse on Kingship as a Means of Political and Ideological Negotiation 237

III The Use of Βασιλεια in Greek and Jewish Authors of the First Century CE 249

IV Conclusions 262

Chapter 6 The Political Theology of Bureaucracy 263

I Βασιλεια as a Theological Political Concept 264

II Βασιλεια without Βασιλευς in the Sayings Gospel Q 272

III Βασιλεια and Agamben's "Economic Theology" of Bureaucracy 283

IV "Economic Theology" in Jewish Texts of the Second Temple Period 296

V "Economic Theology" in the Sayings Gospel Q 302

VI Conclusions 313

Conclusions and Perspectives for Further Research 315

Indexes 325

I Abbreviations 327

II Bibliography 331

III Index of Proper Names 359

Ancient Names 359

Modern Names 362

Geographical Locations 369

IV Index of Texts 371

Papyri, Ostraka, Tablets, and Inscriptions 371

Biblical Texts, Sayings Gospel Q, and Apocryphal Sources 373

Other Ancient Texts 375

V Thematic Index 377

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