Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire?: Why Christians are on the Sidelines of a Divided Nation

Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire?: Why Christians are on the Sidelines of a Divided Nation

by Julien Stanford


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A great political divide exists today, but can we truly grasp the significance of that divide?

It is very complex and carries such deep implications that explaining the nature of the divide is not possible without reaching far back into history to trace its development. An informed context provides needed clarity.

Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire demonstrates that the Christian position is the only one that can squarely address the phenomena of the whole human experience without violating the principle of non-contradiction. More importantly, Christianity continues to be the sole hope for individual and cultural redemption.

In order to truly appreciate—or even begin to understand—something as complex as Christianity, one must first be acquainted with the backdrop against which it emerged. In this pertinent and timely work by Julien Stanford, the reader will be acquainted with this nuanced, contextual understanding among other tools to guide them in engaging with the current cultural divide.

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ISBN-13: 9781632694997
Publisher: Deep River Books LLC
Publication date: 08/15/2019
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Julien Stanford attended Louisiana State University and is a graduate of T.H. Harris Technical School. For the past 29 years, Julien has been involved in Quality Control/Oversight in the nuclear industry. His hobbies include woodcarving, songwriting, politics, history, and long meditative walks. In the past he has served as an ordained elder. He and his wife, Sylvia, currently reside in Crowley, LA and regularly attend Our Savior's Church in Lafayette. Julien is the father of five children, grandfather of sixteen, and great-grandfather of one.

Table of Contents

Section I: Out of the Wilderness

Chapter 1—Closing the Gap

Chapter 2—Separated to Reveal a Holy God

Chapter 3—The Jews Enter Canaan: A Genocidal Campaign?

Chapter 4—Jesus: Savior, or Just the Revealer of Hidden Knowledge?

Chapter 5— Power-Hungry Misogynists or Courageous Christian Soldiers?

Chapter 6—The God-Man Who Revolutionized the World

Chapter 7—Racism and Slavery

Chapter 8—The US Constitution and the Philosophy That Inspired Our Founding

Chapter 9—The Renaissance and the Enlightenment

Chapter 10—Providence and Liberty

Chapter 11—Four White Men and the Most Brutal Century of Human Destruction

Chapter 12—The Darwinian Triumph

Chapter 13—Marxism

Section II: The Enlightenment Onslaught

Chapter 14—Higher Criticism, and the Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis

Chapter 15—Daniel: History or Prophecy?

Chapter 16—Higher Criticism and the New Testament

Chapter 17—Was Jesus Truly Resurrected?

Chapter 18—Jesus: Just Another “Dying/Rising God-Man” Myth?

Chapter 19—The New Testament: The Teachings of Jesus, or Political Reaction to Gnosticism?

Chapter 20—Symbolism vs. Literalism

Chapter 21—The Da Vinci Code

Chapter 22—Misquoting Jesus

Section III: Into the Garden or Back to the Wilderness?

Chapter 23—The Early Strands of Conservatism

Chapter 24—Twentieth-Century Currents and Hitler’s Aktion T-4

Chapter 25—The Frankfurt School

Chapter 26—Modern American Enlightenment Fruit

Chapter 27—Three Twenty-First Century Presidents

Chapter 28—Global Warming

Chapter 29—The God Delusion

Chapter 30—The God Delusion, Part II

Chapter 31—The Implications of Darwinist-Materialist Thought

Chapter 32—The Worst Generation

Section IV: Kingdom or Empire?

Chapter 33—Islam: Its History and Goals

Chapter 34—Jehovah and Allah: A Study in Contrasting Character and Revelation

Chapter 35—The Rebirth of Israel in 1948

Chapter 36—Final Thoughts: Especially for Christians

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