Kingstown Burning: A Novel

Kingstown Burning: A Novel

by Rachelle J. Gray


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Marley Cadogan, a socialite media personality, and her two bona fides-Nubya, a sought-after fashion designer, and I-Am, a spiritual herbalist-find themselves caught in the crossfire of a regional ganja war on the southern Caribbean island of Barbados.

Their journey spans across Barbadian gullies and ghettos, ultimately rolling into the limelight of Marley's public world. Now she must question her loyalty to her beliefs, and with her squad, set out on a quest that will determine if there can be honor amongst thieves.

A lapse in judgment leads Judah, a strong, fiery soul, to move in the wrong direction. Now Judah is being hunted. His wife, Nubya, is discovered to be keeping secrets, and her best friend, Marley, seeks out an Obeah Man for protection, only to uncover a deeply buried truth.

I-Am and her trigger-ready brother, Shotta Forward, gear up to disrupt the fragile harmony of the streets in a thrilling mix that moves along a mystical timeline on a tropical paradise. Marley, I-Am, and Nubya inadvertently discover what they are made of and are left to determine if that makes them heroes or villains.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735079516
Publisher: Ladygray Publishing
Publication date: 10/19/2020
Pages: 188
Sales rank: 1,097,649
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Rachelle J. Gray is an Afro-Barbadian American writer, communications specialist, photographer, and creative consultant. She is the former editor-in-chief of BimROCK Magazine, and has also written for Island Life Magazine and Innovate Barbados.

After graduating SUNY - Buffalo State College with Bachelor's degrees in Broadcast Production and Business Studies, she spent the early part of her career as a photojournalist for Barbados' leading newspaper, the Nation, before establishing her boutique multimedia agency GrayWorks Media in 2003. A social entrepreneur, she founded I-Queen, a cultural festival that promoted Afro-Caribbean women in the arts, education, and entertainment. As an exhibiting photographer, her work has been shown at MoCADA, and Queen's Park Gallery.

A mother of one and an auntie to many, she is an avid gardener, music enthusiast, and dancer who enjoys a good laugh and a spicy story. Living and working between the USA, Barbados, and Senegal, Kingstown Burning is her debut novel.

Table of Contents

Caribbean Map vii


  1. The Shark 3
  2. Two Sevens 8
  3. The Penthouse 19
  4. Bam Bam 26
  5. Old Fyah Stick Easy Fi Ketch 34
  6. Cha! 44
  7. Ms. Ashby's Shop 46
  8. Daughters 51
  9. Gully Creepers 62


10. Judah's Story 73

11. The Upper Room 81

12. Haile Selassie Is the Chapel 87

13. A Fi Fly Out 92

14. The Conquering Lion 95

15. Three To One Is Murder 102

16. You Naked Tough 109

17. A Parade of Clouds 112

18. Zaire 117


19. Hold the Order 123

20. The Cenote 127

21. The Amazonian Giant 135

22. Temple Yard 141

23. Do Fuh Do Ain't Obeah 150

24. Music. Message. Forward 156

25. You Are Beautiful 160

26. Port Saint Lucie 164

27. Rastaman Wheel Out 169

Glossary 175

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