Kintumbanis: The Last Wizard

Kintumbanis: The Last Wizard

by Paula La Sala


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Kintumbanis: The Last Wizard by Paula La Sala

This is a story of a wizard born in England in the middle of the eleventh century, just before the Normans invade and change things forever. He is a wizard in a time and place where the influence of the church is growing stronger and stronger and the old magic is becoming more and more suspect. People still know and respect a wizard, but are turning away, afraid that such knowledge is sinful and its wielders in some way demonic. Kintumbanis, the child, is born on a farm, and because of his strangeness is apprenticed by his father to a magician. When he reaches early manhood he hears the call from the Island, the wizard training school where time flows differently and which cannot be reached by land, air or sea.

There he meets both the love of his life and the wizard who will pursue him in hatred for the rest of his days. Because of a personal tragedy, Kintumbanis, the new wizard, is aimless until he sets off to find his love�s home near the Black Sea. Each step of the way brings new adventure. In some cases it is his friend Khan, the golden dragon who asked his help on the Island, who saves him from harm. It is sixteen years before he returns to England. There he is called upon to use his skills and powers to banish a dire threat from evil in the town of Lincoln. He finds himself in Ireland, where the fairy folk are entangled with a noble family who have become entranged from the church.

There the mature wizard remains until he is summoned to Wales by a daughter of the family. It is there that he at last meets his nemesis and the battle he has avoided for so many years must be joined.

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ISBN-13: 9781929925551
Publisher: FirstPublish, Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/2001
Pages: 600
Product dimensions: 5.76(w) x 8.56(h) x 1.17(d)

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