Kiss of Night: A Novel

Kiss of Night: A Novel

by Debbie Viguié
4.1 16


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Kiss of Night 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
aharey 5 months ago
When Susan arrives in Prague, the last thing she ever expects is to become embroiled with a vampire, especially an ancient yet attractive one like Raphael. In Kiss of Night, Debbie Viguie begins a vampire trilogy with a Christian perspective (something I can tell you I never expected to ever read). Honestly, if I wasn't already a fan of Viguie, I might not have read this. I'm so glad I did. The story is unique and the characters are interesting. I definitely recommend this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Vampires with dashing good looks. Heroines in their young twenties who are stronger than they seem, yet almost die in the fight. The curse of daylight, fire, garlic, and crosses with little explanation of the meaning and power behind the symbol. A tortured vampire with heart. A non-vampiric sweetheart of a guy forced to join the fight. And France. Always somebody or something French. I found the supposed Christian spin just that - a ploy to reach closeted fans of the paranormal genre. Using a cross to fend off vampires or heroes praying in the face of evil is nothing new to fiction and happens in plenty of non-Christian media. Heck, every time a soap opera character has a loved one in the hospital they go pray in the chapel and then hop into bed with someone for comfort. This novel is a bit too formulaic. That having been said, I did appreciate a bit of newness in the characters of Paul (though I have seen religious vampires in other works) and some of his tricks (though there have been mentor immortals in other works), Michael, the mad-scientist vampire, two full couples and no typical love triangle, and the cliffhanger ending. I do love the way this author writes and just how easy it is to see it in your mind, and the constant fast-paced action. But so far it just feels like it's straining for the Christian angle. And there are so many vampire myths from around the world that could fit a good-versus-evil mold so easily that I don't understand why it ALWAYS has to be a hot guy with a heart of gold. And rarely do works of paranormal fiction portray characters outside of their twenties with this book being of little exception - even the grandmother is portrayed in an old photo of a young girl in love. It's a fun, inexpensive read with promise of something different to come in the next installment and great use of imagery. But I do get tired of the same ol' same old, and the Christian classification is a bit of a stretch on this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Christianfictionaddiction More than 1 year ago
I have never gotten swept up into the vampire book craze, and have never seen a single Twilight film, but I have to say that after reading Kiss of Night I wonder if I've been missing out! This book is certainly on the edgier side of Christian fiction with vampires lusting for blood and fights to the death between vampires and humans. But I have to say that I was absolutely captivated by the story line and the breakneck pace of the book, which largely takes place in the present but also has brief snapshots into Raphael's past. The book has a fascinating premise underlying it, posing the question of whether it would be possible to be a vampire and to also embrace a belief in God. The manner in which the author lays this out makes this an entirely plausible scenario, and also raises an intriguing concept about vampires being cursed because the human had been so wicked that there was no way that in a span of their lifetime they would have been able to be redeemed. Instead, they are cursed to become vampires and basically become immortal (except for a few ways that they can be killed), giving the vampire centuries to come to grips with their evil nature and realize their need for redemption. I loved watching Susan and David discover that vampires existed, and the forbidden love that unfolds between Susan and Raphael is sure to please those craving some romance in the midst of the suspense and the supernatural elements. By the end of the book, I realized that I had entered a series that was far more epic in scope than I'd anticipated, with the unfolding of the beginning of a classic good versus evil battle unto the end. I came to the end wondering how I'm going to be able to wait for the second installment! The writing is action-packed, the characters are intriguing, and the plot is exciting and superbly crafted. In short, this is a great read, and worthy of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher, Faithwords (Hachette Book Group) for the purposes of this unbiased review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At least i thought I wasnt! This book was exciting and never a dull moment... But by golly I need the next book like yesterday to this story! Worth the wait, but please dont make it long! Great read
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
I picked this book up cause it intrigued me so much! A christian vampire? Now, that is something new. I had never read anything like this before and was excited to read it. I can tell you that right from the start, I was hooked! What I liked most about this book is the plot. Paced perfectly, Ms. Viguie snags the reader with her brilliant writing, holding on to the reader tight. I loved the pacing of the book flowed well with the back round history of it. There was no confusion, just good writing that lead you further in the history of vampires. I adored all the characters. Both characters went through a lot of change but did not hold back feelings. I love how the characters were immediately passionate, fierce, and loyal. Ms. Viguie makes it easy to slip into the characters shoes. The reader is able to go back in time and see things from a whole new point of view. I loved the biblical references. Ms. Viguie did a great job in capturing the essence of The Knights Templar, Christian history as well as God. It may seem a little weird at first, but with the way Ms. Viguie mixes it all together, the reader has no problem reading it. Kiss of Night is a great book that I can read over and over again. Filled with non-stop action, fierce love, and great writing, Ms. Viguie created a world that I thought could never be done.
Truly_Bookish More than 1 year ago
Kiss of Night puts a whole new spin on the classic vampire story. Vampirism, it turns out, is a curse bestowed on men and women who are so depraved, they need more than a standard lifetime to turn from wickedness and be redeemed. Raphael is one of those men. A crusader who killed everyone in his path, Raphael killed for the joy and thrill of killing. Now a 700-year-old vampire, Raphael wants the help of Susan, descendant from a line of humans who can sense the supernatural, to defeat a group of vampires that have resisted redemption and have only become more evil as they age. Kiss of Night is good supernatural Christian fiction, a genre that's relatively new to me but one that I absolutely love. Along with the idea that no one is beyond redemption, the story effortlessly weaves in themes of sacrifice, love and prayer that flows well and is never preachy. Raphael is swoon worthy and the budding relationship between him and Susan, though a bit quick, is still well done. I was (very pleasantly) surprised that the couple kiss passionately on more than one occasion, you don't usually find that in Christian fiction. I loved the vampire mythology and Raphael's flashbacks to times before and after he was turned. While I enjoyed Kiss of Night, the book does have some minor flaws. The story is told from alternating character perspectives and I found the constant change a bit jarring. Additionally, as I mentioned before, the romances in the story develop quickly. The story is fast paced, thrilling and leaves mysteries that will hopefully be unfolded in upcoming sequels. The book does end in a wicked cliffhanger but that's what keeps us coming back, right? I will definitely be reading upcoming books in this series. I recommend this for anyone who is looking for something a little different in supernatural/paranormal fiction. Content: Kissing and violence.
ReviewsByMolly More than 1 year ago
Debbie Viguie is a wonderfully talented author. I was excited for the opportunity to review this new Christian fiction novel, excited that it was another new approach incorporating Vampires into the Christian realm. I was super pleased with the results and what I read! Ralph and Susan were wonderfully created characters. Viguie added an intense depth to both of them, really making them pull the reader into the heart of the story. A story of redemption, in a world of evil; a story of unlikely love between two totally opposite souls. The idea behind a vampire being redeemed for his sins, is absolutely awesome. Why? Simply because in the world today there is so much turmoil about sins and evilness, and who God will redeem. The fact that God will redeem ANYONE, really makes this story ring true. Watching Ralph make himself known to Susan, in order to help find her cousin Wendy, was awesome. Susan didn't know whether to trust him, and really, I would have been the same way. Seeing them work together, seeing their interactions, really brought the story to life for me. It really would make an AWESOME movie! When Ralph and Susan set out to help each, one searching for family, one searching to end the evil, Viguie adds the twist of mystery to the reader. Why? Because Susan's ancestors are connected to that evilness, connected to the Vampires of the past. It REALLY keeps the reader hooked, turning page after page, long into the night to see what would happen next, both TO Ralph and Susan, and BETWEEN Ralph and Susan. Again, I'm still so new to this vampire settings, but I really enjoyed this new novel. And the best part? It's the first in a new trilogy! YAY! I loved being sucked into the heart of this story, being able to walk beside Susan as she went in search of the truth, and beside Ralph as he set out to help God rid the world of evil. A truly powerful story of faith, love, hope, and redemption, this comes with my highest recommendation! You'll love every aspect of this story, especially if you love romance and vampires! A high 5 Book worthy novel! I can't WAIT for book two, Kiss of Revenge, to release next is truly one that I know will be my most anticipated read for next year. I'm loving this vampire thing! COOLNESS! Wonderful job, Ms. Viguie!
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
I was somewhat skeptical about reading this book. Since it portrays a vampire and is listed a Christian genre. Then I read the synopsis and read the vampire, Raphel seeks redemption for his sins. Can vampire be saved by the blood of Christ? I like the story line that evil can be redeemed no matter how vile their sins were. The author adds a scripture at the beginning of each chapter. You can see how the scripture works into that chapter which was a plus for me. As you get pulled into the book you begin to route for Raphel to be redeemed. The cover for the book is outstanding. I don't normally comment on the cover of a book but this one is exceptional. The story begins with Susan Lambert arriving in Prague to attend her Grandmother's funeral. Although her grandmother lived in the states she was born close to Prague. While Susan was in Prague she kept feeling like something dark was following her. Hence, comes Raphel a vampire condemned to wander the earth as a vampire for eternity because of his evil ways. They partner up in quest for the good of all. You will enjoy the other character the author has written into this story. This book pulls you in and you don't want to put it down. That is what happened to me. I highly recommend this book. I give it a 5 out of 5. Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion and in now way was compensated for that opinion.
kittycrochettwo More than 1 year ago
Susan Lambert is in the city of Prague because her beloved grandmothers funeral is being held there. Raised by her grandmother since the age of twelve when her parents were killed in a car accident, an accident that Susan had a feeling about, and that's the thing, Susan had always had a feeling of discernment. The ability to sense when something wasn't right and that was a feeling she got when she decided to visit St. Vitus Cathedral. Even though she was alone in the Cathedral she felt as if someone was there with her, and even glimpsed what she thought was a man. She sees the same man a few more times, and when her cousin Wendy decides to go partying with a stranger that oozes evil, she feels compelled to find her cousin and get her away from this man.The man that Susan glimpsed in the Cathedral,(Raphael) approaches Susan and offers to help her find Wendy, but in return he tells Susan he will need her help. Susan is soon introduced to things she would have never imagined, and learns that vampires do exist and Raphael is a vampire set to fight a war against an evil vampire who wants to rule the world. I love vampire fiction and I was quite excited to read a vampire tale that was woven into christian fiction. I enjoyed getting to know the characters especially Raphael. Thru flashbacks we learn why he was cursed to be a vampire. The way the author explains why some people become vampires was quite different from most vampire tales. Her take was that some people are so inherently evil that they are cursed as vampires thus living longer in the hopes that they will eventually learn their mistakes and accept God, which was something that Raphael was still struggling with even after 900 years. While Raphael is a vampire it was easy to sense a goodness in him, although when Susan's life was in jeopardy we certainly saw his dark side.The forbidden feel of the attraction between Susan and Raphael kept me turning the pages to see if a romance would develop.The secondary character of David added to the story for me, a reluctant hero, who was only in Prague for three months on a job assignment staying in the same hotel as Wendy and Susan, when he hears on of the women cry out he tries to help them and learns the hard way that vampires exist and soon finds himself being trained as a vampire slayer. The relationship between David and Wendy was sweet. I really hated to see this book end, and left me wanting to read a sequel. I really can't wait to see how the relationship between Raphael and Susan goes. A vampire tale woven together with a christian theme, and a fight of good versus evil, the perfect October read! On a scale of one to five I would easily give this one a six because it's just that good!
AAR More than 1 year ago
KISS OF NIGHT by Debbie Viguie is an interesting inspirational urban fantasy set in Prague,Europe with a side trip to France. It is the first in "The Kiss" trilogy. It is a unique story of Vampires,and redemption.It has a bit of romance,love,faith,courage,danger,supernatural,folk lore,death,fear,secrets,search for salvation,dark souls,and the need to save Earth from the darkness that may be coming. This is the story of Raphael, Susan, David,and Wendy(Susan's cousin). Raphael,a blasphemous Knight,who fought in the Crusades,was a mercenary, and condemned to wander the Earth as a Vampire for his hypocrisy and evil passion.Raphael,has been tortured and will be tortured again by one of the evil Vampires Enter,Susan, whose is in Prague,for her grandermother's funeral. Here is learns her family's secret,her part in this fight,is hunted by evil Vampires and is enlisted by Raphael to save the world from evil Vampires. So Raphael,enlists Susan and David to help him with his fight against evil and darkness. This is a fast paced,action packed story from beginning to end. The plot is well written with characters are will capture your heart as they learn to love,while their faith blooms. A must read. Any paranormal,urban fantasy,Christian,suspense,mystery,and romance readers will enjoy "Kiss of Night". It has a lot to offer to any of these readers,while this is an inspirational urban fantasy, it is not "preachy". "Kiss of Night" is a great beginning to what is to be an awesome trilogy. Received for review from the publisher. Details can be found at Faith Words & Center Street,a division of Hachette Group and My Book Addiction and More.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
Centuries ago, Raphael was a blasphemous knight who fought in the Crusades purely for his own mercenary benefit, and to satisfy his taste for killing. Now, condemned for his evil passions and hypocrisy, he wanders the earth a vampire, cursed with first-hand knowledge of the supernatural world he once denied existed. The powerful relic he still possesses from his days as a Crusader has been stolen by a rival vampire who has recruited an army of soulless underlings to aid him in spreading evil. At the time he learns this, Raphael has been hunting this vampire for nearly a century, and it seems the final battle is destined to take place in For help in this quest, Raphael must enlist the aid of two humans, David and Susan, who suddenly find themselves immersed in a world they never imagined, entangled with supernatural forces they can't control. Susan, in particular, finds herself conflicted as she struggles with her inexplicable attraction to Raphael. In the end, both Susan and Raphael will be called upon to exercise courage and faith, and in the process, the question, "What would happen if a vampire truly accepted God?" is answered. Goodreads Summary Vampires fighting to rule the world? Sounds like a pretty good book to me. The main character, Susan, is inquisitive and intelligent. She can be a little impulsive, she gets herself into a fair amount of trouble in the book. It is hard to restate the plot without giving anything away, the Goodreads summary does a great job of stating the facts. The events were fast-paced and exciting. There is an undercurrent of fear and mystery for part of the book. The characters were very well-developed and the reader will get to know them and their fears quite well. They were all very likable with the exception of the antagonists. This book is great for Twilight and Cassandra Clare fans.
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Susan travels to Prague to her grandmother's funeral, there she visits the wonderful and mysterious city, but she feels watched, and as her roommate cousin is lured away from the hotel she has to trust a stranger to find her. It soon becomes clear she's over her head in a world with vampires fighting over the rule of the world. David travels to Prague for a job, and finds out that being raised a good man also means that if you burst into unexpected situations your life might be in more danger than one would imagine. As it turns out he's a hard man to put down and isn't afraid to stand for those who can't protect themselves, especially when they happen to be blonde and beautiful collage students just one room over. Raphael's past is as dark as they get, which is why he's been cursed to roam the earth a vampire to have hundreds of years to get perspective, but as his lone existence now has to include Susan, a human woman, perspective seems to falter. He sure doesn't see developing feelings for a woman a good thing, but it also seems it's not something he can simply ignore, after all he has to keep Susan safe if he wants her help to win over his enemy. But with her he gets more than he bargained for. The gorgeous medieval and dark city of Prague creates just the right environment for vampires lurking in the shadows, with old buildings and more history than one can count Prague is the perfect place for Raphael's story to entwine with Susan's and produce one dark, but thrilling book. This story follows three point-of-views Susan, David and Raphael in third person, and each one of the characters is absolute delight to read! As Susan's view ends and David's picks up it doesn't feel wrong or less, but just right. All the characters are created with souls and you can feel how they are different and individual in the story. And none of the characters are flimsy, fake or hollow, but strong in their own ways and a pleasure to get to know. The story is very interesting, and as I know this is Book 1 in the trilogy all I can say is What an introduction! I can't wait to read the next book out in 2012. Debbie Viguié's vampires are either very bad ( read murderers, killers, psychos even before getting turned ) or slightly to moderately redeemed, none of them turned by accident or mockery, but turned, or as she writes Cursed, only to be punished for their evil actions as humans. Which makes the vampires interesting as they begin to seek faith and redemption. As I begun this book I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it was going to be excellent! This is definitely a series I will follow up on! A wonderful read for Fall days, definitely worth the pre-order. I'd put this in Urban Fantasy genre with a bit of Paranormal Romance in it, but PG-13. If you get one vampire book this fall, get Kiss of Night. It's for the lovers of Twilight and Mortal Instruments and those who love the idea of a dark European city with vampires stepping in front of you from a dark alley.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Lying within the darkness and the mists of the centuries old, lies a deep and hidden secret. It has been this way for many centuries and as long as there has been good in the world, so has there also been evil. Now the clock is ticking on a war that is soon to rage, yet there still remains time to train those who will begun warriors and for those who will weld weapons of unknown secrets. Susan Lambert thought that by taking a trip to Prague, she would be attending her grandmother's funeral. However when she attempts to visit an ancient cathedral her grandmother told her about, she meets a mysterious, tall stranger, with dark hair and the deepest blue eyes, who vanishes before her eyes. Not knowing if this is just a part of jet lag or simply being too tired and overwhelmed by the history of the town, Susan will be drawn to a man she both fears and trusts at the same time. When her cousin Wendy, meets an unexpected man, she invites Susan to go to a night club with them. Immediately Susan knows that this man is evil and means to harm Wendy if she leaves with him. Excusing herself to change, Susan returns to find her cousin and the stranger have vanished. Not knowing where to begin searching for her, she finds her tall, dark stranger who identifies himself as Raphael, waiting to help her find Wendy. What he is about to tell her will not only protect her on her quest, but will change her life forever. Vampires still live and not all of them are good. She just isn't sure if his intentions are to harm her or protect her. David Trent, is visiting Prague for three months for his job research, and who also coincidentally finds himself in the same hotel as Susan. When he hears screaming coming from her room, he rushes in to find a vampire holding down a woman on her bed, and in the next moment finds himself thrown across the room, before blacking out. In the novel Kiss of Night by Debbie Viguie', Susan and David will join forces with vampires to eliminate an evil threat of war about to be unleashed on the world, by a vampire older than Raphael, whose goal is to rule the world as the one true leader. What Susan and David are about to learn is just what ancient weapons, Susan's grandmother has left them and just what part Raphael's sire, Gabriel, will play in all of this. I received this novel compliments of Faith Words for my honest review and loved a different take on your traditional vampire stories. This one is written for a Christian audience but anyone who loves Twilight, would be captivated by this one as well. There is an ongoing struggle within Raphael to find the salvation of God even though he served in the crusades as a warrior. He later found greed as his motivation to move up within the ranks and thus when turned into a vampire, maintained that lust for greed. Now he fights internally for the good he sees in Susan and how she is willing to do anything to protect him and keep him from harm. This novel ends perfectly for a sequel and can't wait to hear about what happens to them in future. This one had me hooked from the first page, must like the Twilight series, and leaves me definitely for a taste of wanting even more. 5 out of 5 stars for this book that will leave you with a completely different take on all the vampire stories out there.