Kiss Symphony: Alive IV

Kiss Symphony: Alive IV

by Kiss

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Release Date: 07/22/2003
Label: Sanctuary Records
UPC: 0060768462427
catalogNumber: 84624

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kiss   Primary Artist
Peter Criss   Group Member
Gene Simmons   Bass,Group Member
Paul Stanley   Group Member
David Campbell   Conductor
Russell Davies   Horn
Pete Edwards   Violin
William Evans   Trumpet
Tommy Thayer   Group Member
Cindy Watkin   Viola
Roger Young   Violin,Ensemble
Andrew Richards   Choir, Chorus
Mary-Ann Henshaw   Choir, Chorus
Laura Kennedy   Cello
Paul MacMillan   Viola
Simon Collins   Viola
Eric Roberts   Choir, Chorus
Wilma Smith   Violin,Concert Master
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Andrew Moon   Bass
Helen Ayres   Violin
Sylvia Hosking   Bass
Rudolf Osadnik   Violin
William McLeish Smith   Violin,Ensemble,Concert Master
Eric Bramble   Horn
Izia Wasserman   Violin
Lorraine Hook   Violin
Mary Allison   Violin
Isin Cakmakcioglu   Violin
David Shafir   Violin
Robert Clarke   Percussion
Rachel Alford   Choir, Chorus
Caroline Almonte   Keyboards,Ensemble
John Arcaro   Timpani
Australian Children's Choir   Choir, Chorus
Jung Sook Yoon   Violin
Marcella Wright   Choir, Chorus
Liam Barr   Choir, Chorus
Michael Vassiliou   Choir, Chorus
Eleanor Mancini   Violin
Nick Bochner   Cello,Ensemble
Kirsty Bremner   Violin
Chris Turpin   Percussion
Matthew Tomkins   Violin
Joanna Sych   Choir, Chorus
Gabrielle Sych   Choir, Chorus
Tony Smith   Bass
Wendy Clarke   Flute
Robert Cossom   Percussion
Jacqueline Cronin   Viola
Monica Curro   Violin,Ensemble
Caitlin Rourke   Choir, Chorus
Alison Rayner   Violin
Vicki Philipson   Oboe
Marita Petherbridge   Choir, Chorus
Julie Payne   Trumpet
Kristy Brenner   Violin
Shawn Shebetka   Organ
Alison Raynor   Violin
Tim Daly   Choir, Chorus
Rosia Pasteur   Viola
Sharon Draper   Cello
Caitlin Drummond   Choir, Chorus
Jacques Dubois   Choir, Chorus
Nikki Duncan   Choir, Chorus
Thomas Durand   Choir, Chorus
Tamara Myors   Choir, Chorus
Sarah Morse   Cello,Ensemble
Isabel Morse   Viola,Ensemble
Mark Mogilevski   Violin
Elise Millman   Bassoon
Peter Forsberg   Tuba
Trinette McClimont   Horn
Ken McClimont   Trombone
Deborah Goodall   Violin
Anne Martonyi   Violin
Gabby Halloran   Viola
Jake Hoskin   Choir, Chorus
Goeff Lierse   Horn,Ensemble
Keith Johnson   Cello
Tara Lanzendorfer   Choir, Chorus
Jeremy Kleeman   Choir, Chorus
Michael Kisin   Violin,Ensemble
Christopher Kipping   Choir, Chorus
Lydia Killerby   Choir, Chorus
Adam Karlovsky   Choir, Chorus
Virginia Kable   Cello
Jon Craven   Clarinet
Prue Davis   Flute
Brett Kelly   Trombone
Rolf Kuhlman   Bassoon
Eve Newsome   Oboe,Ensemble
Steve Reeves   Bass,Ensemble
Andrea Taylor   Cello
Tristram Williams   Trumpet
Sarah Hoskin   Choir, Chorus
Paul McMillan   Ensemble
David Thomas   Clarinet
Christopher Moore   Viola

Technical Credits

Michael Bolton   Composer
Peter Criss   Composer
Kiss   Art Direction
Gene Simmons   Composer
Paul Stanley   Composer
Vinnie Vincent Invasion   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Kim Fowley   Composer
Chris Blair   Pyrotechnics
Bob Ezrin   Composer
Peter McCabe   Engineer
Mark Opitz   Producer
Vini Poncia   Composer
Frank Rand   Staff
Tony Wall   Engineer
Robert Long   Stage Manager
Ernie Rose   Engineer
Daniel Beard   Contributor
Oris Henry   Monitor Engineer
Kenneth A. Van Druten   Engineer,House Sound
Jim Atkins   Engineer
Steven Coronel   Composer
T.J. Thompson   Contributor
Mark Anthony   Composer
Matt Voigt   Engineer
Mark Valentine   Engineer
Peggy Jo Adams   Camera Operator
Brian Humphrey   Engineer
Ragman   Guitar Techician
Stan Penridge   Composer
Jon Arrowsmith   Pyrotechnics
Melissa Madden   Staff
Carolyn Backer   Staff
Fred Balayan   Engineer
Andrew Wailes   Artistic Director
Jonathon Beswick   Video Director
Bob Brigham   Videography
Mike Sienkiewicz   Camera Operator
Dan Ciernia   Videography
Mike "Spike" Rush   Bass Technician,Instrument Technician
Patrick Prendergast   Promoter
Andrea Walles   Artistic Director
Spiro Papadatos   Artwork
Sean Paden   Guitar Techician
Erich Nemier   Electrician
Silvie Misoni   Audio Technician
Russel Felton   Lighting Technician
Tristan Ford   Pyrotechnics
Hab Haddad   Staff
Rod Matheson   Monitor Engineer
Peter Mills   Engineer
Alistair Dewar   Audio Technician
Ed Kanon   Drum Technician
Robin McLeod   Camera Operator
Angus Davidson   Engineer

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Kiss Symphony: Alive IV 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I went to the Alive 4 concert in Vancouver and it was awesome, the sound was terrific and the boys were at the top of there game,I still don't know why it hasn't been released but it better be soon because this KISS fan is getting older just like they are everyday!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
True enough Kiss have sold out big time. Why they ever went in this direction is anyone's guess. If you want to see a rocker from the 70's who has stayed true to the very end check out the Alice Cooper catalouge. Gene and Paul only want your money...don't give in to them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Where KISS' 1975 _Alive!_ album was, to quote Paul Stanley, "a rock and roll party," the new _Alive 4_ is more a celebration. What does that mean? Well, in KISS terms, it means that everything is over-the-top, larger than life, and more than a little self-congratulatory. And, to be fair, KISS have plenty to congratulate themselves about. Gold records aplenty, fans around the world... but, I'll leave the statistics to Gene Simmons... he enjoys repeating them more than anyone! KISS can never turn back, and they can never again be just another band. Their days of cranking out album upon album are most likely over, and not because the demand isn't there. Undoubtedly, KISS could sustain themselves forever on the loyalty of their fans (Gene and Paul have had a direct path to my own wallet for decades now!) But KISS have reached a point where, not unlike Chuck Berry or The Beach Boys, they could tour forever playing the same 15-20 songs. And, sadly, the set lists have remained fairly stagnant since 1996, which is a bit hard to swallow if you are a die-hard fan who sees multiple shows on each tour. All that aside, KISS ALIVE IV is still a breath of fresh air, and a testament to how catchy these songs really are! Act 1 is comprised of 6 raw classics played by KISS alone. Peter is in fine form on the drums, and Tommy Thayer is a perfect addition on lead guitar. Act 2, my favorite of the 3, is a more subdued KISS with accoustic guitars and a small ensemble backing them up. Best of the lot: "Shandi," from the often-overlooked 1980 _Unmasked_ LP. Act 3 is as bombastic as one would expect, as KISS are joined by the full Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The only downside here is in the arrangements. I'm no expert here, but it seems a bit much when the strings are virtually echoing the guitar and bass lines. Things get more creative on the dark and foreboding "God of Thunder," and the never-before-played "Great Expectations." All in all, this 2-CD set is a joy. KISS deserve to celebrate what has been a long and prosperous career. The packaging is FANTASTIC, in the grand tradition of the original 1970's ALIVE albums (buy the deluxe edition, trust me!). Kudos to KISS for delivering a well-mixed, thoroughly-enjoyable piece of ear candy that fans will enjoy for years!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sound engineering is top quality. Good to hear a few songs that have not been played to death. Lead guitar work seems weak, though.
Guest More than 1 year ago
an exelent album its a credit to kiss for making such a master peace gs
Guest More than 1 year ago
As far as their live albumns are concerned, this is the overall best! The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra makes the music fresh and "alive". Kiss opens alone (with their usual BANG), then later has a set with the MSO ensemble, and finally with the full MSO, thus "blowing the roof off"! Get the DVD also and you will receive and love the full Kiss experience! Awesome! Though guitarist Ace Frehley is replaced by Tommy Thayer (has helped Kiss for along time as a writer/studio musician), he does not miss a "lick"! (Ace is not missed). Non-Kiss fans need to see the DVD and will come to appreciate that Kiss makes great Rock music(NOT heavy metal)and will be in awe of the lights, sound, & pyrotechnics of the Kiss concert experience.