Kissin' Hell Goodbye

Kissin' Hell Goodbye

by Charlotte Russell Johnson

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Kissin' Hell Goodbye by Charlotte Russell Johnson

Kissin’ Hell Goodbye is the eighth book in author Charlotte Johnson’s series of motivational texts. This book is the well awaited return to the lives of Charlotte and Buck that has been anticipated since book five in the series, Mama May I. This time when we return to Charlotte and Buck, the readers learn that they have not obtained the idyllic happy ending longed for by all true romantics. Dr. Johnson introduces the audience to a new and explosive literary technique. Rather than simply describing the emotions of her characters, she uses the poetry in songs to convey their feelings and inner turmoil, specific plot points, and to weave together the entire drama. This is a very pithy way of providing the reader knowledge about the character’s feelings while invoking an emotional response from them based on their own past experiences with the songs in the book.
Puritanical, conventional, and conservative readers may be shocked and tempted to focus on the weaknesses and flaws of the central characters. By having their own past experiences and emotions stimulated by song, it allows the reader to show grace and mercy to the characters because they also have felt or been weak, vulnerable, or in love. The love shared by Charlotte and Buck is so persistent despite their challenges and the disapproval of their families that inevitably Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet comes to mind. A love that has the potential to flourish beautifully continues to be denied, tragically. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, these lovers complicate their own romance as much as their well intentioned families.
The reader will enjoy this very passionate, provocative, chaotic, and sensual love. If you are looking for a safe romance, this is not the book. These lovers are as refreshing, evocative, and as shocking as Janie and Teacake in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. The powerful intoxicating nature of the kiss in both books is a strong symbol. The theme of a woman giving up and risking everything to defy society’s conventional beliefs, roles, norms, and mores in order to experience life and love is essential in both books. This is an opportunity to experience an exhilarating and passionate love that defies the reason and understanding of others, but leaves the couple feeling ecstatic and aware of the importance of living and loving in a wild, reckless, and carefree manner even if it ends.
You will examine yourself to see if you have had a true love or just a lover. They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. After reading this book, I wonder if experiencing love can ever really be considered a loss. Love persists even in separation. The experience leaves us enriched and changed. Dr. Johnson continues to offer Biblical teaching by using her own life as an example of the struggles we all face on the road to salvation. This is an excellent book for those who have loved, are in love, yearn to love and be loved, or are seeking to rekindle love. It deals with the themes of overcoming adversity and familial pressure. Dr. Johnson shares in a way that is rarely done by public or religious leaders. She is open in order to teach others about God’s willingness to love and use imperfect people so that He gets the glory. I implore readers to remember that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.

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About the Author

Dr. Charlotte Russell Johnson is a writer, motivational speaker, and Christian evangelist. She has had an active prison ministry for numerous years. She has worked with numerous non-profit agencies. Her work has encompassed helping inmates, victims of AIDS, teenage mothers, and substance abusers. The author was instrumental in establishing Teens Empowerment Awareness with ReSolutions, Inc. (TEARS). Dr. Johnson has B.A. in Health Science with a minor in Criminal Justice from Columbus State University where she graduated Phi Kappa Phi and magna cum laude. She received her Master's Degree from Troy State University in Community Psychology in Counseling. She holds a D.Min. in Biblical Counseling. She attended the graduate programs of Beacon College and Graduate School, Beacon University, Andersonville Seminary, and Southern Christian University. However, she states her GED remains her proudest degree.

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