Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir

Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir

by Eliza Watson

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Event planner Samantha Hunter is prepared for a few challenges when escorting a group of good ole boy beer distributors to Paris, the city of haute cuisine and fine wines. However, she doesn't foresee being passed up for a promotion because she is too professional and doesn't knock back beers with her clients.

Her focus soon switches from landing the well-deserved promotion to finding her free-spirited sister, who lives in Paris and has disappeared, leaving behind family secrets to be uncovered. A sexy puppeteer helps Samantha search for clues to her sister's whereabouts and teaches her to embrace her inner child. And a funeral-crashing psychic demonstrates the importance of living life to the fullest. It takes Samantha's life spiraling out of control for her to finally get a life.

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BN ID: 2940148179801
Publisher: Eliza Watson
Publication date: 07/12/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 87,757
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Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading and loved it! The setting is charming and authentic- set in Paris with scenes at some of my favorite aspects of Paris! Quaint little cafes, charming historical buildings, and upscale restaurants are all part of the Parisian attraction. The characters are interesting, and the relationships presented portray the depth of both family bonds and dysfunction. And Luc, the male protagonist, reminds me of my all-time favorite actor, Johnny Depp!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Outstanding story! Loved the storyline and Luc! I think I may have to move to Paris.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Samantha works hard at her job. She puts in more hours than most people do and does all the work behind the scenes that make up the little things most people don't think of. When in Paris for work instead of getting the promotion she was expecting she finds she has been passed up for another person. While in Paris she also tries to talk her sister into coming back home with her. Her sister has many secrets she has kept hidden from her family. She ups and leaves Samantha with a mess and few clues on how to find her and how to unravel the mess she left behind. Luc her sister's neighbor helps her look and figure out what to do next. He has a few secrets of his own that may hurt Samantha as she grows closer to him. Samantha gets her whole life changed in a few days and takes it pretty well. When others would fall apart she tries to hold it together with a few breakdowns. I really enjoyed reading about her as she is a smart woman, who sometimes takes on more than she should. She had to grow up young to help with her sister. Luc is sexy Frenchman who a person can't help be drawn to. He has a few ghost of his own he needs to take care of and he has to figure out what he wants to do from now on. He doesn't like to be a puppet for anyone that is for sure. Libby Samantha' s sister is kind of flakey at times and has many secrets. A few times I wanted to smack her and say quit being stupid. I loved this book and enjoyed following Samantha on her journey of discovering just what she really wants, how she goes about getting it and discovering many secrets. There is a mystery you get to follow along with that has to do with changing a few peoples lives. You get transported to Paris as the author does a great job describing the places, people and so much more. Like the food my mouth watered just reading about some of the food. This book has a few twist coming I didn't see coming and I enjoyed that. You also can get a few chuckles one in particular about a dog's name. I love how Samantha has friends try and help her out using a means most use everyday. I could keep going on about this book but I will just say it was a pleasure to read and I look forward to reading more books from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir, although it was a bit of a slow start for me. The quirky characters engaged me, and yet their real-life problems drew me further and further into the story. There were enough questions and suspense to keep me anticipating the next chapter, and, at the end, I was racing through the book to find out what happens. I happen to love Paris, and the author's descriptions brought me the atmosphere and memories that a good book can do. Eliza Watson did a good job evoking the lifestyle that contrasted with the heroine's current corporately driven non-life. I recommend this book, which I was given in return for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
Betrayal, Sorrow and Love:  KISSING MY OLD LIFE AU REVOIR is a contemporary storyline focusing on event planner Samantha Hunter as she encounters a new life rich in French culture, family betrayal and the possibility of a future with no job. In France, on business, Samantha will discover that family secrets and hidden betrayal run deep. Her sister’s lifestyle and the people she meets force Samantha to make decisions that will affect her job, her personal life and the future. And the future involves a major change in direction for everyone involved. When Sam meets her sister’s neighbor Luc, her imagination and fantasies will soon become her new reality and possibly her future. Samantha is a woman who had to grow up quickly when her father abandoned the family and was never heard from again. Her mother’s emotional and psychological disorders forced Samantha into the role of mother to her younger sister and has shaped her personality and focus on all things personal and business. The glass ceiling and work place double standard are an eye opening slap in the face, when Samantha learns that the promotion she was hoping for will be given to someone who can ‘party with the big boys’, KISSING MY OLD LIFE AU REVOIR is a fast paced, detailed storyline that reveals the many different levels of family dysfunction and work place discrimination. Secrets from the past are revealed that open old wounds and cut deeply when Samantha learns the truth behind her sister’s life in Paris and the reasons she left home. But it will be Samantha who once again, must pick up the pieces and put everything and everyone back together. Eliza pulls the reader into a storyline fraught with heartbreaking betrayal, sorrow and the knowledge that perhaps the only one you can trust is the person in the mirror.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
When Samantha heads to Paris to do her job as an event planner, she never dreams how her whole world will change.  She gets there and visits her sister Libby, who is SURPRISE 8 months pregnant, and no daddy to the baby in sight.   Luc, the friendly neighbor, is very helpful when she searches for her sister after she disappears.   Samantha feels her life spiraling out of control and not only wants to get control again, but needs to reevaluate her goals.  This is a story that pulls you right in.  I found myself thinking about the book and the characters when I put it down and when I went to bed at night.   The need to have to keep reading was more than I had felt in a long time.  I wanted to know what was happening to Libby and her baby, was Samantha finding happiness, and of course I needed to know what Luc was up to.  Eliza Watson wrote Kissing My Old Life Au Revior with just the right amount of emotions.  I laughed, I cried, and I sighed (a lot).  The relationship between Libby and Samantha made me laugh, not cause it was funny, but I could relate so much.  This is the relationship that I had with my sister.  The growing up and fighting so much as youngsters but then as we grew older I took on that older sister role and made sure she was protected just as Samantha did for Libby.  I cried for the relationship between the girls and their parents.  Having neither parent there for the support and the guidance every child needs growing up was hard for me to imagine, as I have both my parents still around, but I felt for them.  The sighing…well the relationship between Luc and Samantha just made me sigh.  There were other times that I felt these feelings but I do not want to give away too much of the story.  Eliza Watson has earned a spot on my To Read Authors list.  I will highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a light, fun, and easy read.   I found it perfect for the beach or the pool.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read some good reviews on Good Reads so I gave it a chance... but please, take my advice and don't bother! Of course chicklit is a fantasy, it is suspending reality, that's why we read it...but there has to be SOME bits that feel realistic or we wouldn't be able to relate to the characters at all. Well I didn't relate to them, they were irritating, the storyline was awful, the writing was amateurish and rambling - I stopped reading half way through.