Kitten With a Whip / Kiss Her Goodbye

Kitten With a Whip / Kiss Her Goodbye


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You could always blame it on the heat… David Patton wakes to a real San Diego scorcher. His wife Virginia and daughter Katie are visiting her mother in San Francisco, giving him a wild sense of freedom for the weekend. What he doesn’t expect this overheated morning is a teenage runaway who has broken into his house while he is sleeping. Jody Drew is just 17 but is very aware of her power over David as he tries to be the gentleman and help her out. Jody doesn’t want David’s help—she wants David. She wants him, she wants his home, she wants to kick back at life. And she knows just what buttons to push to keep one step ahead of him. Jody’s got the whip. David is headed for a weekend in Hell.


The first time it happens they are living in Oregon. She hits a kid with a rake when he tries to get fresh with her. The next time is in Bakersfield. A man must have grabbed her, because when Ed gets home, Emily has blood on her, but it isn’t hers. Now they’re on the run. All Ed wants to do is settle down. But it isn’t easy when you’ve got a sister that is mentally a child, with a body that is all woman. Ed is the only family Emily has. Headed East, looking for a new home, they stop in Jimmock, and that’s when they meet Tubbs, a large man with an even larger heart…and Marge, who is looking for something, too. And Cory, who is just looking for trouble.

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ISBN-13: 9781933586519
Publisher: Stark House Press
Publication date: 07/26/2013
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

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